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Peashoot Feb 2016
hidden from view
profiles & covers
are we all fake or is it just fantasy ?
turned on or switched off, or over, like controls on an old TV
passwords & ID
friends  3 / 500 or 2052 maybe .......
lonesome ? or free,
connections made but never touched,
  Sep 2015 Peashoot
RH 78
Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
Washed up.
All for a new life too far to reach?

Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
What happened to the human rights we all preach?

Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
Displacing people no home and no speech.

Why is there a little boy lying on the beach?
A son.
No future.
We hang our heads and weep!
Broken hearted and deeply affected by pictures I saw in the news depicting the lifeless body of a little boy no older than three who was photographed washed up on the shore line of Turkey. The result of further illegal human smuggling, people trafficking promising to get families to Europe on a false promise. All too often, people are put into small boats unable to sustain the weight of all the people put upon it and not fit for purpose. This is yet another shocking event in the wake of atrocities taking place in North Africa where the displacement of millions of innocent people continues. Governments are too busy counting the pennies and quarrelling amongst themselves in addition to wasting precious time as gangs and smugglers take advantage of the situation by sending people to their death profiting from the desperation of families searching for a place to call home. When will this end? RIP to the little boy, his brother and mother who all perished.
Peashoot Oct 2014
Mother loves, nurtures, feeds & cares,
Father protects - his home he shares.
Sister & brothers we eventually shed in exchange for friends and lovers, dancing together, love, fight, work, we unknowingly guide one another.

Moving swiftly through our lives the dance speeds up an increasing tide.
Driven on beyond our control, fate chooses for us new patterns, new steps, quick steps, slow ..... & like the seasons,
....... those familiar colours, beats, harmonies, for whatever reason,
quietly slip away to begin again a brand new day..... elsewhere.

Just as shiny Pebbles tossed upon an open shore, we sit and await our new  direction, then as if by magic once again our hands are taken as he or she commands our gaze,  they're born fresh faced and ready to rock n' roll - and if were lucky lift us gently from our once murky lonesome hole .
Peashoot Sep 2014
What is the meaning ?
why am I here ?
childless, loveless & free ....
I don't want that it just has to be me

Born & immediately expected to die ..........
a living medical miracle riding high.
50yrs on, One paw in front of another,
I'm still marching on, still marching on, marching on,
marching on, & on & on.

What's my purpose ? what's your plan ?
I keep starting over & shedding new skin,
like a Chameleon lost in a cold desert.

An underachiever was what I was told ..........
Politely removed from the education system.

Too creative.
Too much of a responsibility.
A liability.
A tie
A problem

Junior me .....
Escorted to school, from the class room
I sat and watched whilst others played below in the play ground,
I rarely ever played out.

Never naughty...... how could this be when ........
constantly tethered, my freedoms was severed.

In my room - the chaos erupted
rage whipped like broken china raining round my little heart.
why could I not be like everyone else, I scream, why did I have to be me !
Peashoot Sep 2014
I went to find the world today
but the world was busy
So I walk,  alone,  I walk ........ alone
Walking with my dog, rosie red berries, caught, my eye, glistening ripe in the midday sun as I trot on by,
birds chattering in the hedges,
the warm air gives a hint of spring in early Autumn.
Sky big & blue, silence & stillness,

17yrs ...... Seventeen balloons, pink paper, cake & candles, family
frolics & fun !! So much fun !!
I feel so alone, just numb,
............ they may as well be talking Chinese,
excuse me if you will, please?

Solitude - embrace it.
Who needs anything
or anyone ?
Heavy heart .........  I am one of the unwanted.
Difference makes a difference., you cannot mould that.
I sit and stare ............. no one is there, to laugh, to cry,
so I just stand by
& give in to the silence
Peashoot Sep 2014
Busy busy busy, always on red alert, your the cheekiest little flirt.
Eyes dark as the night & hair so fair.
I have known you now since just over one year ago.
You take me to the limit, you take me to the edge, full on determination,  causing me much strife .....
what can I do? what should I do ? ...... I do love you
........ when your tired at night, lifeless limbs give up the fight.
Your snuggled up tight & everything seems just right.
A breathing ball of warm delight.

Tingle Tangle Tango Quango,
sweet as a ripened mango
Cunning as a fox
Black eyes peeking through ginger/fair locks.
Cheeky Scampering,darting, running, hiding, jumping,
bouncing through the dunes, splaaaaaaaashing through puddles
muddied caked paws, my four legged furry friend who loves her cuddles.

Your the cheekiest little chimp & everyones friend darting to & fro,
your wild running loose & free forever searching out the tip of an endless horizon.

My little buddy, I must let you go ....
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