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i need you to hold my hands
so i don't hurt myself worse
i twisted my thigh
i near stabbed my hand
i can't
s t o p
i need
your help
wouldn't it be funny
if i overdosed on pills?
left everyone i love alone
no one put in my will
a greedy *****,
all from day one
going dead without a hitch,
her face repeatedly slapped by the sun
it's unpleasant
light, i mean
i don't understand what i meant
i physically can't come clean
panic panic
late at night
make me feel
manic manic
every night
You have my heart
Held firmly in your grasp
Dear, you’re a work of art
And I **** hope we last

Thinking of you,
I laugh and smile
Do you have a clue
How much I love you?
For: Jenny Thoma

i made out with my girlfriend
For everything
and nothing
Having happiness,
Feeling sadness,
are not things you like
Leaving you
For someone else
Cuz she's better
I'm sorry
For everything
and nothing.
i'm sitting without you
and what am i to do
when my sweatshirt smells like you
but you're not even there?
For: Jenny )))):
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