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Apr 2016
just stop.

stop right where you are
and drop everything you are doing.
pause to breathe.

close your eyes,
count to ten,
and let it all sink in.

in this busy world of ours we never take a second to slow down and marvel at it all.

everything is newer, better, stronger,

what's wrong with taking your time?

humanity has come so far,
but we often forget to look closely at the natural wonders of our earth.

the fauna,
and flora,
and everything in between.
it's a precious gift that must be protected.

take a moment to reflect on all that there is in life,
and breathe.

just stop.
everyone rushes through life, why not take the time to slow down and enjoy every aspect of our world?
Written by
       taia, Sk Abdul Aziz, Sydney Marie and Wyatt
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