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Kaya Perron Nov 2018
I once was a girl with no hope to find a boy who loved me. I felt that no love was real and that being cared for and affection were just fake. With you in my life, you have showed me that a boy who loves a girl is real. You are the boy I love and who gives love and pronounces to me that I am cared for. You’re the love that overcomes me with joy and hope. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for laughing and for letting me be me.
  Apr 2018 Kaya Perron
Hayley Neininger
Feminism is not a bad word
It is more than four words
If you are a woman if you are a man
If you believe that gender equality
Is important, if you stand by your mother
When she shouts, “I am equal!”
Then you are a feminist.
And I’m tired, I’m tired and I’m frustrated
That the patriarchal society we live in
Would rather demonize equality
Rather than let it stand tall as the statue
It deserves to be.
All it means
Is you believe that women and men are equal
That they deserve to be treated both fairly and just
And I trust-
That the only image of a feminist in your mind
Is one that hates men, that burns bras, that simply get in the way.
And sure there might be a few of those, yes
But I would like to ask you
Since when did one represent the whole?
Since when were all white Christian men
Devalued, dehumanized because of Jeffery Dahmer?
If I were to follow your logic
If we were all to follow your logic
We’d have to lock up every single one of you
All because a few of your fellow men
Perverted an ideal that at the heart of it was good
And please be good
To your feminists please know that it is not a movement
To strip people of rights but to grant rights to those who have been denied
Feminism isn’t a bad word
It’s a word that holds an ideal
That genetics that genitalia do not dictate
Whether or not a human being is held to the
American standard of equality.
bit of a rant
Kaya Perron Apr 2018
Everything is red and nothing else-
relationships,thoughts and actions-
nothing else-
violence, harm, hope, will-
day, after day, after day, after day-
for 1 week, 12 times a year-
emotionally canceled, I can’t-
everything is red and nothing else
Kaya Perron Apr 2018
Sunflowers in the open,
eating the sunshine,
throwing color to the land,
making the world appeasing.

Trees training to reach tremendous heights,
growing leaves and branches,
splashing in the sunshine,
like Jon on a Sunday morning.

Bird-of-paradise, in paradise, walking,
walking through the clouds,
inhaling  the sunshine,
Minding its own business.
  Apr 2018 Kaya Perron
Another day, I see you aching
I see tears running down your face
Your tired eyes show what you’re thinking
But mouth is shut, no word to take
One pain is replaced by another
I see what it made to your body
There were some better days away
From this place, do you care to say?

We’re close, but barely close enough
To share your struggles with myself
The one thing that is on your mind
Something you would avoid each time
We talk, I can’t stop wonder why

I have a habit of not pushing
People too hard to talk about
Whatever bothers them on lonely
And hopeless day, I just wait up
My help is there if you would need it
I’ll hear you out and let you cry
I’ll do my best to make you feel like
The storm has passed and sun is out

It takes time to trust other people
To open fragile heart to them
Don’t push yourself until you’re ready
Until you’re sure I am the right one
Real friendship doesn’t know no distance
No time can break the special bond
It might take time for you to trust me
Later it’ll only make us strong

— The End —