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Mansi Mar 2018
Have you seen
those souls
enveloped in grief,
enclosed in shells
of humans
just as poor?
Sitting by the road
for alms -
more than that
for compassion
and love.
When they spread
their feeble hands
in front of you,
just look
their eyes.
You will see
all the pain
the neglect
and torture
that they have been going through.
Your heart will melt
with pity.
Even in extremities,
they come up to us
asking for
to continue
their struggle
in those hard times.
They hope that
the one they approach
will hear their soul's cry
and be kind enough
to give them a reason to smile.
We we act indifferent
or turn them down
they just shatter inside
oh! these souls
so disturbed
and traumatized -
but knowing
the harsh world around,
they gather
whatever hope is left in them
and begin
their search again
for a generous soul.
India has over 400,000 beggars. Moved their plight and suffering, I wrote this poem.
Mansi Mar 2018
I wish to lean close
And say in a beautiful prose
Those three magical words
Presented with emotional chords.

"I am sorry."
This piece of writing is for all of them
Whose sentiments I have hurt
By talking in a manner very curt.
Mansi Mar 2018
Dark, lonely
Consuming, depressing, disconnecting
Erases all the joy
Mansi Mar 2018
Circular, bright
Scintillating, rotating, revolving
Around the Earth
A cinquain on the only satellite of the Earth.
Mansi Mar 2018
Cool, peaceful
Healing, refreshing, motivating
Describes me the best
A cinquain on my favourite colour.
Mansi Mar 2018
The day so special has come,
We shared so much laughter
Ne'er let the other be glum.

Today, let me say something
And let you hear me out.

Finding a friend is an easy task to do,
But really difficult to find one like you.

You hold the power to make the whole world happy,
You make sure that no one remains unhappy.

Lovely your drawings are,
Beautiful, like the sky's star.

Your creativity is so awesome,
It cannot be mimicked by anyone.

Your voice is so sweet,
It's a nightingale's tweet.

So expressive are your eyes,
They cannot hide any lies.

So gracefully you dance,
You don't leave any chance.

Amazing you are,
In whatever you do,
Rhyming words I never find,
But I found Cinderella's lost shoe.

No matter if anyone thinks otherwise,
To me, you are the greatest friend alive.

You can see me right through,
It's impossible to hide anything from you.

When you fall into the dark,
I shall be the light,
To make sure you become a happy lark.

Physically we might separate,
But from within, we shan't separate.

As we move on, it all changes.
A world we could never imagine,
Has come to face us.
We laughed it off before,
Thinking the time would never come.
Well now it has.

The page has now turned.

This is where the chapter ends
And a new one begins.

I will follow you to the darkest depths
And if you decide to come to the light,
I'll still be there.

All the happy memories that we shared,
As we pass by another year,
I shall never forget.

It will never change,
Even when we're old
And withered
And outlive the rest.
I will  remember you.

I will always be your best friend.
Promise me you won't do anything
that might bring it to an end.

To end let me say,

Roses are red
And violets are blue,
It's hard to find a friend like you.

Thanks for being a friend so great,
Well I forgot, we ought to celebrate.
Mansi Mar 2018
Life is a garden of colours
Joy and sorrow are its flowers
Anger is like a thorn
In the field of life's golden corn
Peace should reside in life's bowers.
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