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 Sep 2015 Maya Martin
I love you, and because I do...I want you to find someone who loves you as much as I do—more, if possible. Because you can't love me, because you don't want my love, don't want me. But I love you more than anything, enough to let you go if you ask, enough to stay knowing I'll never be your person, enough to be your friend when it's killing me, enough to wish you a love that's legendary with someone you love back.
I read somewhere
that we dream in
           why is it
that my dreams are vivid,
                         and life is dreary,
          only colored with
                              crimson blood stains?
Cry as often as you want
Cry loud and obvious
Cry quietly and privately
Because even if your tears can accomplish nothing
At least they are no longer inside of you
Threatening the life of you
Don't be afraid to have emotions
It is what makes us human
 Sep 2015 Maya Martin
 Sep 2015 Maya Martin
Its sad really
Because the only reason I haven't killed myself yet
Is because I don't want to hurt anyone
But the reason I want to **** myself is because everyone is hurting me

— The End —