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Jan 2016
Isn't it Grand?

We had a rolling kitchen door,
and I would play elevator.
All by myself...

Going Up!

Because as a child the
elevators in the stores
had an elevator operator,
who would call out the floors,
and they had beautiful
music playing, that is why it is
called elevator music...

Isn't it Grand?

I would get in my dads Mercury
car, grab a cattail from the ditch
and pretend I was driving to the carryout.
I'd pretend the music was playing
while pretending to be smoking
the cattail...I even would put my
arm out the window
pretending it was the turn signals.
All by myself...

Slowing Down!

My dad would take me to the carryout,
in the summer while at the cottage.
I would always con him into buying me
Chocolate Cow pop, and a sucker...
Worth the ride...

Isn't it Grand?

While at the cottage, to pass time away,
I would walk down the beach
where trees had fallen into the water.
In my mind I was a gymnast.
I would jump on the tree which
was large and old with big branches
sticking out of the water.
I would hold my arms out to the side,
sing a song and walk like a gymnast...
All by myself...


If I got bored, mom would have me
weeding the sand, down on the beach.
so if I complained, then my mom would
Use her Imagination...

Isn't it grand?

by ~ Judy
Growing up an only child, i had to use my imagination to fill my days.
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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