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Jun 2015
Take me...
Take me now and
Push me against the wall
And kiss me like you mean it
And don't let me go.
Hold on to me
Just for a little bit
And take a moment
To look into my eyes
And if you won't see anything
Look away
And I'll dissapear into the darkness
But if you'll see a spark in them
I'll get naked of all my sins and shame
And you'll be the first to see me the way I really am.
I will then take your hand and run it
All over my body
And you'll like it
Because I'll like it
And I'll smile
And you'll laugh.
Then we'll kiss.
You'll kiss my eyes
And my lips.
You'll kiss my neck
And I'll bite yours.
     ­                                                 2015
Diana C
Written by
Diana C
       r l, Rj, Ignatius Hosiana, L, R and 12 others
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