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Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
An Island on a
Brink of collapse,
Leakages on our
national budgetry,
Cronysm and Inept
speeches seizes
Powerful seats.
Our national oil
Reserves Guzzled
down by twit Politicians
women Aspiring for
change by Denying
their Husband Conjugal
Millions of unemployed
youths run Amok
causing a Frenzie
Anarchy spells Doom
across the
State of Internal
security is a vital
sign for the Failure
of our current
Reforms of national
cohesion and a new
constitution seems
like a Fantasy to
many Africans.
Our cumbersome
Judiciary procedures
discourages Investors,
so goes the Plea
of Desolate souls
in Africa.........
AFRICA'S future is bright with the right crop of new leaders!! But despite the fact of its immense and huge natural resources the continent still lags behind in terms of development and over-dependence on Foreign aid!
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Teach them numbers
and don't Forget
Eager and yearning
let them Drink the
Knowledge of words,
away Recriminate
there Ignorance.
Colour there little
world with a
Picture of
Honesty and
Kindness let
them Gain from
Each Day let
their Innocent
souls Blossom
with Hope,
Repose is a must
for their little
Enlighten the young millenials with hope and Optimism
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
All of us believe
in something,
be it Real or Pseudo-Illusion,
Religious or Materialistic.
Most of us have
although we seem
strong and Rough.
but DEEP within we
seek and yearn for
Though the thought
of it scares the HELL
out of us,
no DOUBT most of
us OPT to seek shelter
from our own
Forlon seekers we've
remained for so Long,
and at night nightmares
HAUNT us Rendering
no wonder our minds
are filled with Hideous
and Grubby thoughts.
JOVIAL faces we
portray daily,
but our Souls are
CYNISISM is the Order
of the day and
maledicting at other
Peoples success.
In DEED real Ingrates
and Sartunine we are,
best things in life
are free and simple.
We're our own path-finders and
choosers of our own
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Still walk in the
still Born twice,
still Believe that
Christ is Life,
still Dedicated to
my Destiny.
Still fall to my Knees
when it's Hard to SEE,
still the Old MIAMIZ
that Fell in love
Still stay chill,
am still the Messenger
tryna bring the TRUTH.
You're my Legionare
king coz he watches
Over me,
is like I hit the GYM
I feel stronger
than before,
no weapon or Foe
will win,
Energized by Divine
my Faith Disintegrated
with HIS.
His love gave me
like a CHEQUE in a
Bank roll.
We do undermine our Inner strength or will, let it take over us!
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Way up to reconcilliation so steep,
Memorandum of understanding so creep,
Shortage of fuel in our reserves no beep,
Political promises in abundance they cant
Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep!! With no complains daily meals we skip,
Economic status swallowed by recession
hefty and handsome rewards given to
zealous supporters as tip,
public treasuries in coffers depleted in form of expensive trip,
Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep!! Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep,
God's succor, alleviates our pains,
Imbeciles at the helm of power with no
Hideous thoughts full of personal gains,
Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep!!
for the corrupt leaders, whose only mission is to embezzle there countries treasury coffers
  Jul 2016 Oliver Miamiz
Bewildered and haunted,
This one night,
Feelings of disarray,
Taunting from the full moon
Haunting through the blue room
A fearful haunting sound
In the midst
Of the town
Owls crying as they flee
Evil prying as we see
The night has come
To lock us in exile,
Beneath its red eyes

Embers of darkness
Glowing afar
Chains of attacks
Calling from the witching hour
As men sleep without   power
Let us watch the night tears
As it conquers all its fears
Which it kept for a million years
But when morning comes
And the rising sun ploughs
I will
The night
Into a dazzling
I wrote this piece on one troubled NIGHT
The poem is targetted at giving hope to those who deel hopeless, helpless, discouraged, anguish and pain all at once. You feel as if the night will not pass away. Hold on, for the morning LIGHT WILL SHINE ON YOU AS THE SUN RISES.
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Derailed, feeble and
Frail in there beds,
wailing, mourning and
yelling but to no Avail,
Seconds, minutes and
hours the Clock is
Days, weeks and
months are just but
too Long.
Stench in the air
enough to cause Death,
Kinsmen portraying faces
of Despair,
others Driven absolutely
Cuckoo by Pain,
Amidst sadness, sullen
shimmering figures
glow in the Dark,
Angel of Death out
to collect Souls,
Death is Looming in
the Atmosphere,
Amid Desparity hope
still lingers in
the Horrizon.
Free at last
struck by the hand of

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