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Feb 2016
Feeling unsatisfied never swept over me
only a fire blazing hotter, unabashedly
Carnal knowledge never my only motivation
overwhelming magnetism distracted by seduction
Felt high like a ******, thirsting then drawing blood
feelings are magnified when all of our emotions flood
Mind drowned by the drugs only the body can provide
feet lifted, mind blown, heart pounding and eyes wide
Tasting, drinking, thirsting the drug that is you
better than down, higher than up, I found both to be true
As high as Icarus flew, so fast did he fall
as fast as I was flying, so did I hit a wall
We got to this point in a blink of an eye
faster than comprehension can deny
A reality check came that I couldn't cash
sudden as a car crash, smash face on the car dash
That blast was so bad and it ****** up my ****
you're worse than coke or even dope to quit
Regret didn't exist when next to me you were fastened
my thirst is now a sickness, I wish you never happened
Christian Tae OConnell
Written by
Christian Tae OConnell  Near Boston
(Near Boston)   
   Bianca Reyes
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