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Dec 2015
With constant arguments they ended the day,
The silence had prevailed the dawn.
Her eyes were wet,
His mouth was shut,
But the silence spoke that night.

Every second they had spent there,
Turns to be witness of their love.
There was a humble piece of joy,
When she looked at him,
And she saw him smiling,
Nothing could stop her from smiling way back to him,
The arguments just now created a deeper love,
Affection which was already all set,
Care which was already there,
Turned in laughter of joy.
She couldn't resist laughing,
With tears in her eyes,
She laughed like she didn't care.

The silence was now filled with the sounds of giggling and laughter,
And them,
They seemed to have been back again,
On the road they have had started the journey,
With much love,
Some arguments,
Little fights,
Some offensive words,
A bit of play around the house,
Chasing each other till one had the side of mum,
Throwing things on each other,
And running all around the house with less of shame.

They had proved,
Nothing could replace their bond with each other,
They might have fought many a times in a day,
Or just once,
But they still cared for each other more than anyone else.
Siblings , they were called,
*Yet they too had a LOVE STORY.
No one can replace these siblings,
They are hard to keep up with,
Yet are important.
You may fight with them all day long,
Yet you would love them at the end of it.
Anshula Nema
Written by
Anshula Nema  India
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