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Megan Jane Dec 2014
Don't turn back now
We're too far in
In what feels like sin
Temptations were too strong
And I could not say no
So here we are
Promise me
You'll take it slow
And all I hear is your heart
Beating faster
I wonder how long
I can make this last for
I'm out of breath
And I can't seem
To find the air
The way you use me
So easily
Just doesn't seem fair
And at the end of the day
I don't seem to care
  Nov 2014 Megan Jane
Why taunt me when I'm happy
Why remind me when I forget
Why touch me when I feel content
Why torture me when I'm strong
Why should I even try to hide from you torturous grip
Holding me against my will and suffocating me with my thoughts
Why even run
Take me to the depths of despair
  Nov 2014 Megan Jane
Dreams take me away
At night and day  
Drive my mind to forget
All that I regret
Free from strain
Free from my brain
Dreams take my away  
But don't make me stay
Megan Jane Oct 2014
Love don't mean **** if you just give it away
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