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 May 2018 Paul Hardwick
two hands
ten fingers
but only one poor brain
to try to keep
them straight
and not go too insane
 May 2018 Paul Hardwick
Poetic T
Opportunity should be leashed,
             make it respect you.
Never let it
                    *** up your leg.
As opportunity only respects
          those who will walk it.

And then you can let it run free,
as it'll always come back
                                 time after time.
It came out
All tickly and far
Until people started pointing
And this is exactly why
You don't pick your nose in the car
 Nov 2017 Paul Hardwick
 Nov 2017 Paul Hardwick
What a beautiful tragedy
It just is what it had to be
Either swing with the rhythm or
Sink down into your seat while ya
Snap a cold can of brew open
Take a sip without chockin ya
Seasoned Smith with the motion you
Master crafter, not chosen, I'm
Self made man, I been workin still
Humble, held by my people, high
Dancing round in the isles, bar
Tender pour my potion, I need
A taste of your posion, push glass
Across marble oceans, look past
My eyes see right through you, so clear
The sky says it knew you, back when
We flew to the moon and lost our
Minds in a crater, digging for
Diamond stars, our creators burn
Now play me that sweet musical...
4/4 swing it
(the gate is a crowded mess, please no special requests, be thankful you got a seat, this flight is sold out and I’m beat.  
I get up and stand on my chair and say)

I give thanks for:

the uncommon greatness of common sense

for the steady approach of that wondrous day when
kindness is neither random or unexpected,
but the rule, not the exception

for our opinions and deeds, that are our own,
derived without coercion, born from our thoughts and observations and that
we are equal to both
owning them and to
changing them

that we live in a time that friendships can grow just through the quick exchange of words leaping bounds

for eyes that see deep deeper than skin,
ears that hear
what those ashamed wish you didn’t, hands that grasp regardless of distance,
the taste of  kisses that come easy sweet  

for the  day when I at last knew,
the pleasure of giving
so far exceeded receiving,
that giving and receiving became

that I learned that the best skill to possess  is
to anticipate
the needs of others

that my lucky position in this world permits me
to act on the things for
which I am thankful

that someday I will need no longer inquire,
are you my poem,
for the answer will be self-evident to us both
LGA 11/22/17 1:00pm
I asked someone
In a serene manner,
"Why so serious?"
I received a full throated reply,
"Should I act like a child then,
The way you do!?"

I gave a poise reply
With a gentle smile,
*"I certainly do not act like a child,
But the child within
Teaches me to live,
Not to simply survive."
Embrace your inner child:)
Stay blessed.
 Nov 2017 Paul Hardwick
Jewel M C
< backspacebackspacebackspace

          why can't we erase

                    all the time we waste >
 Nov 2017 Paul Hardwick
Melissa S
Hey there Mr. Music Man
Wanna make some music
together if we can?
Don’t just play me
songs of promises
Leaving them
drifting in the wind
Sing them to my ears
so that I may hear
them deep within

Let the sweet melodies
dance across my senses
Like musical scores
with resonating crescendos
Touch me with those eyes
Hold me with the words
Fill my head with elsewhere
Steal away any memories
before us
Be the blissful force
which holds me still
Until the time of never
Is constant in the ears
of my everything

Come closer...
breathe me in like the air
Whisper in my ear
all the soft and pretty
Words I need to hear
Blanket me with you
Pull me down make me sigh
Dynamic release in harmonies
until we are spent

Hey there Little Miss,
I can promise not much,
but I do what I can
so just hear these words,
and then take my hand
We'll sing them so quietly,
but they will be sure,
and speak them so softly
that they can't be heard

We can trip over
the words so spoken,
and dance in
the sentences light
while we lose
in the worn
truths we write
Like warm blankets
and cold evenings,
I can cover you in ways
we do not speak,
to whisper into your core
the being of mine
and shatter your resolve
to hold onto anything

You can rush into my lungs,
a warm inviting scent,
while I rush into you,
a smooth and crashing river,
to inhale your sighs
and speak the words we
If you haven't read Eric W then please go now ~
 Nov 2017 Paul Hardwick
Eric W
We often wrestle with the darkest parts of ourselves in broad

We try to reconcile our good —
what we try to show others —
and our bad — what we try to hide.
Always we find ourselves trapped in this struggle,
caught between the primal reptile urges of the past
and the self-realization that has recently been evolved.

It is in this struggle that all manner of disorders arise.
Disorders - implying that there is a natural order,
an order in which we drive toward,
a perfection that we as a species must achieve,
a final, realized human form.
So it is not that we believe that there is currently perfection,
but that we recognize that if we can define perfection
(a course that first requires defining imperfection)
then we can achieve it as such.

It is in this struggle that we hurt others on all scales,
from lovers to friends to cities and countries.
We rule ourselves, but we need order so we rule over each other as
We step into the light to offer up the best in ourselves,
an attempt to bring out the best in others,
and on many fronts we succeed,
but on many fronts we also fail.
We destroy lovers, friends, cities, countries, and ourselves.

It is in our nature.
It is the nature of all things,
to evolve and to learn and to get better and to grow.
But as with everything,
we too must struggle,
we too must be destroyed
before we can be realized.
Again, apologies for not responding to all of you and for breaking my previous promise that I would, eventually, do so. I appreciate all of the love and all of your comments. I'm just having trouble finding the time to do a lot of things lately.

And because I don't really want to talk about it to anyone, and since a screen and paper can't give me feedback I wouldn't want anyway, but because I also need to say it (it's very complicated reasoning, you see), I seem to have fallen into quite the depression.

Just gotta keep moving, I suppose.
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