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Feb 2021 · 104
Hippy Happy Grove.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2021
Do some drugs
Fight against the corona virus
Jab and go
Stay safe
21 days pass is
Do the same
All to gain
Love is.
Sep 2020 · 116
Up is Up.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2020
But to where
Up there
Up there is no wear.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2020
Getting old
In the winter

I cry from up my nose
My eyes always , red and blurry
If I get cold my toes fall off
Where they go I am at a loss
Never find them in my shoes
And my boots rub my ankles
Feels like rubbing them with sand paper
To a lovely rose gloss
In my day
I was. Road runner baby
I’m a road runner
And you sweet
Are the one I like to use

Not sure I will write more.
Love P@ul.  ***
Aug 2020 · 88
I miss a hug.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2020
Keep your distance
Two metres or more
I miss that hug

Not seen you in long time
Not much happened still the same
Still miss that hug

Is this how earth is now
Yes and will continue
I miss that hug

See you soon.

Love P@ul.
Jul 2020 · 76
F E L L .
Paul Hardwick Jul 2020
Up fell down
The other day
Did not land well
Now he is known
As upside down.

Love P@ul.
Dec 2019 · 93
Paul Hardwick Dec 2019
Who did this
What son?

There is a crack in my universe
What son?

O mom it s not whole
What son?
Dec 2019 · 98
Merry Christmas...Paul
Paul Hardwick Dec 2019
Man of little statement  at all
Just this surreal man called Paul
One foot in life
The other dragging on the ground
pulling me left more than I like at
This season makes me think more

******* MERRY Christmas ONE AND ALL
Nov 2019 · 83
Blink Once Ask Twice.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2019
Eyes bleed I am told
I blink once or twice
Am I just old
or Blinking the new in thing
they say theses days
it shows your soul
Or am I just old
Did not like to think
I did not blink
that means
my eyes are old
or maybe dry
I do not cry men never do
not even for you
F**k shot myself in the foot.
LOve You Still Even Though Your Much Older
Sep 2019 · 111
Limp Wristed.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2019
So Limp Wristed
and for me wanked twice
that is somthing to say
Girls do not read on
but you will.

Knew all will come somday
be on my own
to be with life now so far gone
love I have
of my own.

Love that nags me everyday
somedays I tell my self
this must not go on
this day that ***** is gone
Paul get that woman out of your life.

New day is born
all questions ask what did the **** did I do wrong
going along with everything
how did not see, you from the start
all the joys we had meant nothing to you.

This woman played you
from the start of everything
Paul now be yourself
be a king of your own realm
Hi my name is Paul I hurt at times.
For all my Exes who ever they are.
Sep 2019 · 104
Skip here and there.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2019
Age is a such a special thing
Learning from the past yes it is
You don,t believe
Then read on today

Messing around with my time today

That's what I did today
Sun was out and brite today
Working on cycle show

I was stop 2
Not where they rested there heads
more just like to past though
them people so new

Just catching there breaths
I am  in the woods
Maybe a fly or two but nothing else

For I am security
If I told to say then I do
and believe me noting around me, will go missing

Got all first age training
In my smart Shoes
Polished to a shine so need some shades

Feet so brightening
Bownancing of my eye brows
Then straight in my eyes

It feels so wrong but so right
The rich do this ****
to make us blameless

And Do I LoVe  P@UL.***.
Aug 2019 · 132
Just be.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2019
hold your own heart
tale care
you will need it
love it its you after all
look for the colours in words
hold yourself first here on a page
your own hands
spell me than kari on spell anything
then you will become one of us
know what is
what was
then you are the man
Aug 2019 · 78
Love you. You know.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2019
nice day today

Tonight getting cooler
And that
is aright with me
helps older people sleep
and I am only 22
kiss my anckels while I sing
and what you get, is up to you
any rymtheme
any note
up to you
people be new
private some olagy
ask and will report back
more than one becomes a problem
I will do my best
Al Symers
Told me that
By the way you ankles
taste kind of salty
you need to wash your feet
some feeling they  show you should be there
but when you find them
they mean so little to you

LOve. You, You know,
Jul 2019 · 208
Paul Hardwick Jul 2019
Yes I am triping
my mother said
always wear protection
so I always leave my socks and gloves on
has to be a news day
in a restaurant
ask the man
where are the toilets
he said just go down the stair
saw a sign on my way home
said falling rocks
what am I to do with that
life is a lottery be lucky
walked past my local Indian
sign says
try our curries
your never get better!

Love P@ul.
Jul 2019 · 100
Day never to retrieve.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2019
Space is the final frontier
thought that meant a
well bigger than my mind
till I had a stoke
found out that applies
to limbs to
**** me what a shock
spaceal awhereness went away
hard to work an arm when you do not know where it is

still here, still, love you all
thank you P@ul.
To all my doctors whom did a great job.
Jul 2019 · 197
G. O. D !...
Paul Hardwick Jul 2019
Mirror on the wall
I know
I am not big man
I have seen
I have lived beside the best man
to help keep people to be safe and alive.

Paul you know
you know
it's the small things that take from life
and from this you do not servive.

So I ask

Why will at these times not stand by yah!
Jun 2019 · 112
Paul Hardwick Jun 2019
Just found out
I am like a low budget kind of man
Low Budget
Thought nothing of it
seems I am
is small
in a big
Budget Land
Just Thought I was a Man.
Hi Love P@ul.
May 2019 · 111
This time was like
Paul Hardwick May 2019
The last time
not much more than
before the last time you asked
than like before
of the time of most
drink you your wine
fall into waters of the other
pass through the gateway
continue shopping on earth
tills on the right-hand side
remember those who give
and take away
are you

And know
the bomb falls
al you

See you all soon
as died

Love is locked away
My love is not writing like **** love P@ul.
May 2019 · 167
Just met myself on here.
Paul Hardwick May 2019
and these are my words
But not my problem

Two old ladies sitting on a bench
as a seeker run past one had a stroke
the other could not reach.
Love P2ul.
May 2019 · 188
M . u . c . h ... too much.
Paul Hardwick May 2019
Surreal Poam
By P@ul.

you are the most exstrawdanarirey person
and I am just me

you might be it seams
Oooo Ooooh
just like me

Hi Hi welcome
you be you and I will be me
how are you?
Love for me P@ul.
you thought I had gone
so had me.
Feb 2019 · 149
Falling Down the Stairs.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2019
getting old
one false move
your mind
see it hard to find
strange things happen there
somehow your mind is closed
funny things happen there
as you flow through the air
thinking **** I am dead
bouncing on different levels
as you go down
wondering which level
you came from
the bottom looms
the ground
my mind got quite **** up
well would'ant yours
rock bottom
come to soon
there I lay
great pain in my leg
get up
try to walk
nope broken in two places
hospital looms
**** and I needed some sleep
999 what service do you require
true story.

But still here
well in mind
but not full body
two fractures to heal.
Missed you all P@ul. ***.
Jan 2019 · 189
Fuck me.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2019
That hurts
Woman stuck a needle in my arm
you will feel a scratch
**** u are sticking me pins
Baby that hurt
see her blue eyes and start to flirt
whats your  name           Jane
Stay with us you
Look me in the eyes
I am going to call Paul
That's my name
how did my net in this sea miss you
so we meet like this

Thank You, Nurse Jane.

Love P@ul.
Dec 2018 · 160
Paul Hardwick Dec 2018
Note to self
P@ul I don't worry about you
for your not the revolution kind.

So why are you playing Startrek Fleet Comand
with such passion at night
score now 76.000.

Will I be ever a millionaire
will I sleep at night
tomorrow is another day.

How about that!
Merry Christmas from Me
Dec 2018 · 123
Paul Hardwick Dec 2018
Stayed just long enough
then left and parted
Merry Christmas.
P@ul ***.
Nov 2018 · 162
Not thinking poem.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2018
AS requested
I think therefore I AM
so be it
Nope can NOT think of ANYTHING
black page hits the ground
not sure I fell respected
with what I find
just might be me
maybe blind
to all I follow
Have a fab ChristMAS P@ul.
L  O  V   E   P@ul.
Nov 2018 · 210
Ain't NO Sanity Clause.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2018
168 pages
just to find out
in the small print
there ain't no sanity clause
contracts we sell our lives
for what security of our lives
wives, kids, all the things dear
christmas is humbug
for there
Ain't NO Sanity Clause.

MAD I'm furious.

how did you find out?

Love's Merry Christmas.

Love P@ul.
No Christmas cards, please I had about all I can take.
Nov 2018 · 117
Paul Hardwick Nov 2018
Left stage right
so many confused words
why do we waist or lives
so many wasting away

We are the supreme beings
what we say goes
standing on both feet
I know

**** computers
see them painted in blue
not yet in red
maybe tomorrow.
P@ul    ***.
Nov 2018 · 168
Don't let it. Get you down.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2018
the good life you had for years
when it turns upside down
Don't let it.      Get you down
think of those that are the same as you
hold them dear today
hug's and kisses
I've been through April showers
winds that blow so cold
standing in the road
directing traffic to the places to go
and turn there mind's upside down
in doing so.

P@ul. ***.
Love me the P@ul.
Nov 2018 · 117
Boss of the site.
Nov 2018 · 186
Paul Hardwick Nov 2018
I am here
Ghost in the machine
mean not aways
But never forgiving
card boo
for adults
blue Seen
but never known
Mac's are us
O you never released
You PC users
Get a grip
it's called Micro-soft
it's the word
you need to do
what's that all about
just saying
not soft this is our future.
Paul ***.
Oct 2018 · 191
Paul Hardwick Oct 2018
Dropped my mind
into my mother's mangel
my empty head went on
thought of things I did not know
or never said
leavers move rocks
rocks roll

Brain freeze

L O V E    P@UL
Oct 2018 · 135
Computers r us.
Paul Hardwick Oct 2018
Need a new way to loose my mind
get out of myself
and mind
thinking new technology is the way to go
must be able to draw and paint
I draw by hand
and paint pictures in words
is there something out there to find
help me get out of my mind
any recommendation
will be considered
help me so
I will be here tomorrow
looking up all my fellow poetry friends
so let me know.

P@ul. ***.
Love P@ul.
Oct 2018 · 238
Sunday Sad.
Paul Hardwick Oct 2018
Sad Sunday
can't wait
for songs of pray's
have much too much on my mind
tomorrow's Monday
sad, sad, Sunday
want to get out of my mind
work bell toll's
hate being responsible
but it what's  I do
do what I can
or have to do
is that BAd?
went to university
to do this for you
also, think I'm getting a cold
beta version

with love
**** me
that Sunday
was Sad.
True  Love P@ul.
Paul Hardwick Oct 2018
Please pay here
before you go
we will give your bill
and make it flash if you like it so
please pay here before you go
your not leaving site
till you do so
think about it a while trying to do so
leaving us
please put in your card payment
robots are us
we are to serve
hanging on to your credit card
while you work out
so to do so

Regards P@ulpayment.

Love P@ul.
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Day Tar.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2018
Dot 1
join the dots
here we go
he likes lemon tarts
does not eat carrots
make him ****
as his friends all know
and tell him so
brain of planets
Dot 2
the straight line makes the image well
slipping down the perpendicular
on to
Dot 3
still cannot tell
Dot 4
is that an eye
or a yes
Dot 5
carrot seep into the night
I farted
Dot 6
lines are sticks
pick them up
you never know when dot eleven will come about
data what is this?
The thing in my brain
Dot 7
is that what you want
in turn for free ******* yoghurt
we playing deal or no deal
Dot 8
let's get this straight
before I forget all about you
you asking me this
click on the boxes
your views
for your client
Dot 9
Dot 10
**** the right off
the picture is clear to me
thank you
Day Tar go to hell.
Love P@ul
like a **** in the wind.
Sep 2018 · 203
On the wrong side of Right.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2018
Lefty told me so
nagging me in my ear
maybe he was right
who knows
but he did not let it go
would not leave it alone
all day this went on
shut up
quick as you can
Lefty shut the **** up man
and he closed
the pains in my chest began
though this was my destiny
as the pains dragged across my chest
taking away my breath
maybe Right was right
and I was wrong
and the lefty was nothing more than a dream
but it stopped.
Love P@ul.
Makes you think of everything. ***.
Sep 2018 · 235
Red eyes.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2018
Not the sleep thing
dreaming deep strong like wine
seeing red
mostly at work
related thing
my dress
did not mean skirt
but coat
reflects in my blue eyes
and with all the sun
red burnt head
like I glow in the dark
mostly radioactive
probity burn them all about me
I'm  told it's the corporate colour thing
wonder if I will get red boots
then I and my mates can be part of OZ together
tap your heals and wake up
Home and safe
see what I did there.
Surreal P@ul.   With love ***.

Sep 2018 · 200
T-Shirt suntan dreams.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2018
Been printing on my own sink
and after this year
have my own
whites sink T-Shirt
better than 1976
although I was ******
and did not try too hard at it
thanks, sol great year
it was bliss

Love all, hope you are enjoying it as well.
Sep 2018 · 221
Day off dreams.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2018
Today got the whole day off
sniff some flowers went back to sleep
day off dreams so bizarre so surreal
awoke to a knock on the door
Shela has come round with the kids
invite them in what a din
kids play out after bribes with sweets
Shela sobs like hell
draining my wine and hanky store
remind her I am working tomorrow
she forces the kids back in the car and leaves
car fumes play with my nose
dame the kids have left things behind

I call her

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Love P@ul.
Aug 2018 · 2.6k
Good bad years.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2018
Don't let life fool you
but don't let it get you down
take the good along with the bad
sometimes I get so drunk
no place to go out, out
no pub or nightclub to give amusement
that's the time
I get inside my head
not evening sniffing any flowers
but by learning my artistic powers
and typing them out
there is so many to find
sometimes I see words
I did not think I knew how to find
and that's my surreal mind
******* on my vape
I feel like a caterpillar
sitting on a mushroom
so take the good with the bad
and be glad you had.
P@ul. ***.
Aug 2018 · 143
Note to self.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2018
What can a friend say?
are you a friend?
you know I am
then why do you ask?
I ask lots of things
why do you tell me nothing?
nothing seemed right
what can a friend ask?
anything I keep nothing from you
then don't ask!
I'm sorry did not mean to **** you off!
you know this never works out so why?
just taking a note
about what?
do you really need to know?
you know I should
why you will only write it down?
Love P@ul.  ***.
Aug 2018 · 272
The task of saying NO!
Paul Hardwick Aug 2018
As a parent
I had many times
of saying no
and that's final
you know it hurts
but have no other option
but with adults
it is a mammoth task
for they think of why
and that's why I say

NO! just F**k OFF.

The job is done or is it


P@ul ***.
Aug 2018 · 839
Snow White.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2018
Snift into my mind,
as she passed me far behind
floating on petals,
just get old,
in loves special way
her hair turning grey as mine,
her lips red so full.
I should try to take her out,
let life take its course,
cry to my self later, as she puts me out
like a burning ***,
still smouldering in the ashtray of life,
man I am old
not white but grey.

Grey Nickers.
Love P@ul ***.
Jul 2018 · 144
S U N.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
Burns like hell
more than 20 atomic bombs
licking my sink
leaving dead sink sweet burns all over my arms
flaking off falling around me
into my dinner and tea
thank god I don't do drugs
soon a nuclear winter
will come to pass
turning us all blue

Man, I love summer.
and the new soon blue you
not that you talk much now
you never want to get up
in the new air so blue
you're missing
the freezing air
in your lungs

Summer Holidays are us.
With love so much love P@ul.
Jul 2018 · 135
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
how I feel
I drink my words like wine
swig it up and feel no disgrace
you can see it on my face
smiling from my brain

As I pass you and move on
another musician falls
in rehab
but they never see you mind
never mind you
nor nothing you hold
but I with you
do not cry for me
as I am old.
For Kim Love P@ul
Jul 2018 · 205
I am, what I am.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
Surreal P@ul
head in the clouds
drink in my hand
Lemon shirt
and on this day
lime green shorts. chinos
bald head glowing in the sun
coming in my windows
basking in its warm glow
curtains shut
mind open
finding the words
to make this poem grow
remembering the thing I had
like my mind
the thing I lost years ago
just put it down
now so hard to find
time has to come
when a man will changes
think my change is past
and looking forward
to my dying day.
LOVE   P@ul.
Jul 2018 · 160
Slip streams.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
When I face you,
you melt
am I facing forwards
or backwards come and see me
am I happy
I am free
need nothing else
for this day I am free
of all else.
Love you All P@ul.
Jul 2018 · 583
Paint in box, if you can.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
Pandora opened it
some days at my age
I dribble
see my T-shirt
look at the stains
then remember I am old
never ask me who I am?
for I will never give you the answer
I'm suppose to
just as if you asked God
whats in my paint box
some pinks and blues
and a fiery face
probably wearing sunglasses
Who are the **** are you.
P@ul. ***.
Jul 2018 · 601
Mind lick a limp hand.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
Time has told me
I get old
We get old
The mind is not what your told
You forget
all the things you try
to remember you forget
on that
the other day
a lot before this day
we held each other
do you remember that day
I wish you hold me now

your warmth against me
and how that played with my mind
I was not all you wanted
me to be
But LOved you
you seem
Then I to know that your life played me.

p@ul.  ***.
p@ul. comment on a postcard please
Jul 2018 · 150
Time of Day.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
let it go
You don't know me
as others do
in my past
I won't be there
Thick as a brick
I won't make you feel
My sperms in the gutter
The elastic Trick
You know me
My name is P@ul
as my body cast
pictures on the water
I one with all
A bad moment may be

But for me not
lick my lips and love it all
is just me
I that finds woman false
painted lips
silicon ****
pumped up lips
how did we get here
for me a woman is beautiful
Big Hips
Small ****
only have small hands
that's me not you
Two men in a Bar
How the **** did we get here
That is a surreal joke.
P@ul LOve You. ***.
Jul 2018 · 140
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
Now with my simple mind
as I passed this life
on to the seeds of mine
tears on my face
their in safe hands
that time understands
now to never interfere
in their plans
for too soon will their time pass
just like now.
P@ul.  ***.
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