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We're misrepresented
(We male Caucasians),
Who don't indulge
In bigotry.
Poor "Us."
 Jan 2018 martin challis
I feel like river water.
And I don’t belong to stagnancy,
yet I’m caught in a lake.


I’m destined
to move silt and sediment.
And overturn
submerged pebbles
so they won’t see
the green of moss.

I’m meant to surge
and eat into banks
so I could be split -
to make more of me...

My reach would extend
far and wide -
like scraggly fingers
grabbing at the
face of the earth.

My energy channelling
through careless forks
and into slimmer branches.


My soul is river water....
And my heart renounces
the throne to idleness.

Yet I am,
but a lake.
 Jan 2018 martin challis
For both East and West
I-Am is the universal experience..
I-Am is the white screen
around these words..and
that out of which the words
are made..
I-Am is the space imagined
around each thought and
perception on this Saturday
I-Am is the perennial space
around all science..all religion..
Yet I-Am is overlooked and
hides entangled in our
objective attention..
So..we need extract and then
return I-Am to these words
and to those multiplicities
of our rapt attention
on this Saturday morning...
 Jan 2018 martin challis
Come as the silence of night,
to soothe waylaid hearts.

Let them hear...
The rhythm of
their own pounding.

Cradle them...
And carry them
through every deep breath...
And every heavy sigh.

Assure them that the lull
between such forlorn beats
will never be prolonged
as long as there is a want,
and need
to hear and feel the next.
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