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Braden Sep 2020
i am in need of comfort and utter care
i carry this world on shoulders that cannot bare
any more

i weep no longer
no more hope for sovereign
a moshpit in my head
i cant even go to bed

i dont want to die
but i dont want to live

a deafening screech fills the void
my soul in torment and you arent help
i think they forgot about me
im alone

ill drop this world and pray for mercy
my shoulders give up, i failed. im sorry
Braden Feb 2020
My familia crossed so long ago
with wet backs and nothing to show
no good clothes, no shoe soles
hidden in dark, voided of souls
degraded for searching for better
belittled for trying to eat
insulted for wanting to live

I have no more patience for intolerance
i will shed no more tears
i will have no more fear
i'd rather be shot dead
then stay here instead
Braden Feb 2020
you're the bane
that drives me insane

the constant crashing
the harsh thrashing
the screams and cries
the truths and lies
the life and death

don't waste your breath
i won't rest until im dead
because it's all in my head
Braden May 2019
when the world starts to burn
then maybe we shall learn
that we destroy ourselves
and everything that compels
us to live and laugh
Braden Apr 2019
i have done so much to cause pain
i don't deserve your love
but tonight we are young
and we deserve forgiveness
Braden Apr 2019
please forgive me.
i'm sorry for all things
you said i did
that i know i didn't

please don't hurt me again
i'm sorry i locked my heart
away in a safe
for safe keeping
from you

you have lied but i forgive you
after all, i always said forever
and your abuse ensured
that i was too weak to leave

but always i have you
at least your kisses make
it all okay that you hit me

or does it?
of course it does, you cry
and apologize every time
and say never again
until your angry again

please don't hurt me
**** abusive relationships have destroyed me mentally and emotionally (sometimes physically)
Braden Apr 2019
to **** a god first you must
find and bite the golden apple
then you will certainly lust
for knowledge above the chapel

then hold your humility
and cry out with all your will
the sky will open inevitably
all the ocean will become still

then it's a day of reckoning
and someone will win
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