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Mar 2016
We were best of friends
Nothing could separate us
We were on top of the world
Then she came along...

Gradually we grew further and further apart
We talked less, saw each other less
And I thought I was doing fine
I didn't know I was hurting you

Then you came to me in pain
I didn't know what to say
You know I never meant
To hurt you in any way

I lost your trust
Our relationship cracked
When I heard what you had to say
My happiness lacked

Now I'm on a mission
To regain your trust
To redeem my name in your eyes
That is a must

Slowly but surely
We're becoming closer again
I'll do whatever it takes
To once again be best friends
Jacob Kraft
Written by
Jacob Kraft  Ohio
       ---, ---, Purab, L, Ayeshah and 13 others
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