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Aug 2015
Is what everybody is now
Poetic justice is what everybody brings now
Burn the city down
Maybe then the government will listen
Everyone a revolutionary
Posers standing on podiums
They march for peace but plant the seed
to send you to war
Posers never on the front line
Cowards afraid to die first
Selling dreams that don't exist like those of Mr. King
Posers afraid of death
Homosexuals of war
But far from an Alexander
Far from a Ceacer but those are who they chosen to follow since they don't lead none
We poets don't speak up
I was going to recite with my stage name
Anonymous my alter ego
My Duo persona
But for this everyone should see the face and now the name
Of the man who pointed out the cowards
I'm not afraid of death,
I'm not afraid of arrest
But the bloods the crips
The nation of islam
Should had burned down
Sallie Mae
Not mom and pop shops
Restore the damage
Restore the damage
pay your dues
Go get your 40 acres and your mule
I dream the dream but not American
Since I live my life as if I was to die
Before being immortalize
Everyone nowadays is a revolutionary. Milking the system like it's not abouthe money. Understand I follow no one but I'm there where I need to be
Brian Payamps
Written by
Brian Payamps  New York
(New York)   
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