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 Apr 2019 Nayana Nair
you left me

don't you dare get after me
because i'm doing what i please
with whom i please

i am not yours anymore
don't act like i am


after you gave me up
go awaaaaay im so over it *******
 Apr 2019 Nayana Nair
apple blossoms float
through the air like pixies
the sun shimmers on her skin
like a precious metal
each freckle dotting her cheek and nose
like a new penny

water swirling in the creek
crystal clear cold
burbling merrily
through the stones
and leaves

her smile blinking in the sun
his hand
warm and tan cupped around hers
pressing his lips to her wrist
 Apr 2019 Nayana Nair
i have done so much to cause pain
i don't deserve your love
but tonight we are young
and we deserve forgiveness
People leave you out in the cold and get mad when you learn how to get warm by yourself.
I have no purpose any more.
I’m a painter who’s gone blind
And a singer who’s gone deaf.
There is no call for what I sell.

I still daub colors on a board
To smell the Linseed Oil again
I hear the music in my head
And mouth the words in silence.

There is no surgery or cure,
What’s gone is lost forever.
And I must find a way to live
In silent darkness, if I can.
Retirement will never be for me.  Even a short break is painful.
Tear stained pages
Tear stained pillows
The legacy of my love for you.
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