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Paul Hardwick Nov 2013
Woman you tried to to hold me down
and control me, but being me
that was not what I am about
woman not knowing me
was what set you free
from all the pain you felt.
Paul Hardwick May 2012
Dot stopped
Gave that feeling for free
Gave the end of the line
Dot you and I have a lot in common
You and Me.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2015
But now like new
well newer than before
you got inside of my head yet again
time slides in from the future
of was what before, in time
Time will feel loose
but look at a clock and see time itself
feel it with me about yourself
and back again
the ticking never stops
we all age with the universe
and become age itself
but do not stop
your path you create

surly I have told you this before today.
P@ul ***.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2013
How can this be
I am
100% Me,
NOW improved.

I do not think i have change
but i am 100% newer than I was
cleans in parts like no other
and 100% germ free
demands nothing but the best
but settled for you
100% better and New and IMPROVED.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2012
It is never to late to start all over again,
Spooky i thought of this while e-mailing Ruby.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
>fortune teller<
lays dead

Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
IS  *One

and ever more
will be SO
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
Maybe I will die tonight.
Some, will think that Right.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2012
Dreams are like cosmic dust.
And God plays marbelles.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
I am just a stranger.
With as yet, words tofillthat whole.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2012
Got to keep those good vibrations.
happening within my poems.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
One makes
smile the

seam like a

N I C E R   P L A C E !
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
There is moonlight and laughter.
That dance on sand. LOVE!
Paul Hardwick May 2012
He slips on to the lions plate
only to be eaten.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2012
O where has the love gone.
The love I so cherished.
The sweat.
The sweet smile.
Warm embrace.
Misplace smile on your face.
The nod the wink.
Or that look in your eye.
That tells me I am wrong.
The look that catches my breath.
And scarers me half to death.
Princess where has that love gone?

For when we met you in the 60’s.
It was love on that road.
I had hair, and love and *****.
Such a heavy load.

O where has the love gone.
Paul Hardwick Dec 2014
on his twenty century hand
and it points at
and all that I be.

to go
so where does the man go
when love leaves?

the sands of time
blowing off the dust
or man rust
that there lay.

One with without trust of common man F * * King  stop.
Had to add that now it makes more sense.     P@ul.
Paul Hardwick Jan 2017
Last year
I told you,
I want to hold you
you told me
that is something
you can never have
not as long as you have a year of days.

Blink and last years gone
today days
have just happened here
tomorrow will come
and so soon gone
time moves on
and so soon today
has become
yesterday's hum
they are days
Of 20    One seven

M    I     N   E.
P@ul.   :-)    ***.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2012
People I have taken for granted
in my past still affect me

But in my defence
                                                            I .

Would like to change things
                                                                  AT LAST.

So I would like to say sorry and

Dream all the people that I have effected
                                                                                 AND RELISE WE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN.
Paul Hardwick Nov 2014
This word
or That Word
True Story           P@ul.
Paul Hardwick Mar 2014
Three DDDee Printing
ooooooowwwwwww must get me one
for then I can print off my perfect One
She would be perfect in all ways
slim but structured
in the woman ways.

:-)  :-)   P@ul  :-)  :-)
Paul Hardwick Dec 2011
This mean I am very dextros
or have many hands
see me do 3D hand stands
not my hands just my glands
Paul Hardwick May 2014
50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
there lays all the dreams
my brain has left behind
and now getting to old
its a place there no need
anymore for my mind to go
see there are benefits
to getting old.
True story   ;-)    P@ul
Paul Hardwick Jun 2012
when i look at my hands
i can see i am getting old
think they should be typing
and just listen to me
is what they do
but people on hello poetry
please let me tell to you
that i love you
when i read your words
i feel for a moment
just like you.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2012
9 came over to 7
7 was so down
what s up 7?
9 asked
7 just fell apart.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2012
many things have happened
in my life time  but that day
did not just affect my mind
but my very soul
it affected my way of being
i am a man who loves rock
but that day change that so
we call it 9/11.

9/11 you brought in me
a truth i did not want to know
in pictures on my screen
in pain in my soul unbelievably
i remember i cried as i watched the buildings fall
and felt the pain of every soul
of people i did not know

but each and every one
souls i have come to know
believe when i say
you are with me in my heart
and i feel we will never part.
I know this might hurt, but it also hurt me, and i have to get this out. please feel free to comment, i don't think you can hurt me more that that day!
Paul Hardwick Feb 2017
Black and White crossing
at the back of hall 9
door 9.1
working all day with Haley
into the night
stepping only on the white lines
talking surreal thoughts
business men bring white business cards
and talk words of breakdowns
there was a crooked man
walking the crooked mile from the car parks
we help him all we can
he thanks us and is on his way
spends his day behind doors
on the inside of hall 9
after entering at door 9.1
leaving us with his smiles and thanks
the day slows down
we have some breaks
we get board
Hayley's mind falls down the rabbit hole
the next thing I know
is Hayley encourages me
to walk towards the light
and man the sun was so bright
come towards the light
and of Hayley only a silhouette
snow starts to fall around me in the air
cold sweeps over me
boredom bits at my heels
soon breakdown starts.
My day this day 9,2,2017
Thanks, Hayley Regards P@ul.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2012
What we call progress.
Is all we can do.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
About the    my problem Grey
while talking today    my problem went away
Dr Psychosis did say
Paulreally there is not question at all
for what your eyes see is reflected light
and between you and me that is just energy
so i asked what is colour what is grey
Paulthey are the words we give them
so that others can understand     what we talk over
see he was right      in blinding light
from grey      "i was free"  !!!
so if you meet me
don’t tell me I like your grey shirt
just say I like your     light and energy.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2017
Above my head
above your head
above the mind
above the thinking of mankind
above us all in the human race
above all the race is won
above in grade
above me makes me small
and that is that
above all!
P@ul.  A cut above the rest.
Paul Hardwick Dec 2013
Up above my head
there is a place
that exist
and it's just there
Up Above My Head.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2013
P                   A                        U                    L
sat me down,    in which was a white room
just light,   which in, I did feel but not hear
anything not a sound,  no not nothing at all
then  a  suden  visual  delight  and  he said
have you seen the stars tonight   the family
of    S           T           A           R                       S
these are planets that you are going to what
do you think about that, planets beyound
your future, see how they are blue        ME!
Paul Hardwick Oct 2012
a city freeze
a city green and full of leaves
a city man stays indoors
a city girl is out on the pull
a city man needs to go out today
a city hall that's where love began
a city is where their life began
a city new born out with his mum
a city turns over and over again.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
a day
is not enough
to start to tell you
how much
i love you
winter will be here soon
wet and with gloom
but knowing
you are there
will stop me crying.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2012
Another poem that is all true
images of white horses

after cutting the green and long grasses
we like to call a lawn
and returning into my house of gloom
i hear what was the sound of houses hooves

jumping up and look out the window of my room
what did i see but two white horses
pulling a white hurst a lady and man in black top hats
then a stream of long black cars

when i did start thinking what a strange day
another sound did come my way
it was a low and distent humming
and then at my window a cloud of bees

someone said he that knows really knows
but really knows nothing at all
i really must get out more
if only to see the world go bye
This is on this day 12th of july all true!
Paul Hardwick Jun 2016
Sit around with a crowed around
I,m not lonely
but people talk around me
now I feel lonely
for I feel them shut me out
if I say to them something controversal
they cut me out
if I say something knowing
they block me out
So now
I will play
trump card!
**** Me P@ul.

P. S. I,m not trump!
Paul Hardwick Dec 2016
It's just a bit of folded card
the pic on the front
make it what you like
for It's just for you
all I asks it make it nice
the words inside
are just from me
and all they say


Is, have fab Christmas
To All
and at this time
or maybe happy holidays
if you are across the pond

Have a Happy Christmas
thanks for all your help
and just to known
some of you

Hello Poetry.


With Love and bests regards
From me to all of you.


Regards P@ul.  ***.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2012
1+1     =  2
But in nature.
one plus one   =   three.
just there plane simple see.
three becomes 4 then 8, 16, 32, 84.
made of you and me.
So 1+1 = 84.
See the maths does not add up.
But it is 84.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
it’s so hard to follow
a a a a a aaar dream.

dreams follow me.
Paul Hardwick Mar 2014
In times of war
i am the master of the games
an be sure your up for this
for my name is master sure
and what we now make is war
he gave me a question
there move
then I know they put up a wall in my mind
so I turn to my troops
and tell them this is not right
see how the villages fall
fight for me and all
I did not know this fight would take so long
Paul Hardwick Jan 2012
is and always be


words in a string.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2012
Please mind the

G         A        P.

As you will fall into it.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2012
talking with Paul Gurrieri
made me think that advertising has a lot
to answer for
for i did not know what laffy taffy was
so advertising stop messing with us
the poets of this world
and thanks Paul :-)
now i will have to do one about mobiles.
Paul Hardwick Aug 2012
I am sick of all the adverts
that promise this and that
lady's rub this on your skin
it plumps up the fats
takes out all the wrinkle's
and yes you *** looks big in that
but with a bit of liepposucktion
we can get rid of that.
Paul Hardwick Feb 2015
Need a friend
to help me through
this day
pick my body up carry me home
make the way clear to me

need some light to see my hand
need a friend to help me through
TAke me Home.
True story    P@ul.
Paul Hardwick May 2013
A frog lept in time
and did not see where he did go
the land was strange and the what he liked to call mud
spurted from within between his toes
but the lack of air made him gag so
frog this place dose not love you.
Sorry I have to add this, please tell me. to **** myself or something. for this place makes my dizzey.
Paul Hardwick Sep 2012
yes the month is not over
but believe me
i have worked
as security officer
look after people just like you
checking there hearts when i need to
complants don't talk to me about that
all thought most do
saying things like last year the carpet was blue
or this year the show was not so good
but i put it to you
i am just this security officer
here to look after you.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2014
After a day on the allotment digging
and bitten by bugs
planting the future of my life
it is nice to be by myself
so I can dream my day
things scare you
and you never no
what will bit you
but I must
get this done
before the night
a bird came
visited me
it is spring
you have
as I have to
this is my day
and i give to you.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2015
After all
I have become the man
I always hatted.
Paul Hardwick May 2014
After my bank holiday weekend
I sitting here still confused
for where has Sunday gone
did I some how travel in time
or is it things I have forgot
for now I am an astronaut picking thing
off the moon

True Story.
Paul Hardwick Jul 2014
Nurse link me up
to all those pipes hit me with them tubes
pump that radiation into my arm
start up you washing machine
set to spin dry
where have you gone
say something, say anything
Mr Hardwick lay still
well not very reassuring but you are still there
that is good enough for me for now
then that robot voice
breath in when you are asked and hold
hold on to what my thought
machine whirls
and i pass through that black hole
then the radiation kick in
now feeling a warm rush from my head to my toe
and what is that taste in my mouth
have just wee my self
then it was all over
nurse took the needles from my arm
told to get dress
nurse in soft tones
said do not go to any disco's tonight
why i ask
man you will glow in the dark.
true story   P@ul
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