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Jan 2015
It just needs to rain.
For too long, the sky has shown itself. Naked. Dry. Emotionless.
Not a signal of weakness in the day,
no tears to rid in the night.

I just need to see it again.
To feel it again.
To smell it again.

The clouds need to come in
Not too much; not too dark.
Just enough for the earth to prove that it's human too.
The sun needs to be weak.
Just hanging off the horizon,
not at its brightest
but at its warmest.

And then it just needs to rain-
To cry;
Because I want to feel it too.
I want to be the water that hits the pavement
And I want to be a reflection of the world in that exact moment, joined in a puddle of human emotion.

It needs to rain because the sky is human too.
It needs to rain so I can feel a little blue.

In this moment the rain will wash everything away,
And from this view down where the houses don't change,
It is here that I'll stay.
Written by
   K Balachandran and ---
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