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I’m finding it very easy to keep up with this.
I didn’t know it would be this helpful!
I know yesterday was a good day, but still.
I’m just feeling like this is very simple.
I know what to do, and when to do it.
I really feel like I’m waking up after quiet time.
I guess thirty-five minutes of rest is really good!
I also like coming out here, just to sit for a while.
I feel like I’m doing what I really want to do!
I just can’t believe how quickly I’m used to it.
I think this was a really great idea to have.
I love this daily routine thing, to be honest.
I also like doing this check in thing each day.
I don’t know what else to say anymore.
I guess I’ll leave it at that for today.
I’ll be back tomorrow, bye!
Making progress, and feeling good about it!
I couldn’t do day two, because it was raining.
I couldn’t come out here to my spot, I’m sorry.
I’m out here now, though, and I like that a lot.
This routine is going very well for me, honestly!
I’m very impressed with how well I’m doing.
I think this daily routine is really for the best.
I like being awake, and having a routine!
I’m listening to Kara, a KPop group, right now.
I like listening to music when sitting at my spot.
I enjoy getting this time to myself, to relax.
This daily routine is letting me get back into it.
I’m getting back into doing this I like again.
I’m studying Korean & Japanese again, finally!
I like getting to do this every day, it’s very nice.
I will stick to this, until I get the routine down.
And then, I will be a lot more flexible with it.
If I have to miss a few days, or change stuff.
When I have to do that, it will be okay.
For now, getting used to my routine is good.
I need to do that now, before I do anything else.
I love this so much!
As long as, weather’s good, I’ll be back.
Hopefully, Day 4 will be good, also!
Talk to you tomorrow, bye!
This is really helpful to do, honestly! Thanks for reading this, if you do. I’ll talk again tomorrow. Goodnight!
I’m doing this to keep track of every day.
Each day I come out here, by 3:50PM, is good.
That means I am sticking to my daily routine.
I want to make sure that I have something to do.
Something that lets me know I’m doing good.
So far, Day 1 is going well, with few bumps.
I think this was a very good plan, honestly.
I’m even planning on modifying the plan.
Not with what I do, but how I keep track.
Hello Poetry, lets me know I’ve done my walk.
In my room, I have every day written down.
It’s kept on my wall with tape, but not strong.
The tape keeps wanting to come off.
I hope to get an erase board within the week.
Well, that’s all I really have to say for today.
I can report that I’m still not tired, I like that!
Being awake all day long is amazing, really!
Okay, I’m gonna go, but I’ll be back tomorrow.
Whoever reads these things, I don’t expect it, so if you do, thanks! I’m doing this for me, but if it helps anyone else, that’s awesome, too.
I didn’t think I would get to say this so soon.
I was ready to start getting my life back.
I was gonna slowly start doing stuff each week.
I was gonna start going back to my routines.
I didn’t know last week’s therapy would help.
I didn’t know it would solve this riddle of mine.
I found out what had caused me to be so tired.
I thought it was due to some physical thing.
I thought I would need more tests to be done.
I was gonna ask my doctor to do more tests.
I even said this to my therapist last Thursday.
I said this a few minutes before I got an answer.
I need to switch up these sentences to say this.
What I learned was something I didn’t expect.
The topic had switched to something different.
It has to do with something I haven’t said here.
I’ll make a different post about that a bit later.
For now, I’ll just say that this other thing, is it.
It’s the reason for my constant exhaustion.
Since we found out, I haven’t been tired!
I’ve been able to stay fully awake and alert!
My voice went back to its usual sound.
I spent the last week being cautious, to be sure.
But nothing has changed, and I can’t believe it!
I’m finally free from the exhaustion that had me!
This feels so amazing, and I love it so much!
I just felt the need to write this, as I sat at here.
I’m sitting at one of my outdoor spots today.
I’ll explain what happened in a later post.
For now, just know I intend on coming back.
And, when it comes to the tiredness, I won!
It feels so good to be able to write this! I talk again later. Bye!
I hate having to constantly do this, but I have no other choice.
There are things I need to get done, and this is the only way for me to do them.
I’m very serious about my Japanese, my WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Live Reactions, etc.
The etc. is for the reviews on do my Tumblr  before and after WWE Pay Per Views.
Right now, I’m rewatching the latest Pay Per View, so I can get my Tumblr review done.
I’m literally watching it again at a cubby, and writing down everything, to type it later.
You know, type it once I’m done writing everything down.
I’m doing this, because if I type it up while watching at home, I’ll get distracted.
This is just the easiest way for me to do it.
However, that’s taking more time than I thought.
Also, I need to have this done by next Thursday, so I can get my pre WWE Evolution post up.
And tomorrow, I’m going to WWE Live Show in Portland, so I can come here again.
Also, I’m going to work on my Japanese in my room on Sunday, so I’ll have to stop till Monday.
That means, until I get this done, I have to limit what I do w/ my online time here at the library.
So, I have to save some time to go upstairs and practice my Japanese, as that’s important to me.
I’m set on learning this language, and I’m getting good at recognizing different characters.
However, that means I have to stop going on here until I’m done.
I know, many people don’t even read my posts that I do on here, but maybe one person does.
Anyway, I mainly do this for me, because I love to write, and get my thoughts out.
I just can’t do that, at least, not until WWE Evolution is done.
So, I won’t be back on for 20 minutes on Monday.
I probably won’t be back on here until week after next, probably.
However, I’ll have plenty of thoughts in my head when I get back, and I’ll write them all.
Also, I’m writing this on my phone, because someone was using the 20 minute guest one.
So, until I can get back on here.
I’ll see you later, bye!
If even one person likes my posts, thank you. I’ll be back in a couple weeks. Bye!
On Saturday October 20th, there's a WWE Live Show in Portland, and I can't wait to go and see it.
There are some many things I'm excited about for Saturday, but due to the internet on this guest computer being slow, I have to hurry.
The normal 20 minutes has turned into 11 minutes as of now, so I need to get these thoughts out a bit more quickly than usually.
Alright, let me start with this is the second WWE Live Show I've been two in the last year.
The last one I went to, was only in July, only two and a half or so months ago.
And that show was so much fun, that my PaPou K said for me to tell him when WWE came back to Maine, and I did.
I didn't think we would be able to go to this show, as we were still living in the condo, and were waiting for our mobile home to come.
However, my Mom told me to come downstairs a couple mornings later, and I had no idea what she wanted.
She told me something about my money, and I didn't really care, because I thought the money was gonna go to our mobile home.
She asked me if I wanted to know the reason, and I said sure, then she told me the news.
PaPou K had bought us two front row seats to the show!
I talked to him about it later, and he said he got us seats 1 and 2 in the aisle!
As soon as, Mom told me this, I knew that meant I was gonna be able to touch hands with wrestlers, and see them up close.
The thought of doing this filled me with so much excitement.
I only have 5 more minutes, so I have to make this quick.
Let's fast forward to yesterday, when I found out more about this Saturday.
PaPou K had actually purchased the Walk The Aisle VIP Experience!
Now, I don't know exactly what this all means, though I've read the confirmation email.
Due to needing details and directions, I think I may be a little confused until Saturday, but I still can't wait.
I mean, the things this comes with!
I just don't really understand what the Walk The Aisle ringside photo Opportunity is, exactly.
All I know is after that, someone will direct PaPou K and I to our seats.
(PaPou is grandfather in Greek, by the way. And the K stands for our last name. Just in case, anyone got confused by that lol)
Alright, all I can say is I'm very excited, and I can't wait for Saturday to get here.
I gotta get off, and I'm sure I only got a minute or so left.
I just wanted to get this all out here, so I was able to think of other things.
I'm just estatic, and can't for to get there for 5:30 on Saturday afternoon.
Alright, I gotta go now.
I'll see you tomorrow, bye!
To anyone who reads this, again, thank you so much, if you did.
Alright, I know I said goodbye, but I'm waiting for my ride home.
So, while I wait, let me get another 20 minutes on the guest computer downstairs, so I can talk about something.
This time, let me talk about Smackdown 1000 for a little while.
I love Smackdown Live, and can say it's been doing better than Monday Night Raw lately, though, I still watch both.
I love Smackdown Live, and I still can't believe tonight is their 1000th episode.
There are so many people I'm hoping to see tonight.
There's a list on YouTube channels saying all the people who are gonna be on it, but I haven't watched it.
I only know of the few that were advertised on last week's Smackdown Live, and on Raw the last two weeks.
I refuse to watch the video, because I wanna be surprised.
Mainly, I hope The Rock and Edge come back for tonight.
I mean, they were both a huge part of Smackdown.
And I heard Smackdown got their name from The Rock, if that's true, then it would only make sense for him to be there.
I also just wanna see them because I miss them, especially Edge.
I never really loved Edge's character, but him as a person, the one we've seen the last four or five times he's come, I love.
I love seeing how much he loves it, and the promos he gives are usually so heartfelt, so I would love for him to come back.
I mean, I've loved The Rock since I was a kid, so I would love for him to be there.
I only have five more minutes, so I guess I have to wrap this up.
Let me just say those are two people who I don't know whether they'll be there or not, but I hope they are.
Alright, it's time for me to go.
I need to get food, then eat it in time for Smackdown 1000 at 8 tonight.
Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, bye!
I don't know if anyone will read this, probably only WWE fans will like this, if anyone, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm waiting for my ride to come so I can get KFC and go home, so I'm writing this while I wait, that's all.
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