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Mar 2016
Brotherhood defined.
A hero cannot be a hero without a little help. They always do better working together.  A boy’s gotta have a friend.
They say a man isn’t a man without a loyal person to back them up 24/7. Luckily, I don’t have to worry.
From our humble origins deep in the heart of summer, a certain friendship flourished from that awkward hello, and graduated to bear hugs and conversations deeper than anyone could imagine.
  advise. Much needed advise. The desire to hear his thoughts and the desire to step on stage with my best friend marched on. From looking deep into his heart only to see the pain that he knows so true.
and looking into his heart to see the pain and heartbreak that he has endured. But then I saw the smile that seldom showed itself.
You see, I can hear his voice from a mile away.      
and the phrase, “hey buddy!”, I know I can count a bear hug and much needed Attila time.
when the stars shine bright and the planets align there is no force on heaven or earth that is to be reckoned with his and mine
he’s the only one I know who can lift my mood up from an ugly 0 to a 10.5.
he’s everything as a friend, and more as a brother, as we go on this epic adventure together.
if sticking with this guy is wrong I don’t wanna be right
and when he’s around I shine in all light.   The only one who cherishes 115 and keeps it sacred
I mean, he’s the only guy I know that can recite every song with me, then go play black ops zombies for like a billion hours.
because as they say, the only way to survive a mad world, is to embrace the madness.
And when in this guy’s presence, I do not feel sadness.
  we both tumble deeper down the rabbit hole of brotherhood and then we teach the mad hatter and even the Cheshire cat about speed cola and quick revive even though it smells a bit fishy
Dempsey and Nicolai all day. He’s like a mystery box, cause you never know what’s next.. However, there is no teddy bear to take him away from me.  He’s here to stay…forever.
So to whom it may concern, no, we are not gay. That would make too much sense. No, he is my brother. He is a thundergun and I am a ray gun. Batman and robin.  Han Solo and Chewie. Sully and Mike. Bro’s for life.  
Where breakdowns are worth more than cash, and McDonalds is our ultimate getaway…yeah…I’d say…that when im with my best friend, life is pretty good.
when we are together, the memories start recording, I hear the “beep beep” and know that I’m bouts to lose mind with ‘dis guy. I’ve been through a lot. So has he. But we can always count on each other. Because that’s what matters, right? Bro we’re tight. Ready to shine the light. And raise hell in the night.
friendship is more than we give it credit for. When you find your best friend, there isn’t a better feeling. when the silence breaks, and your passion flies, you never know what might happen. From reciting our favorite band quotes, to rupturing our eardrums because we just had to hear from Attila just one more song. Whether its , “breathe in, breathe out”, or “The stars at night are big and bright”, and the soft ones like hey Jude.  When I feel like im in the dark, he’s able to lift my face, wipe my tears and tell me that the pain that certain man causes me is obscure. He can lift my spirits into freefall, and I feel the wind. The glorious wind. He’s there for me, and somehow I can see the portal of existence flashing before my eyes. The portal of friendship, lifelong friends deciding to collaborate on anything and everything. I wouldn’t rather have a different friend. From the time that the pumpkin king came on stage, and from the time he rang in my ears with the banshee scream. It resonated with me.
when we make it someday, and we’re able to say, “yeah, we made it today” then the stars will shine. The heavens light shall be seen. Let’s make this one count. Take a look around you. Each one by one. There’s a friend somewhere to be seen.  Find your friend. Make it count. Because they’re the one who’s gonna cover your back. Cry with you. Laugh with you. And yeah, probably fight with you.
there’s always someone you can count on, so take a look. Find your friend. And don’t think about it too hard. A friends a friend. Period.
The problem is, men cannot admit there’s a friend.
according to men, its gay to hug.
but the thing is, it shouldn’t matter what gender you are.
if someone wants to hug their best friend, then so be it.
True bothers don’t give it a second though.
because they are…we are…family.
Błeeding Dįamøndš
Written by
Błeeding Dįamøndš  16/M/Denver, Colorado
(16/M/Denver, Colorado)   
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