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I talk to myself.
Always in the bathroom
  to my reflection in the mirror.
Sometimes even laughing,
  sometimes even crying.
I don't think it's weird.
I'm sure there are others like me
    Or maybe not?
JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH (first draft)
By: Nkhosinemusa Nkosi
July 2015
We all are afraid of rejection
Even if it was said without intention
We just want that attention
Even if it’s just a silly question
We fear losing people whom our heart loves
Like a flock of bewildered doves
I ask myself am I good enough?
But to answer that question who is good enough
We have been told several times we just don’t meet the standards
But to add a question to that statement, who sets the standards
We have been told that “we can never be together”,
Been told that “you cannot hold it together”
We find ourselves judging ourselves based on others
But sometimes you just don’t have to be like others
We find ourselves feeling sorry for who we are
But all we have to do is to be proud of who we are
We progress through life wanting to be better than someone
Whereas we should strive to be better than whom we were yesterday
We find ourselves in a situation where we want to conform to other people’s norms
But all we have to do is create our own norm
We should just start feeling pity for ourselves
And dust it up and empower ourselves
We should start living up to the standard that we also are just good enough

— The End —