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  May 2016 Poedog
He drove the first nail home with
a builder's intent; constructing
an everlasting home.

The two pieces clinched together, beginning
the framework for an
all enduring shelter.

engulfing this rapture, she
began placing the comforts within
the soon to be settled

  May 2016 Poedog
DaSH the Hopeful
I picked a flower in May just to watch her blossom all for myself
Beautiful and brilliant I sat her in a glass on a shelf
I added water so she wouldn't go dry
Magnificence such as hers I couldn't let die
I watched as she grew
Time flew and flew
Her petals orange and blue like a vanilla sky
As she prospered and danced I noticed a change
Something very strange that caught my eye
Her stems became vines intertwined simultaneously with my poetry and life
In place of green,
She overflowed out of the glass in white sheets of paper
And it was there she made her illustration so divine
A perfect drawing of a heart
That turned out to be mine
Poedog May 2016
I dip my work weary hand into the silver stream tresses
of your ever free, flowing locks;
and still thrill as they pass,
with silken grace,
through my parched fingers.

You raise your still wild lips and a smile spreads like dawn sunlight;
filling the valleys and crevices with light, then warmth.

We kiss.

"What was that for?"

For you.
For you.

Always, and forever.

For you.
  Apr 2016 Poedog
The thorn pierced glove made in China bleeds
with no remorse.

The pruning shears made in China crush
the rose's stem.

Bend back and forth until it breaks.
Place the castrated flower in a vase so all can watch

its slow decay.
FYI - This one's about China's attempts to compete economically with capitalism at the great cost to its own environment and populace. Being latecomers to intense industrial growth they are experiencing an accelerated ravaging of their natural resources while the US and Europe's awakening to the dangers of rapid industrial growth occurred after a longer period of time due to the natural rate of innovation and were able to develop such government agencies like the EPA.
Poedog Apr 2016
The breeze-kissed lake's ripples breathe silver.
A startled moonlight loon grasps the sky without a cry.

Never mind the moonlit leaves
while they fast until daybreak.

— The End —