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nivek 17h
lighten up, keep a sense of balance
a sense of humour in dark places.
nivek 1d
within seeming aloneness my child
you find every whisper offered
each turning to the Divine in your travail
is not lost on the Divine compassion
you offer up your pains and confusion
knowing deep in your heart,
deeper than all worldly wisdom
that indeed you are not alone
and in union with the Divine suffering
your suffering finds meaning and redemption.
nivek 1d
Circling the Sun
not too far away
not too close.
Eclipse of the Moon
perfect distance
not too close
not too far away.
and every other mathematical equation, the perfect distance between Sun Moon and Earth for there to be total eclipses
nivek 1d
Bricks and mortar
some inspiration
a bit of sweat
mixed all together
a small edifice
of belief.
nivek 1d
time turns deep in the earth
womb for dormant children
all seed and root to sprout
new life from black depths
holding out for light and water.
2d · 84
nivek 2d
to give and keep on giving
all that you are,
forgotten in the gift of yourself
2d · 41
nivek 2d
May all those now departed this mortal life
whosoever did me wrong, whosoever they may be
Rest in peace, and may those souls whom I had interaction with in this mortal life that I caused any pain
likewise rest in peace
and also just as important may all my memories of all said folk, also rest in peace.
2d · 82
nivek 2d
expect the unexpected
do not get doubtful
good things will happen
the Universe wishes you well
2d · 78
nivek 2d
That daystar is Mother
with Mother Earth
also sister Moon too.
nivek 3d
to accept love is all
all else has passed
and is no more.
3d · 46
opening the eye
nivek 3d
to know fully as one is known
(and to love as fully as one is loved).
3d · 22
8w Prayer
nivek 3d
to be master
not servant
of base desires

3d · 26
a gentle buzzing
nivek 3d
spiders catch and eat flies to live
what's your excuse for ******?
nivek 3d
swatting a fly is never just a mechanical action
- underlying causal reasons can be multiple.
nivek 3d
vibrating on a frequency universally acknowledged
as cause and effect
nivek 3d
falling short is common
held in common
commonly experienced
3d · 63
tears for wiping
nivek 3d
tears for wiping
silence for entry
sounds for song

tears for relief
silence for meeting
sounds for communication
nivek 3d
Eased into Spring
shoehorned with late snow.

Now the long cool breeze
as Summers heat begins to breathe.
nivek 3d
its no good beating folk around the head with your truth
if you want them to seriously consider your point of view
3d · 12
Truth Serum
nivek 3d
popular and telling the truth do not always go hand in hand
in fact it can get you into a place you would much rather not go
alone, ostracized, and very unpopular indeed.
3d · 15
the right path
nivek 3d
nourished by what?
what leaves you exhausted?

some things are good for you?
energising right action?

discerning the right path
where nothing is easy.
3d · 15
nivek 3d
war threatens along your edges
a place called territorial

space claimed and mapped
by ancestry.

war gets under your skin
a stake through the heart

the place where love resides
and is utterly tested.
3d · 90
nivek 3d
The Sun rises in your heart
warms all through your body
gently awaking your mind
to the acceptance of living.
4d · 184
your last groan
nivek 4d
your last poetry will be a groan
with a label tied to your toe
and a white sheet over your face
it may well startle the funeral folk
your last poem, your last groan.
nivek 4d
up with the lark
a poets wish
Oh how they sing
4d · 28
internet poets
nivek 4d
nivek 4d
protagonist for love
for loves flourishing
in the Human heart.
4d · 31
nivek 4d
tongue tied and dumb words
been there, often
4d · 28
nivek 4d
crushes and attraction
falling in and out of love
is all part of the plan.
nivek 4d
aware there can be nothing more devious than the heart
4d · 15
nivek 4d
emotional storms throwing a tantrum
deep breaths and
start again and
keep peace with your
4d · 195
Scarred but healed
nivek 4d
Broken hearts are quite common
a scarred one a treasure
and mending one can take a lifetime.
nivek 4d
purpose is good
it saves you
from being led astray
nivek 4d
finding treasure in unexpected places
burying it again and forgetting
just where was it you unexpectantly found it.
nivek 4d
Trailing dreams of the night
stretched to no turning back
remembering snippets
-oddments disjointed and
yet coherently dreamy.
Searching for prophesy or
perhaps a glimmer of truth
somewhere deep in the mind
it has to be there, somewhere
we hope and dream on and
dream on dreaming on.
5d · 25
nivek 5d
vibrations of air
across a voice box
sounds unique
6d · 25
nivek 6d
Corvid, crows beak
talon and claw
beady eye, forever watching
Am I slow?
That clever bird may yet
peck and pick over my carcass.
6d · 10
my lizard skin
nivek 6d
my lizard skin, cold as death
reaches out to claim your heat
to hold you in my clawed hand
and bite deep into your life.
To howl in the mountains
and groan in childbirth
to wipe my mouth of blood
while picking you out of my teeth.
6d · 29
do not be fooled
nivek 6d
cruel intentions live large in some hearts
and they are proud of them
6d · 32
nivek 6d
describe it into being
cough it out
spill your lips
let your tongue dance
6d · 61
nivek 6d
Thousands of feet to fall
blizzard white out
to settle on our tongues
6d · 32
nivek 6d
Climate on the edge of your tongue
when you turn that key
and the engine revs.
6d · 48
chocolate box
nivek 6d
Snowed in, warm snuggle
the return of Christmas
chocolate box perfect.
nivek 7d
I supped on the pages of a dictionary
ate words till I bled
put down some on paper
and waited behind the pages of death
I supped again and a rose grew from my bones
a Bumble Bee fed
we both put down our differences
and celebrated our mutual love of flowers.
7d · 35
nivek 7d
many are on the hunt
a few seek otherness

many are ravaging
a few seek enlightenment
7d · 59
all dressed up
nivek 7d
Fire and smoke
smoke and mirrors

Mirrors and disguise
fire and ashes.
nivek 7d
Seamless organism, Butterfly wings
each thought is known
what does your heart give out
is it love?
what is it you wish to receive?
a gentle breeze with Summer
on your breath?
7d · 95
page turner
nivek 7d
page turner, new book
each morn, each day
never been here before.
Apr 8 · 50
Starlings Dancing.
nivek Apr 8
siren song through the desert
guitar, drums, tambourine
a thousand birds song, starlings
dancing the sky, dancing
Apr 8 · 81
you call that food
nivek Apr 8
sharing a meal with an alien will be one of the most unusual and possibly one of the most disgusting meals you ever get eat
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