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May 2015
I’m hungrier lately, not because I never eat,
no, my usual diet of everything just seems to be


I’m hungry for words that do more
than echo deep into my eardrums,

I’m hungry for eyes that see more
than literal words on a page,

I’m hungry for fingertips with minds
of their own and empty palms

grown tired of holding air,

I’m hungry for my nose hairs to be
tickled with the forgotten scents of childhood,

I’m hungry for another tongue to touch
mine in search of Truth, or at the very

least a lie
you can love,

So today, I won’t be having the usual,
Give me yesterday’s special,
and do the same for me tomorrow,

that way we have a little bit of time
to let them talk about it,

and they will talk of your cooking
and my hunger until your apron


and I’ve had my fill
of all the extraordinary things
we let eat us, that culminate

into this dish called
Life with a steady helping
of an unknown spice.
Written by
Grizzo  M/Austin, TX
(M/Austin, TX)   
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