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nivek 4h
indwelling this temporary corporeal
"love stronger than death"
allows this soul to sing
even when lips are silent.
4h · 77
nivek 4h
lights go out and lights come on
you have shifted your view

and to shift often
is a secret of freedom
nivek 4h
constellations evolving in your mind
all that new territory growth

the stretching and reaching out
is bound to create some painful torque
nivek 1d
forever acclimatising
to climate (change)
if we do not (change)
we commit collective
death to all creatures.
nivek 1d
orbit, going round in circles
of course
eyeballs never tire of looking
nivek 1d
silence can be scary
something to run from

but in the end, with a little experience
silence becomes a friend

a friend who becomes
intimate spouse.
nivek 2d
there is more to silence
than an absence of noise

noise will come to an end,
silence will swallow it all
nivek 2d
the markings of poison are varied
and the tongue of Man can be a viper,
the heart an overflowing poisoned challis.
3d · 45
'the wanderlust'
nivek 3d
aiming to buy a seven and a half ton lorry
and move in to live
on the road ' the wanderlust' has me deep!
3d · 54
write it down
nivek 3d
you meet with many myriad personalities
and it can be wearing
a poet can do their best
and their best can sometimes be enough
nivek 3d
Bob Marley sings 'don't worry about a thing'
'Three little birds upon my doorstep, Singing this is my message to you oo hoo,'
nivek 4d
you are older than the stars
your essence released into space
eons before you were formed
into your present shape
4d · 54
these things.
nivek 4d
The Earth heaves and folds
mountain tops were once ocean floor
and ocean floor mountain top.
Time has no meaning across vast spaces,
Human time, a blip on the face of the Earth.
And yet it is the Human endeavouring to understand
that gives meaning and witness to these things.
4d · 58
out of sight.
nivek 4d
Mountains grow real slow
imperceptible to Human eyesight
but that does not mean;
you are not watching them form.
nivek 4d
love is pyrotechnic
melded into silence
after the 'Big Bang'
5d · 62
nivek 5d
love is thunder
dialled down
into heartbeats.
5d · 91
nivek 5d
its a second look
de ja vu
a head twizzle.
nivek 7d
words can slip sharp as knives
cut deep into the consciousness
subconsciousness adding -
to the mystery of the self-
the self you try to keep on an even keel
not too much selfishness not too much overextending good works toward the rest of creation and creatures,
especially the ones who are juggling words that can cut sharp as knives, cut yourself and cut deep into the ones you try to love.
Feb 20 · 72
on your way.
nivek Feb 20
the grist and the grind
physical, mental, spiritual

this life affords no rest
indeed is not the place to stay

on your way,
just passing through.
Feb 20 · 84
a sign from the past.
nivek Feb 20
A safe road to travel
fixed point of a distant star

the silence of space
instantaneous arrival

footprints in Earth dust
a sign from the past

a safe road to travel
following a star.
nivek Feb 20
the mute poet of ages
born to sing
to sing even in silence
songs of the heart.
Feb 18 · 141
my lover.
nivek Feb 18
I kissed the Moon the Stars and waited for my lover
and my lover chided my blindness
poked fun at my disbelief,
cradled me so deep I forgot myself,
in the morning I said hello, and my lover
ran through the fields and I could not catch her.
Feb 18 · 40
tongue twisted.
nivek Feb 18
tongue twisted
mouthing silence
we speak sounds
sometimes volumes
louder longer
more urgent
and the silence
***** us dry
spits us out
tongue twisted
mouthing silence
we speak sounds.
nivek Feb 18
often a little tips the scales
one side down
one side up
and you can find yourself
either end or even
a little both ways.
Feb 18 · 72
nivek Feb 18
Black hail sky
whipped by wind
clatters over
A song from nature
from far away
-away it goes
to leave blue sky
instant, silent.
Feb 17 · 165
bug life.
nivek Feb 17
snug as that bug in a rug
the one we all imitate now and then
last night the wind got real sporty
battering all and everything
except this bug snug in its rug.
Feb 16 · 69
Tuned in.
nivek Feb 16
Tuned in to faces
to identify friend or foe

those in the sky, cloud formation
the man in the Moon

I see you there, searching
looking into my face.
Feb 14 · 75
nivek Feb 14
When offered the pick of wife
the old Hermit was truthful "I would want them all" he said,
winking, and went back to the peace of his cell.
Feb 14 · 66
nivek Feb 14
one small act of kindness
one small appreciation of another
one act of listening
one moment leaving self behind
irrevocably changes us
and others for eternity.
Feb 13 · 52
nivek Feb 13
informed by senses
fooled easily

there is more to your unknowing
than you know.
Feb 12 · 73
nivek Feb 12
you can enter death here
just let it all go black
Feb 12 · 57
Wanted Add's.
nivek Feb 12
tortured by their own voice
a poet searches for a muse.
Feb 12 · 96
In the Queue.
nivek Feb 12
you will be shuffled to the front of the queue,
some day, some night,
and pass beyond all knowing.
Feb 12 · 63
nivek Feb 12
eternity is just beyond the veil
within the cloud you dwell
just a step away, just a breath.
Feb 11 · 44
nivek Feb 11
silence connects, makes room
opens the door to let you in
welcomes always,
hopes you stay
enveloped serene
having made yourself at home.
Feb 10 · 62
fire from the sparks.
nivek Feb 10
what spark of life dwells within all things
is it a will that loves?
loves to create and hold all things in being?
delights to see creation flourish
and falls in love constantly?
ever abashed at the beautiful
ever calling forth a fire from the sparks
as they run through the whole Universe?
Feb 10 · 67
Hermit Poet.
nivek Feb 10
Hermits are VERY happy
but you would never know that.
nivek Feb 10
fate laid her cards down
and won
every time.
Feb 10 · 36
the grass will green.
nivek Feb 10
One more spin around a Star
coming in from the cold
slowly, slowly, spring will return
and we return with it
the fire in the grate will sputter
and finally die
the grass will green the sea calm
and the Daystar will reign.
Feb 8 · 222
slow lane.
nivek Feb 8
life in the slow lane
always suited best
but its a struggle
to get and stay there.
Feb 7 · 224
nivek Feb 7
where less is more
salted through
we taste love.
Feb 5 · 62
wedded to our spirit.
nivek Feb 5
searching horizons with a heart made for love
travelling ever onward we spin through eternal space
a finite World inhabited by finite creatures
where only love is the beginning and ending
of all that we seek and find wedded to our spirit.
Feb 3 · 73
small corks.
nivek Feb 3
its the 'wild' in the wind here
keeps returning, ever returning
to scourge sea and our small island.
No ferries can run the gauntlet
small corks in an Ocean.

We sit cut off from the World
for awhile at least
A small spit of land
in a boiling cauldron.
Feb 1 · 33
for Berlinsky
nivek Feb 1
spaces between your toes
must have a function
beyond a space between
your toes
nivek Jan 31
******* breath's
gurgling last words

all will go black
you may hear a fading voice, "Farewell"
Jan 31 · 119
final breath.
nivek Jan 31
how will you go?
in anger, heartbreak
be taken by surprise?
Jan 31 · 56
a door opens.
nivek Jan 31
you are going to arrive
where countless others
have gone before.
Jan 31 · 94
a final departure.
nivek Jan 31
you say your goodbye's
becoming distant
coming closer to the end

you will have to depart
set out on your own
naked as the day you were born.
Jan 31 · 60
nivek Jan 31
on a fast track to the grave
seemingly long
but shorter still.
Jan 30 · 66
Balancing Zero.
nivek Jan 30
Balancing zero can be a magic number
or pockets turned inside out.
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