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Mar 2015
do you ever look at a person so long, their face changes?
studying them so intensely until who they were is no longer who they are--
they have morphed into a stranger with a life story unknown.
the same concept goes for written word..
repeating a word over and over again until it looks foreign.
foreign.... foreign... foreign.. foreign..foreign..foreign.foreign.foreignforeignforeignforeignfor­eign...
foreign...foreign...foreign.... see?
the scariest part is that we are able to convince ourselves of the change almost wholeheartedly.. what does that say about validity?
there may be three truths in the universe..
one kind that is objective,
and one kind that is subjective.
perhaps when the two marry together,
we have a third universal maxim.
but how can we ever know for sure?
Written by
   Arlo Disarray and NV
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