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Aug 2020 · 166
s[weep] s[wept]
Danielle B Fire Aug 2020
s[weep] s[wept]

tears far more than gold
he wept for i felt unloved
as we walked
he walks with me
brought forth foreign love

u n c o n d i t i o n a l
he wrote agape
on the scarred skin
from rages brute blade

he said, "i worship you,"
as i inhaled

he is the rain
in the drought

his arms
the home the angels bring me to

eternally my muse
he is my ink
Danielle B Fire Aug 2020
dalit.       untouchable.              irrefutable
unstoppable.         undeniable.      immortal
unmistakable.          infinite.        unforgettable


once helpless        fallen heroes
can no longer be ignored
no longer cornered
the holy whole

even the king's bow
put in place
cannot deny what is the essence of you

healing broken spirits
suffering shattered
fusing failures
mending misfortune
vengeance vanquished
simple twist of fate
fickle change of fate's course

unexpected miracles
r e a r r a n g e m e n t
contagious mutations
of once hopeless despair

language of anguish muted

faint soft sighs
deepest gratitude praising towards
Aug 2020 · 92
seaside monologues
Danielle B Fire Aug 2020
I'm talking to myself again
Pacing enthusiastically,
Flooding frustration

Take my warmth and
Shoes once more
Trying to take my
Soul with them

I'm talking to myself again
Eyes burning,
Barefooted again

The city pulls just like the tides
It listens as I find myself
Treading on its grounds

Castles on the other side
Infinite fish bowl on mine

I'm talking to the fish again
Explaining death but
Intending to save them
crossed outI didn't*

The ocean breathes shallow, heavy
The Moon plays her disappearing act again
I'm talking to them both again
They whisper and they sing
Aug 2020 · 41
Danielle B Fire Aug 2020
silence in heaven
stillness; struck

revere the majesty
spirit's truth speaks
to the meek
                                 their inheritance

vindication established
the substances nourish
sincere desires for redemption
gifts received
upon maturity

heard word
meaning beeming
promised purpose
there you are
Aug 2020 · 196
Danielle B Fire Aug 2020
black birds songs long when midnight meets two zeros
freedom’s hard to feel in cages, unsung heros
from the distance, a free bird listens

left to lose,
tied, denied dreams
black bird cursèd
broken wings

and broken feet
with a broken voice sings

sings of freedom

new dawn
new song
canticum novum
flight might come soon
i wrote this on a beach in san francisco, impulsive urge to go, caught a ride with a stranger. was a mess, crying, reading 'i know why the caged bird sings' by maya angelou.

— The End —