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Nick Dubuque Jan 2016
I shower, put on deodorant, and brush my teeth ; then put on the same ***** clothes I've been wearing all week
Nick Dubuque Dec 2015
Here I lie, drowning
Face down
In two inches of lukewarm misery
A cool breeze of self loathing in the air
  Dec 2015 Nick Dubuque
My Mind Is Full Of Dead Words
Decomposing Onto Books,
Creating A Vivid Picture Of
You That I Never Knew Existed.
Nick Dubuque Dec 2015
I sit in my empty home and cry
Thinking of all the people
That could have been here
Nick Dubuque Dec 2015
I see you
I wonder
Can you see me?
Behind this veil
With my hatred
Pointed at your skull
I can't help but wonder
If I would prefer it in pieces
But then what would I do with your
Nick Dubuque Dec 2015
I drink till I puke
Smoke until my lungs are black
I **** till I hate
#Haiku #addict #insanity
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