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9.6k · Oct 2017
Paul Hardwick Oct 2017
I see clouds of   words
I see clouds of   l♥ve
I see clouds of   pain
I see clouds   that hurt
I see clouds of  shame
I see clouds of   time
I see clouds of   the past
I see clouds of  rain
I see clouds of  thunder
I see clouds   that teach us all
I see clouds of   things to give
I see clouds of  things to take
I see clouds in   my mind
I see clouds of   given time
I see clouds of   hell
I see clouds of   hate
I see clouds of   to celebrate
I see clouds of   lost in space

I see clouds of*   ME.
P@ul ***.
7.8k · Mar 2014
For Pritty Bird
Paul Hardwick Mar 2014
PrttyBrd said:

You make me smile  :-)

Well you make me smile to, well inside my head
hope it was good for you to
take the wine
of my imaginations
and make of them what you do
but I am very complex
how about you?
For PrttyBrd
6.5k · Jul 2014
Watermelon and black coffee.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2014
Let me repeat that again
watermelon and black coffee
cool on the tongue
and hot on the face
and both make me go again
and as I *** I burp
and taste
Watermelon and black coffee.
Not true but just might be  :-)    P@ul
6.0k · Jan 2013
Swimming with dolphins.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2013
I love to swim with dolphins
                and i am lucky because  i can
                                  i don't swim in a sea or pool
                                               i swim in mind see
                                                                            and you can to.
6.0k · Aug 2015
Nostril fart.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2015
Man at the station did this thing
still laughing now
he did this thing
a big sneeze
and it sounded just like a ****
do you think when he farts
its sounds like a sneeze
what a party trick.
P @ u l.
4.8k · Feb 2014
Saw the postman come round.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2014
What no cards for me
this must be wrong
how can this be
or dost that postman just hate me
just have to rock my blues guitar

why me
why me
W H Y   M E ?
4.0k · Dec 2011
Dr Elizabeth
Paul Hardwick Dec 2011
Hello Doctor Elizabeth!

Good to see you D o c t o r.
I might ask you how are you?

But that would be just, more work!     For to you.

So I ask how do you, FEEL , is life still work to you?
The sweat and tears for you.

Is it really, good for you?

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. How do you do?
Hello Doctor Elizabeth!
You are young, and I, think love you.

Nobody, ask of my dreams before,             the something,            the maybe.
But that is is just hear say.

The time,.   I spent time living,    These dreams of mine
And the time between.
What will your dream of D o c t o r?

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. How do you do?
Hello Doctor Elizabeth!
You are young, and I, think love you.

My mind is good today,
the clouds are moving away,

You say you like my shirt,
You say you like my hat,
But D o c t o r !

What about me.

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. How do you do?
Hello Doctor Elizabeth!
You are young, and I, think love you.

What about me?
What about me?
What about me?
W h a t  a b o u t  m e ?

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. How do you do?
Hello Doctor Elizabeth!
You are young, and I, think love you.
3.9k · May 2012
Summer Octopus.
Paul Hardwick May 2012
Over a park not to far away
There is a tree
Know by all the kids
As the octopus tree
We called it this as it had eight low laying branches
That grow up into the sky
Looked like an upturned octopus
There you gave your heart to me
As others had done
What changed?
3.5k · Aug 2012
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
Leave me girl
move on down the road
when I think about my life
and see the crossroad
that it has been my life
i know that for you
it is the right thing do
but in my life with roads left a right
it does not mean I will not
bitterly miss you
so for old girl friends
this dark and lonely night
I miss you
3.4k · Jul 2012
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
Hi how are you this day
you might say
feeling good,                                     just got my **** done

then I would say to you
now you make me feel blue
But Jill those ****,                               are so you

curve like the spines
of shell pointing this way and that

you would thank me,                      then stick the man beside you.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2011

I was working at an international airport as a aircraft cleaner, this ment we went on to the planes to clean them before they went on there next flight.

I was the supervisor of a team of 6 that night, so it was my job to go to the aircraft and talk with the number one, (the number one is the head hostess), she told us when we could board the aircraft.

At the door I could see a young girl and a lady, sitting in the front row, I asked the number one if we could board, she told me they are waiting for a wheel chair for the young girl.

The wheel chair did not turn up until after this story.

This is what happened next.

I will pick the story up after my question to the number one.


I am standing on the aircraft by the young girl and the number one, when I heard the girl say.

MOM! can I see the controls of the plane.

I am not sure if the number one heard this, so I related to her.
She told me she would ask the captain, and left to do so.

I was alone with the girl and the lady, so I spoke to the lady.

Hi i said, where have you come from?

The lady answered, we have been to disney land.

Wow or something like that I said, that must have been fun, the young girl spoke up.

it was, I saw lot of things, Micky Mouse.

I asked the girl her name.

Samantha she said.

At that the number one came back.

And told us, as soon as the wheel chair is here, the captain say you can look at the flight deck.

The young girl said, can I not go now?

I needed to get my cleaning team on the aircraft!

So I said to the number one.
I will carry her to the flight deck if that is ok.

It was agreed.

So I picked up young Samantha, and carried her forward to the flight deck. number one and Lady behind me.

The number one past me, to ask the captain, if this was ok, and it was.

As we entered the captain said, hi my name is John. the young girl said hi my is Samantha, welcome sammy, said the captain.

The co pilot stood up, to give Samantha his seat.

The captain and Sammy talk about the instruments.

The captain still had his head phones around his neck, What are those?

Sammy asked.

That is my contact with the flight controllers he said, can I have a go?  Sammy said.

The captain put on his head phone and asked the control tower, and she did have a go.

Then the wheel chair turned up, and the captain was told by the number one.

You must go now Sammy, thank you John she said, I picked her up from the co-pilots seat,  thanked the captain, and the co-pilot on the way out, also the number one, and took the girl down the plane, Sammy then asked me.

What is your name?

Paul I said, she then said this to me.

Thank you Paul I will remember that the rest of my life, at this the lady burst into tears, I placed Sammy in the wheel chair and walked with them to the exit.

I asked the lady, why do you cry, she told me that Sammy was dyeing of cancer and he flight was for a cure and a trip to disneyland, but the cure, did not work, and Sammy might be dead within the year.

I cried for about an hour!
3.2k · Oct 2015
Vaping my Vape.
Paul Hardwick Oct 2015
Given up smoking
now doing one of them there
vaping things
keeping smoke clean
for all the rest of you
that complained
yes cherries in my head
are you all getting your vitamins
did not want to bring that up
but is your waste slimmer than mine
smiling here
sorry but just words.
3.2k · Dec 2011
Paul Hardwick Dec 2011
is a fruit we all
know this well. We peal
it's skin off and eat the fruit within.
Some times bitter, some times sweet.
Smells well of orange. Coats our
fingers and skin then drifts
into the air, illusive
but we know
it is there.

But i have a
question about
the orange.

What *** is it?

Answers please in poem form!
3.1k · Jul 2017
Paul Hardwick Jul 2017
Purple haze
Purple heart
Purple in my blood
Purple in my family ways
Purple crown
Purple gown
Purple in old blood
Purple in hue
Purple is the light
Purple deep got it right
Purple bounce light itself
Purple veins
Purple what is all about?
P@ul   my fav colour
3.0k · Apr 2012
Penelope sneeze.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2012
Penelope sneeze.
Then again.
Her Nose ran.
She took out a handkerchief.
Her mother had brought her.
That Christmas before.
That almost covered her nose.
Blew, filled it.
And in disgust.
Looked for tissue.
For her nose she must empty.
Penelope blew.
This is my 200 poem, cool I did not know I would enjoy writing so much.
Paul Hardwick Mar 2013
Computer nerds everywhere
tell me,      and please share
you can now have this in "real time"

WHAT !   What the ****!

Thought all my time was real
seams they know better
and all I know would not make a book
thought my time was relative

THANKS !   Computer Nerds

Now I have to know my time is real
realler than it was yesterday
but maybe not realler than tomorrow

WHAT ! What the ****! Is Real Time?
2.9k · Jul 2012
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
Nothing comes easy
never let your honey down
when creating that stash

put your money where your mouth is

Ow Money, Ow Money money, Ow Money money
but your money goes back to the rich

that bottomless *****
2.8k · Jan 2012
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
The allotment
is where I grow my mind,
tend my vegetables and flowers,
for hours and hours.
Turn over the sods,
pull up weeds,
So there
I spend
The allotment is where i spend hours and hours.
2.8k · Jan 2012
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
While smoking dope with you.
You asked me to write a poem.
A poem just about you.
I said that might not be good thing to do!

We giggled.
No really you said.
It wiped the stone from my head.
I would not know how to begin!

Just write about me.
Your feeling within, you commented.
Ask me anything you do not already not know.

It was then I realized knew nothing about you.
2.8k · Aug 2012
Garden Peas.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
come along  with me
lets look into the life
of the common garden pea
maybe you like them
maybe you do not
but these are my words to
the common garden pea
from me to them
we have all seen them
and had to work out how we eat them
better stuck in mash potato
than balanced on the knife or fork
kids just distribute them so neatly
on the table and the floor
then hold up there plate
and ask for some more
but have you tried to grow them?
if not come on a journey with me
plant some peas in the soil
water them liberally
then let the season warm the earth
after about 14 days or so
you will see little green shoots
place some sticks in
for the peas
likes something to hold on
just like you and me
for the pea has a hard life
as the season moves on
the pea holds out little tendon
that grip on the sticks
then the snails move in
danger will robertson
for in one night
the snail can ****** all of these
the peas that do survive
suddenly come alive
shooting up like rockets
then after the flowers form
all white in the sun
the pods form
and in them form the peas
those sweet nuggets
we love called garden peas
for my peas that i eat today sweet treats of emerald green... thank you peas.
2.7k · May 2013
Weekend break. :-)
Paul Hardwick May 2013
Betty and I went to Bournemouth this weekend

Spent an hour cleaning oil off the seagulls

Don't think we will go again.
If you record this poem and play it backwards it might say  Hello Satan!!!
Paul Hardwick May 2014
I was given
a shoot gun
the first time I let it off

it was like a diamond
singing in my ears.
2.7k · Aug 2018
Good bad years.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2018
Don't let life fool you
but don't let it get you down
take the good along with the bad
sometimes I get so drunk
no place to go out, out
no pub or nightclub to give amusement
that's the time
I get inside my head
not evening sniffing any flowers
but by learning my artistic powers
and typing them out
there is so many to find
sometimes I see words
I did not think I knew how to find
and that's my surreal mind
******* on my vape
I feel like a caterpillar
sitting on a mushroom
so take the good with the bad
and be glad you had.
P@ul. ***.
2.6k · Aug 2014
My fireplace.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2014
On my fireplace
I have only two things
one on this end
and one on the other
now that fireplace
is a lot like me
I start life and be
and make my way
to the other end
then fall off.

O   __________     =
             ==========================          O
True Story   P@ul
2.6k · Dec 2011
The Allotment
Paul Hardwick Dec 2011
The allotment
is where I grow my mind,
tend my vegetables and flowers,
for hours and hours.
Turn over the sods,
pull up weeds,
So there
I spend
The allotment is where i spend hours and hours.
Paul Hardwick May 2012
The doctor .           Came over to me
Took my pulse then gave it back to me
Then said to a nurse
Take his bloods
I did not lay round to see
What might happen to me
2.5k · Aug 2012
we wish you were here.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
the waves ****** at my feet
as i walked along the shore
felt like i had been here before
but something has changed
we wish you were here
then it stuck me
where is the dog!
2.4k · Feb 2014
Paul Hardwick Feb 2014
Swimming is good for you
especially if your drowning.
I said to my girlfriend
you should not eat before going swimming
she said why not?

"Because you look fat"
She is not my girlfriend now.
2.4k · Dec 2012
happy hippy load.
Paul Hardwick Dec 2012
I might be getting old
but the one thing i still have
is my happy hippy load

they said it was yesturday
time has gone
time has moved on

not if you are
this man
the happy hippy revolutionary
still just like i am.
2.4k · Aug 2012
uncle denise.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
strange is it
how life takes you some days
and makes you remember things
that have been and now went
just now i thought of summer
remembering my old uncle denise
whom was no good a tennis
with his boler hat and big fat belly
he could even play
he never could do his top button up
on that or any other day
it was not his waight that killed him
it was all the whiskey
2.4k · Sep 2012
Paul Hardwick Sep 2012
well the dawn is coming
you can hear this ringing on my bell
you say my names a teacher
jump up find yourself some fun
for there is no nest
after the bird has gone
from the nest
i am leaving
purple nightmares behind.
2.4k · Nov 2012
When rain drops fall.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2012
When rain drops fall
and i feel low and useless
makes me wonder
will the world ever change
or will it give nothing at all
but still the rain drops fall
they keep on flowing
just how i feel when
the rain drops fall.
2.3k · Oct 2012
Rockets engines.
Paul Hardwick Oct 2012
Rocket engines    into the sky do blast
Rocket engines    burning into the void
Rocket engines    could it be the end of man and time
Rocket engines    are they our destabilize
2.2k · Jul 2012
More purple.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
when I came over the purple mountains
down there I could see
strange purple houses
on purple roads
in the purple valley
under a purple sky
i meet purple people
whom seam very nice
gave me purple sandwiches
and purple tea
made of purple berries
and I stayed there for a while
till the day we got purple snow
strangely the place was called
bright yellow roses.
2.1k · Aug 2013
Meeting you.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2013
Meeting you
well that was the best
hangover I ever had
took me two bottles of scotch
and nicoteen  for breakfast
just to forget you.
2.1k · Nov 2012
Happy Hippy Load.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2012
I might be getting old
but the one thing i still have
is my happy hippy load

they said it was yesturday
time has gone
time has moved on

not if you are
this man
the happy hippy revolutionary.
2.0k · Dec 2011
Paul Hardwick Dec 2011
Some days I feel sober.
some not, some days just *******.

****** of at life, for me.and my Ex wife.

See her there on her broom.
my god she is filling the room.
With love and doom.
But that is my ex.
2.0k · Jan 2013
The plastic RAP.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2013
Why do we do that
that plastic rap
fix so many things in
into plastic wrap
if 'I want sourse
I do not want to bit it
to get that course
so I say
******* plastic wrap.
1.9k · Sep 2012
Paul Hardwick Sep 2012
I farted in a lift today
                                    I know now
                                                                 That is wrong
                                                                                                      on so many levels.
1.9k · Nov 2013
Today the germs came around.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2013
Today the germs came around
now do not get me wrong
I love my grand children
but today the germs came around
there snivelling noses
and coughs
just dose not help us old people
when the germs come over for tea
just know I will catch something see
I love you really.
1.9k · Feb 2014
If I was seagull.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2014
If I was seagull
up there in the sky
I am sure
I would have one shorter wing
and just fly around
in circles
They say things come in two's   Love Paul
1.9k · Mar 2012
Paul Hardwick Mar 2012
         stood on the edge.
            not knowing what to do.
                move this way or that.
            balance just stood.
              balance was good at this.
                  so balance just stood.
                     not think of this way or that.
                                         not back or forward.
                                 balance just stood.
COMMENTS PLEASE any I am like iron, he cryed.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2015
Never wipe your nose on your arm
the posh people don't like it
they will tell you to
so never wipe
your nose on your arm
it is ok to blow it
as long as it's
in a handkerchief
but never on the arm
and that's why I never wear sleeves.
True story   P@ul.
1.8k · Jun 2016
Space time?
Paul Hardwick Jun 2016
Let me split the words down for your mind

Space is room
Space is the distance from there to here
Space is your room, your head
Space is what you conceive for you
Space is all you think to be true
Space is distance
Space is small
Space is no Space at all
Time is Man Given
just to explain space
and the time we spend there
who we meet
those we love
those we don't
is no time at all.
True   Love P@ul. ***.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2014
In the Snow's of my arctic mind
the cold, cold wind blows
                                                                ­       but in my head
                                                            ­       the summer glow's
                                                          ­                of dream's
                                                                ­                 of
                                                              ­         why I am dead.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.                :-)                  Love  PAUL  ***
1.8k · May 2014
Farting... 10 Words.
Paul Hardwick May 2014
Farting in a lift
is wrong on so many levels.
True Story    P@ul how many of still had to count the words?
Paul Hardwick Apr 2015
Dear Joan,

My Mom,

Our Mom,

Our grandmother,

Our Great Grand Mom,

Dear Mom.

My mother dear when ever you hold me
all the things that hurt me are gone.

My mother.

when I needed you
you are always there
somehow when you held me
all thing bad are no longer there
like when I fell and hurt my head
on the garden gate
remember waking up
and you are there kissing all
the bad things alway from my head.

Dear Joan our mother dear,

Where have you gone
I am at a loss to know
where are you
when I need you now

Mother you must always know
we will always love you
as you did so much us.

R.I.P. With Love Joan our mother so dear to us.
True story as suggested by Beth my grand daughtter to help me with the loss of my Mom. and a very good idear.
Joan Hardwick R.I.P.  1928 - 2015.
1.7k · Aug 2012
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
While cutting the grass today
a strange thing happened
a woman that lives across the road
came across the road towards me

I did not hear for I had my head phones on
while my back was turned she spoken to me
the next thing I knew
was that somebody was poking me
so shutting down the lawn mower and removed my headphones
I saw the woman across the road
hi i said
and for an hour which was just a minuet
she said to me
you never see Grey flowers

True I said
turned my back and carried on cutting the grass
so i tell you one and all
Please Keep Off  The Grass.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2014
After a day on the allotment digging
and bitten by bugs
planting the future of my life
it is nice to be by myself
so I can dream my day
things scare you
and you never no
what will bit you
but I must
get this done
before the night
a bird came
visited me
it is spring
you have
as I have to
this is my day
and i give to you.
1.7k · Feb 2014
Dim sum.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2014
Call me stupid
        Tell me to go home
               But what I am not is

Dim sum
                      As I have found out
                           Is food son

Tasty Dim sum
                               Please for give me
                                          I just thought it
Chinese idiot.
                                             Life is reborn
                                                    Dam I like chinese food

Must be Dim son.
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