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Cameron Banowsky Mar 2018
Here’s what you don’t recognize.
I cared too much I was blind
By someone who wouldn’t take the time
To trufully tell me things weren’t fine.

So here is where I get my turn
To tell the story you haven’t heard
You spit verifiable lies
While I send you **** cause you’re dead inside

So it comes as no surprise
That the selfish illusion of pride
Was something at least at the time
A wall from behind which you can hide

But like I can see through this wall
I can reach the other side.

I can only listen to ******* so many times.

I can’t save your *** this time

And you think everything is fine.

Well, truthfully like a newborn you’re blind
And when you finally do open those eyes
I’ll be gone I’m leaving you behind.

Manipulation is a state of mind
Sure I’ve had my run for a time
But I moved on to a better life
One that is honest caring and kind.

But it’s not easy
Finding the like mind
No you have to learn
That when I think of you
I think of a giant lie

So enjoy your new life.
I’d like nothing more than to witness it blind
Oh and tell the ones you like to run to
I don’t give a flying **** about your kind

In fact soon you’ll realize how little you actually tried
And you’ll be left with a shell of a life
See you tell me this

I can only take so much of this
You brought this on yourself
8 years sums up to a streak of sordid lies

And knowing what I said to the mask you work
You chose to act not like a friend
You acted like a *****

So for you posers wannabe swine
Check yourself and get back in line

You’re sheep to your egotistical minds
And that’s good and fine
You just won’t ever be able to reach your finish line.

So this is goodbye
I hope you dream of your lies
I hope perspective brings you pain
The same type as mine
Inflicted by another
Who tricked you into a love line.
granted life
for this season
must we fight
he reasons
this day only are we given to breathe
here take this
life from me
have been

are you calling
my words
joe thorpe Aug 2017
self-transformation, teen fiction
and dreams
religion, christian fiction
bibles and poetry
new releases and posters
of my favorite books
I know they've never read
starbucks, emoji code deciphered
no one here is ever again,
as if they had,
going to swing from a chandelier
a front cover party picture of warhol
he had it easy
to shock with mere queers
who decided to make all
the books coloured beautiful
I'm wading in *****
looking for the girl
Brian Payamps Aug 2015
Is what everybody is now
Poetic justice is what everybody brings now
Burn the city down
Maybe then the government will listen
Everyone a revolutionary
Posers standing on podiums
They march for peace but plant the seed
to send you to war
Posers never on the front line
Cowards afraid to die first
Selling dreams that don't exist like those of Mr. King
Posers afraid of death
Homosexuals of war
But far from an Alexander
Far from a Ceacer but those are who they chosen to follow since they don't lead none
We poets don't speak up
I was going to recite with my stage name
Anonymous my alter ego
My Duo persona
But for this everyone should see the face and now the name
Of the man who pointed out the cowards
I'm not afraid of death,
I'm not afraid of arrest
But the bloods the crips
The nation of islam
Should had burned down
Sallie Mae
Not mom and pop shops
Restore the damage
Restore the damage
pay your dues
Go get your 40 acres and your mule
I dream the dream but not American
Since I live my life as if I was to die
Before being immortalize
Everyone nowadays is a revolutionary. Milking the system like it's not abouthe money. Understand I follow no one but I'm there where I need to be
Seán Mac Falls May 2015
Scraps in an alley
Crumpled throwaways their stars
What is left of them
Josh Bass Mar 2015
Everyone's favortie thing
In the mirror
Cracked grins and halfway smiles
It's how we walk
lean against that wall
Job Interviews
Time with friends
or family dinners
it's how we hold our drink
Drive our car
Clutch that cigarette with fingertips
two knuckles down
We all love to pose
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2014
O how sods proclaim  .  .  .
Where there should be so much shame,    
  .  .  .  Mediocrity.
Niyah Norton Jun 2014
To be a poser , to me means
you can't really think for yourself.
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