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My angel,
Do not fly so close to me
For I,
Would clip your wonderful wings
Keep you my prisoner
Locked away in a cage
So I could gaze on naked beauty
Your innocence,
Mine to corrupt,
To use as my will
Burning you with pleasure
But your beauty always shines
My darkness is blinded
Still I take,
Refusing you the key
My angel,
I am a demon
Copyright 2015
I walk alone
Through dark streets
Playing night games
Behind closed doors

Along vacant roads
With toxic memories
Of forgotten journeys
From deceased days

Love long deserted
A heart destroyed
From nightmarish times
Never faded oblivion

Never seeing me
Just another shadow
Forgotten and unknown
I walk alone
Copyright 2015
You are my tattoo
Etched into my skin
Marking me forever
My beautiful reminder

You are my pain
I will bleed for you
As I help you heal
Admiring who you are

You are always mine
I want to have you
A need to wear you
Be my tattoo
Let me taste your essence as I penetrate your mortal soul, kiss your pain in pleasured torment.
Last night you were in my dreams
Gave passion with your screams
your body, a desired, wanted treasure
I took it hard, for my own pleasure
Lusting in a fever, loving so rough
You were begging but it wasn't enough
from the bed, down onto the hard floor
My need for you grew, I wanted more
Our desire, continued in the shower
As I used you in every way, every hour
But our wanting would not break
When alas, in a sweat, I did awake
The rain falls like daggers
My mortal soul staggers
Washed in this darkness
Trapped in a void so endless

My eyes refuse to see the light
Only demons gnaw at my sight
For who can come to rescue me?
Make complete a soul so empty

I am here if you call my name
Let me be the one to take the blame
Show me how I can start to begin
Please trust me and let me in

You never need to face it alone
Do not suffer these arrows on your own
Come and hold my hand, there is nothing to fear
I want you to know I am always going to be here

copyright Chris Smith 2011
Byron Lorde poem
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