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May 2015
Physically exhumed with this lack of energy
I'm Mentally consumed by a swirling synergy
A slot car racing on this track of infinity
Pad lock thoughts into frames of reality
I'm chained inside of an eight sided polygon
never all knowing like a bird I'm flying on.
breaking free and clear of their ******* mentality
rise above all the physical technicalities
We were born free so live beyond the fallacy

Your living in the matrix are you gonna take this
It's your reality and you don't have to fake it
Will you choose to make it right or be complacent
Hope you ****** wake up seeing red and remake it

Standing on a tightrope roasted off the caffeine
start of the day and my minds collapsing downstream
Sucka CEO's think they got me in the rear-view
but the image looks much closer when I'm doin what I wanna do
bending silver spoons with the gentlest ease
I'm back breaking buildings for a tropical breeze
Busting out of cubicellsย ย like smoking tha trees
It gets me so high cause it's that feeling of Free
dumb deaf dull and blind you will forever be
till you step out of the matrix of amour-propre

Why you living in the Matrix you don't have to take this
make your reality you don't have to fake it.
If you choose to waste it or over half bake it
You will wind up with the blues ***** that you have wasted

I'm more than a man I'm iron Machine
Built with a plan I'm spiritually clean
mastered the mill I'm churning distilled
don't look at my skin fore you'll come on the bill.
breaking the sound with a whiplash wink thrill
twisting the meanings so quick wonder what will
Drum up the reasons we work on the grind
listlessly dreaming while working the line
A rank in the file smells drunk with a smile
never so lucky your desk work is bile
method is meaningless sample the trial
aftertaste ing the punch clocks race to denial
I told you the method is made to beguile
Believe me the Matrix's more real than today
the pulsing, the thinking, the dreaming, your pay
It dictates your future gifts presents your past
Do what your doing and you'll get what you have
Master the moments, you'll bend more than your back.
Wake up in the now and put the numbers to sleep
Math is all good as long as the counter keeps beat
who do you trust the man or the mayhem?,
what created the cosmos or the CEO or his seat?
cรกllate la boca Carpe deim Rise to your Feat!

Your outside the Matrix please don't just take it
This reality needs you don't play it safe with
the masses may waste it but you can remake wit
Your life is a battlefield your jobs to overtake it.
More like lyrics than a poem but somewhere in between. Enjoy the word play, live the message.
Written by
Sethnicity  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
   ---, katie, bones and BrainPornNinja
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