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mars Mar 2018
"The world couldnt handle her. What makes you think that you?"

"Trapped in the stars and an ocean of blue."

"She calls, she calls, she calls out to you!"

"Hurt, in pain. Mentally that is."

"She sees the end button, yet she fears to press it."

"She wants to be free, and this is only way she knows how."

"Somebody, somebody please stop her" now!

"She's gone"
"She's gone"

"Oh, she's too far gone."
"Her life she threw away."

"Some might say.."

"But truly now she feels free."

"Because now.."

"She's finally with the Stars and the Moon."

"Now finally at peace..."
"she sees the end button, yet she fears to press it."
mars Mar 2018
"Lost in a world that doesn't exist."
"I ball my hands into a mighty fist."
"A fight for existence. A fight for mattering."
"In this battle, bruises and tattering."
"My heart has a goal."
"And its the only one it has."
"I want to live life!"
"And exist, to exist."
"To run away from the past, and exist to exist!"
running away from your past isnt a very smart thing to do but i do it on a daily basis so i cant really talk
mars Mar 2018
"Plastic world"

"Plastic life"
"Plastic world"
"Plastic boy"
"Plastic girl"
"Plastic surrounds me"
"It makes me feel fake"
"I mean, everyone is artificial for goodness sake!"
"There bodies aren't natural"
"So isn't their minds"
"They live life in this plastic world"
"Yet I'm slowly falling behind"
"Behind the curtains they put on their plastic faces"
"And spend another day in this plastic life"
"Everything and one oh so fake"
"Its as if nothing really exists at all"
"Maybe its the plastic society we live in"
"Its sad we as humans have come to this"
"To where everything is plastic"
"Everything is fake"
"Nothing is real"
Nothing truly exists
ouuuu oh so dramatic arent i?
mars Mar 2018
"Violence is the beat of her soul,"
"Her lips redder than the blood of a cut."
"Her eyes had no shine, unlike the stars in the sky.."
"She was losing her red color."
"Her cheeks no longer a bright crimson red."
"Her hand cold, so was the rest of her body."
"The girl laid there"."
"Looking into nothing."
aaaa this one is kinda bad
mars Mar 2018
"She didn't care about what they said"
"Her eyes sparkled as she laid in bed."
"Her heart wasn't hurt by their words"
"Her heart wasn't hurt by their actions"
"Her eyes remained dry."
"Her heart didn't let her cry."
"Her soul didn't let her die"
"She had grown numb to it"
"Numb to people"
"Numb to the words"
"Numb to the world."
"Unwatered eye's"
this one is mostly abt me, though its not very true since im a huge crybaby. im pretty sure that all of my poems are about me in some way, shape, or form.
mars Mar 2018
In her ultimate for as a human being.
Her skin unclothed.
The soft wind passing against it.
Her body shivered.
She awoke.
Her mind dull.
Have you ever seen a mind of only black and white?
She inhaled.
Air flowing through her nostrils.
She exhaled.
Air passing back out.
She looked around.
She felt simply human
i really like this one, for me it seems to tell a story about a lost girl whose alone in this beautiful place, though i dont exactly know where lol. but she isnt scared shes just there, know?
mars Mar 2018
How can you not feel alive?
It seems as though i feel that way all the time.
Not Dead inside. Far from dead inside.
More Hazy or ignorantly blind.
Feeling as if you don't exist, and not many people seem to mind.
But maybe because these are the feelings i hide.
Yes, these are the feelings i hide.
uhhhive just started writing poems again so go easy please! id really like only constructive criticism

— The End —