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Millie Conway May 2015
I dream about nothing but lying naked on the beach, feeling nothing but the heat from the sun

and your eyes
Millie Conway May 2015
i know that you saying i'm the only reason you're still alive is meant as some sort of compliment or whatever but holy **** that just broke my heart

because i can't even carry myself, let alone you
Millie Conway Aug 2014
i don't love my job
i don't love my studies
i don't love my town
i don't love my relationships
i don't love myself

i am so ******* done with not feeling love
all i feel is sad
heart cripplingly sad

i don't want to feel nothing any more
Millie Conway Jun 2014
The sea couldn't drown you from my thoughts
Fire couldn't burn the taste of your tongue from mine
Darkness couldn't black out the pain you caused
A knife couldn't bleed you out of my veins
Alcohol couldn't make me forget

Millie Conway Jun 2014
i told you about the demons i've told no other about
and you were there
stroking my scars and kissing my thoughts
you were there with wine when i told you my worst memories
you were there

and where the **** are you now
or who are you ******* now

telling her what you told me
it will all be okay
i will always be there for you
we have eachother

your blood is nothing but cheap beer and *******

i ******* hate you
and i ******* miss you

why aren't you here?
Millie Conway Jun 2014
i pray you don’t repeat as everyone else has done before

and throw me away like the **** of your cigarette
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