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4.9k · Mar 2017
Ann & Nan
Snapshot memories of are past
having so much fun with the hope that it would last
To my best friend Nan,
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love

To the truest friend I ever had
those memories by the stonewall
Started playing together as friends
She had blue eyes & long blonde hair

I had brown eyes and brown hair
roller skating on the sidewalk with the attached rollers with a key
Went down by the brook to catch poly wags
we both went to the same school

Having sleep overs was a blast
a secret passage to get to her father's soda shop
Taking ice cream and delicious candy
everything nice and dandy with Nancy

Yours was are youth to be captured with a precious smile
Cape cod trips when Nan would drive
going to a trip to Provincetown
watching the folks dive for money

Big ships coming to dock
the men would get the money in their mouths
The island we used to go
in a row boat along the beach

Looking for young boys and we found them
went to dances at the Bristol Boys Club
Doing the latest dance craze the Huck Buck
Boys wearing pegged pants and girls wore skirts

To cherish those lasting memories of a time ago
getting married
Nan had three children
Ann had six

To raise and cherish the family united in love
Today we are in are eighties
both with medical issues
Yet remained best friend's after all these years
1.7k · Mar 2017
Thank You Jesus
Dear Jesus, thank you for
bringing me back to your fold
Thank you for your mercy and your love untold
I felt so lonely, and far, far away;

I didn't know how I would make it day to day
My hopes and my dreams had actually disappeared,
But then you healed my heart and my soul cheered
Deep down I knew that you would never, ever leave me,

Because you promised to be with me and accept me gladly
It was like a veil lifted from my face
It was like my depression had left no trace
My soul felt light and free as the wind

As free as if there had been no sin

I felt your presence ever near my heart
Even though I didn't acknowledge it from the start
I heard a small, still voice sweetly saying
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start praying,

Help me Jesus to have
unswerving faith and love
Help me to realize that my help comes from above
Help me to be willing, strong, faithful & true

Help me give you the glory, in everything I do
Help me to be a living witness of your power & grace
Help me Jesus to finally win this seemingly impossible race
Help me to always lean on your firm and loving breast

Help me to trust you when I'm put to the test
Thanks, precious Jesus for opening your arms
Thanks, precious Jesus for tagging along
Thanks Jesus for fulfilling my wildest hopes & dreams

Thanks for letting me feel your most merciful, holy beams
You are truly the most wonderful, loving friend
Whatever Happened to Ethical Morality?
Mario William Vitale

As a Catholic, it bothers me to see. An ever increasing judgmental spirit among parishoners. We have become lax toward the sacraments & scriptures. Instead, we have imposed a new breed of highly sophisticated intellectuals who know it all. Yet who are they fooling? By reading the scriptures, not God? For God is not some man that he should lie. Nor the son of man that he should change his mind.

Further, we have endorsed abortion on demand. Do we think it nothing to **** the unborn in their mother’s womb all for the sake of convenience? No one questions anymore & no one has a voice until now. Am I that voice crying out in the wilderness? As long as God hears that’s quite all right with me.

What happened to ethical morality? We have embraced a culture of death. Relied on war zones we call schools. We elect politicians that embrace death in their mothers womb. Sadly, this is the current state that we are facing as a nation. It’s time to stand up and be heard before it’s too late!
What Easter Really Means To Me

The pain that he had felt that day in the garden. Knowing full well that he had to go to the cross. As they spit in his face with blood gushing out his flesh yet he pressed on. Having stopped briefly for a good samaritan to go further to carry his cross.Jesus Christ died almost 2, 000 years ago. On the cross for all the world to see. What was his prayer what was his final plea ? Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. He said the prayer now the rest is up to you. Just imagine having to wear a crown of thorns upon your head ? Having large nails go through your skin into this bone with blood gushing out. Spear in his side. Those many lashes that he took upon him by the Roman guards. Still he endured the pain knowing full well he had to die to fulfill his great mission. By taking all of mankinds sins upon himself. Happy Easter Everyone & God Bless You (Poet Mario William Vitale).
961 · Jun 2017
Take It Easy
How long will it take for you to see
Life is just an illusion, it’s gonna pass eventually
The flesh is just a lie
Eventually you’re gonna die
But your soul will live on
Rejoice in this don’t mourn
God made you to die
It’s why you were born
Last night GOD spoke to me
Your pain will end soon, so brother don’t worry
This world will soon pass
None of this is gonna last
But the word of GOD will live on
From the dusk till the dawn, on, on and on
He said pity the living, not the dead
I replied back to him
I meant no disrespect and this is what I said
Imma hold my head high and do my part until the end

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

Sister and brothers on streets
Instead of helping them get on their feats
We’re worrying about ourselves
It’s an endless cycle
man’s just looking out for himself
It seems clear to me
That nobody is free
Rich, white, black or poor you’re all the same to me
Trapped in a prison ruled by money
Don’t you think it’s funny
Endless numbers and papers rules us
We’ll never be happy
It’s not a mystery
The world is falling apart
I want it to end already, when will it start
Until then I guess I’m going to do my part
So while you’re here just make this life easy

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
938 · Jun 2017
Fear You Cry
Fear you cry

Cry you fear

Are you the trick of fate

Or are you the fate of a trick

Why cry in fear

Is the secret written in black

Why in black

Am I the fear within you

Or are you within the fear

To say I fear

The fear in me

Or the secrets written in black

Ha, I cry

No, not I

You cry in fear

Fear you cry

The age of time has placed a trick

And the trick placed fate in the age

Ah, but fear you cry

Cry, you fear

That a heart that loves is loved, you loved

And the fear is love only to love

So weep for fear

Fear, you weep

For the secret was written in black

Why in black

Do you not hear

Again I ask

The age of time

Is a age a trick

Or the trick a fate

For I fear not

No, not I

No secrets in black nor age of time

No trick of fate-for love is mine

So love has loved

So fear not I

no, not I

To cry for fear

Nor fear to cry

For the secret written in black

Is covered with a shield of love

and in a shield of time

So heart do not weep

For fear I see

No, not I

I see no fear

Nor do I know no fear

That I should fear in black

So again I ask

Why in black

Why in black

Fear you cry

No, not you

No, not I

We know no fears

That hides in black

So, save your fears and save your tears

For I lived with fear before

Not for its age, nor for its time

Nor for its trick of fate

but for the love I have, this I fear

Love, I cry, love, oh heart

Fear never secrets written in black

Love will win over all fears

For the trick of fate is in the age of time

And I have loved and love have loved

And the heart is always mine

To send you love ya as before

To send you love ya as before
847 · Jul 2017
Death, thou was once an uncouth hideous thing,
Nothing but bones,
The sad effect of sadder grones,
Thy mouth was open, but thou could not sing

For we considered thee as at some six
Or ten years hence,
After the loss of life and sense,
Flesh being turned to dust, and bones to sticks

We looked on this side of thee, shooting short;
Where we did find
The shells of fledge souls left behind
Dry dust, which sheds no tears, but may extort

But since our saviors death did put some blood
Into thy face;
Thou art grown fair and full of grace,
Much in request, much sought for as a good

For we do now behold thee gay and glad,
As at dooms day;
When souls shall wear their new array,
And all thy bones with beauty shall be clad

Therefore we can go die as sleep, and trust
Half that we have
Unto an honest faithful grave;
Making our pillows either down, or dust.
833 · May 2017
My Little Fur Ball Friend
My Little Fur Ball Friend

I'm official a published poet through publisher Thaddeus Hutyra for the poetry universe.
With the Adventures of Poe the Cat (Fairy Tales of cats for children).
Pg. 148 (My Little Fur Ball Friend ) :

Come hear a tale of love & joy
A brook near my home where water flows
Filled with field mice drifting as in a maze
Mommy & Daddy were by the swing set smiling
The day was filled with joy all around

Through the window sat my cat named Harriet
Her eyes were bright and hair full of fur
Nestled beneath her claws was a tiny little toy
A squeaky sound that would be all around

My little fur ball friend would follow the brook
Outside she would hide beneath the front porch
Flocks of geese would fly overhead
The crows would pick the worms off the ground

A beautiful day very cozy & warm
My heart raised as the cat would often scream
Wanting a treat from mommy
cause daddy would often be on the swing

A tall drink of water as the cat would wander
searching for food & things
A thoughtful day of love from my fur ball friend
For she is a rainbow high above the sky

as we sing a sweet tune of peace
this is my first published poem in a book
your poem throws me right into a nostalgia for it. The title of the poem alone captivates the reader and by the time one reaches the end of your beautiful verse, one feels the prairie in one's pocket. Simple down-to-earth images of "turkey", "rusty plumes" and "that other earth" in the poet's mind are not only powerful, but add a sense of humor, including that of carrying the earth in your pocket, which is part of your mindset. In fact, the poem does not only seed the earth inside the poet's mind, but, indeed, in the minds of his readership. Which is what a great poem does. The poet's exceptional craftsman is attributable to the subtlety, simplicity and imagery which make the verse flow and speak for itself :

today I exist through a heros twist paid fully to resist
inside of me grips the portion of sullen apathy...

Cuba is getting a bit colder after Castro took over
the in tuned harmony to its hidden beast reality

shelter through the leaves
taking over as you please

each haunted day we beg to borrow the need to pray...
fashionable Michelle Obama

silent through a fixture plain from deep enough to take over inside
conjunction junction what's your function

bargain basement blues
the set of Huey Lewis & The News,
a bunch of sprinkled dust scattered through the wind
late night bid in cell block 9 in prison,

those were the days getting caught in a purple haze
spot a high five to humbly keep your faith alive,
shadows break way from the frenzy within
765 · Mar 2017
Trojan Horse
A quest to find the chalice & mast
the squire had searched throughout the kingdom
A fare maiden was in waiting in her room
to cherish a red rose that was plucked a time before

A dragon with fire in his nostrils beneath the dungeon
inside he hides beside the swell
Blackened stench of death
a court jester dazzles with his baton

Tiny trolls were let loose on the vast kingdom's grounds
a fairy with crystals in there wings fly by
Hobbits come out of there houses
Today they will hear a message from the king

Through the darkness of the castle there he sits alone
The curtain drew back and then he stood
Children of the kingdom come hobbits and all
a Trojan horse will ride through the town

It is my pledge for all to see and be happy
silence came through the room and then
The king stated again, " A beacon of hope to a hurting world".
Then all would see the king ride the horse

Blessed be the time for joy
Blessed be far and low
Strength comes from up above
Love is the true essence of are existence

Then everyone was in a state of joy
734 · Mar 2017
Women's Empowerment
This is for the ladies who do nothing shady
live, laugh & cry
As time goes by a beckoning call
to relish in the memories of your past

Having so much fun with the hope that it would last
learning something new just waiting to be grasped
women's liberation heading across the nation
The roles that you have adapted to are your own

Searching to move ahead of the male dominate strain
not seeing you again is driving me insane
We have come this far not to turn back now
Free speech, abortion rights & love

From the beginning you had a plan
to try to stick it to the man
It is my hope you will understand
love is the essence of your existence

A cause to unite with the fight
voices with choices & employment
long lines in the sand
Your rights are deserved you shine bright

As a beacon of light to a hurting world in need
let us learn a lesson from those before us
something special, new & glorious
Light to torch that ignites the eternal flame before us

The sound of an amazing chorus
592 · Mar 2017
The Swan
shallow peaks mark the threshold
memories, visions & desire
a passion to become something
one has a desire for life

then the storms come
with what we do with are time today
will be reflected throughout all eternity
to soar as an eagle

look at the edge of a lake
to see the swan
dazzling in appearance
shaped by the fabric of nature's beckoning call

as life unfold when you are young
the not knowing where you belong
in time we confide in the power that be
some live in the land of make believe

what quest is what we are to achieve
to look at the swan with it's beautiful feathers
colors of visualization in the light
never relent to ever give p the fight in life

from birth to death we are headed in it's conquest
one must surely live to pass the test
laughs, light, love & sorrow
will there be hope for us have to wait until tomorrow

the swan sits gazing into the water
will gather it's senses & not falter
nature's beckoning call
to paint a picture of your life
Nature's beckoning call
577 · Mar 2017
Mental Illness & Depression
Many people get depressed around the winter time. Mental illness touches the hearts of many families. Being creative to have an outlet will take you to a heightened place. Suicide rate is at an all time high during this season. Yet we can shed the light of happiness to a real darkened existence. There is medical help you can seek where a professional can discuss your condition. People don't try to hide it under the false way of compromise. We must be ever more vigilant to overcome it's condition. Artists from the likes of Vincent Van Gogh went as far as cutting off his ear. Kurt Cobain took his own life with the battle soaring from within. Friends you are very important to both God and man. Don't ever take your own life. There are people who care and love you. The road your own may seem an uphill climb but the sun will come out tomorrow. Cheer up people there are better days ahead of you. You ain't seen nothing yet !
567 · Mar 2017
The Death Of Compassion
An old man lies in the street
Cold frozen blood tinged grit
Streaking down his ancient
terror stricken face

Eyes blurred by warm red once
blink frantically
As a shaking hand gropes blindly
in the sooty black slush

Clutching his chest
his legs thrash wildly
Slipping then stilled
by fruitless attempts to survive

An old man lies in the street
Traffic detouring
around his cold and lifeless body
and no one cares
557 · Mar 2017
You watch as I rot inside my cage
getting lost in a purple haze
Like a mouse stuck in it's maze
wake up late to one of those days

Let's look deep inside
we have nothing to hide
Sidewalks filled with heads
the sought corruption of the walking dead

pillars, columns & staircases
We leave a lasting trace
spread out upon are Peyton Place
You must walk in the almighty's ways

creatures, features & moonlight dealers
Blood soaked skin on their brow
lines formed in their face
Viscous long hanging fangs that bite

Creatures of the night
fallen demonic members that surround
Sound the alarm
not for the faint in hearted

One must humbly bow the knee to pray
the atheist would insist it aught not be this way
Shadows break forth toward a bond of revolt
others seek vengeance and take you to court

Evil minds that plug destruction
torturing their brain washed minds
Satan laughing spreads his wings
a challenge to be free is a question of time
556 · Mar 2017
The Flesh Profits Nothing
To have a heart that is ******* in knots
when their are a dozen of pots
in your sink;
Can't even think
to dismiss this Earthly bliss
in a time well spent in thought.
Yet the Spirit brings life & peace.

A heart saturated with unconditional love
shall withstand the true test in time!
Words have an effect on people
so choose words of edification.
Smile 'cause it's contagious
so pass yours on.

We can each do our part in making this world a better place.
Love should be the true essence of our existence.
Become a beacon of light
to a hurting world in need.
Love your neighbor
spread words of peace and togetherness.

Each of us has a responsibility in this life.
Our life will soon be passed
only what's done for truth will last.
What we do with our time today
will become evident through eternity.
545 · Mar 2017
Butch Malone
Butch Malone walked tall that day when he arose from his rest. Outside pillars having climbed the long whinding duration of each moment he awoke. Various scenes flashed by his brain in remembrances alone again in a pitch darkened room.
Where tables having overturned to seal his doom. For Butch Malone was fit to be told. Many today viewed wanting to run away hide yet to where? Through both space and time there were various questions lingering inside his fragile egg shelled appearance. Many years have passed having every reason to grasp the question of his existence. A chase after ice to seal his doom. Still searching for an answer for the questions that lay on his heart. A neighbor friend would be right by his side to depend. Something was stirring inside when no one would want to date his cause of having cobwebs in his attic. A poor lost soul living in some fish bowl year after year. Chasing sweet dreams through a pipeline built in formation. Perhaps Butch was in need of a break on some long away vacation? With a tender voice that was thhe day Butch stubbed his big toe. There was again silence again stirring in the wind.
Through night following day he took time to bow the knee to pray by giving thanks to the one we have to do. Still it is what it is. Later Butch sold his life story at outdoor auction to benefit the press releases that would profit his name. In time even through the night following the day he took offense. Where as his neighbors disapproved stating, "Life doesn't need to be lived out that way"? His heart was moved with compassion where as later it was fixed on his realization to live out his dreams. In snap shot memory's of his past having so much fun with the hope that it would always last.
535 · Aug 2017
Grasping For Straws
you have many personalities inside your head
face full of lead but I'm still not dead
I need love I need you I
I am no more than a blade of grass
no more than a shell
cast out of the sea
no more
than a bird
in migrant flight
nor am I less
than a star whose light
penetrates infinity

yet last night
When a half spent moon
Lay on the ***** of heaven
And day's heat pressed down
The sides of mountain peaks
To squeeze the desert floor,
And all the world was weariness
Which the stars wept to see,
A desert songster
Insolently free, joyously
Lifted melody
To the moon, and teasing a breeze
Into cooling the night
And drifting the yucca's perfume
Bringing heart's ease to me
522 · May 2017
Sunbeams & Rainbows
Sunbeams & Rainbows

God's love is like a sunbeam shining down on me
The joy of my salvation is fresh, as fresh can be
This new love is overwhelming, I rejoice in it each day
Close beside my Savior is where I want to stay

I want to be a sunbeam, reflecting this great love
So others will see Jesus, caring from above
But as my journey moves along
dark clouds come over my way

Temptations, trials and troubles mar the sunny day
I feel lost and unprotected; alone, so weak, afraid
And then I see the rainbow,
visual promise God has made

Learn of me for I will keep you
as your days are long
I will never leave, forsake you
Take courage & be strong
517 · Mar 2017
Drowning In Silence
I am drowning in silence
no one wanting to hear what I have to say
No one asking to know how I spent my day
no laughter finds me

I find no joy to share,
my love is here but he doesn't choose to care
He would want things to be different,
but he doesn't know how

To ease the pain and not let my head in sorrow bow
a life almost totally gone by and people still make me cry
Do they mean to be cruel
I used to deny

But now, I know they do and I wish I could die
I once called "Suicide Hotline" to find a friend
they wait by the phone so your life won't end
I have things to be thankful for, oh, this I don't deny

But the hunger for laughter
makes my soul deeply sigh
I'm drowning in silence
This sad tale has been in movie plots for ages

Sadder for me because I'm locked between these pages
feeling sorry for myself
Who has a better right
wishing to cross from darkness to light

This may be the conclusion but it's not the end
I'm drowning in silence with a love not a friend
508 · May 2017
Games People Play
Games People Play

The games they play are so real to them
It's a shame dreams fade & go suddenly dim
No matter how long they try to pretend
Sooner or later it comes to an end

It doesn't seem to matter of ones religion or race
It's the same the world over, so hard to face
They just go on thinking there's more to be found
How do we make our youth aware of the truth

My wife doesn't love me, my husband is mean
They still believe the other side is green
Remembering parents unhappy & bored
There must be an answer if we search our minds

Maybe God figured it out and made it this way
So the greatest love he gave to us all
Is love for all mankind that never would stray.
507 · Jun 2017
A Raindrop
A Raindrop

A raindrop is a tear that falls when angels cry
Then it helps the trees and flowers to grow
The raindrops are falling all over the place
Cleaning the trees and helping the animals find their food

Most of all
It is fun to walk in the rain with your loved one
The angels may not be crying where you are
They could be crying somewhere else in the world

A raindrop is like a breath of fresh air
It's like when a little baby cries
The rain is made of water
That evaporates and forms cumulus clouds

When they come together
They burst and form the rain
We get it all over the world
The little raindrop
501 · Jun 2017
Lovers on the Beach
Lovers on the Beach

While overhead the seagulls hover,
and tiny sand ***** run for cover,
the ocean sounds its steady roar,
pounding against the snow white shore

A couple strolls hand in hand,
alone there on the crystal sand
Pausing on the secluded beach,
face to face they begin to reach

out to each other in a gentle embrace,
realizing this special place
is where time is spent to discover
true feelings for your only lover

As the sun sinks slowly into the sea,
there's no place they'd rather be
In later years this memory burns
as they long to return

to that beach and sun above
where they found true lasting love.
488 · May 2017
God's Good Outdoors
God's Good Outdoors

Just go out in God's outdoors,
And that awful pent up feeling
Gives way to one of freedom
And you lose that up tight tension

With that fresh air intervention,
It just changes you inside !
When you feel the breezes blowing,
When you see something a growing

And the traffic all a going
Hear the little birds a singing,
Gladness to your heart a bringing,
It's just good to be alive !
474 · Mar 2017
eyes, hair & smile
she ensues the ambiance of the moment
radiant shape

captivated by her aura and presence
her touch exquisite to behold
fragrance of a scent of love
always there to help you when you fall

shelter lies dormant unto it's beckoning flow
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need
can't help but come up with an explanation
ravished from her complexion on her skin

the tight sequence of her lips
wisdom to behold
when I look deep into her eyes
it is then I see a future

filled up with hope for a better tomorrow
she's all that I long for
all that I need
angelic foot steps to her door

the sweet caress oh her warm smile
to know all the great while
a sweet vision of a sparkling array of blissful care
flip flops, roses, chocolates & poetry
461 · Jul 2019
Search From Within
Search From Within

baskets of notice
cherry oak tree
take your lights to new heights
surface through the window
the memory to rest
458 · Oct 2017
Don't Give A Flying Fart
you get pulled over and have no seat belt on don't give a flying ****
you wake up late for school and you don't want to go
you ask your mom please but she still says no
miss two classes and no homework
teacher teaches class like your some kind of ****
can't even wink to dismiss this earthly bliss
when there's a dozen of pots in my sink
we dream of better days yet get lost in some purple haze
yet year after year we are as mice getting stuck in a maze
go to bathroom in your pants yet you hide it away in a secret place
don't give a flying **** about politics and the newest trend
we all must keep it in check lest I inspect a newer way of living
bask in the vast expanse of ***, drugs & rock and roll

like Johnny Paycheck sang, "Take this job and shove  I  ain't working here no more".
like spaghetti without the sauce or toast without butter
is it any wonder we got too much time on our hands
let the reader understand you can't keep sticking it to the man
don't give a flying **** on your critical mindset of fire blown in its fullest desire
don't care in what you say or did that's why i put an M80 under a garbage can lid
ever since I was a kid I did what was best for me that's how i studied my history
life is busy when you are making other plans i hope you all someday will understand
don't give a flying **** when your out burning the midnight oil
have to wait far to long watching water to boil
got Trump in his ivory the know it all for president
don't give a flying **** on who will take up residence
in the changing of the season everyhting happens for a reason
Children, you maybe suffering inside. Living in a culture of death. Sitting on the sidelines waiting to make your next move. Well listen up the sun comes up every morning. God will wipe your sin stained slate clean. By the blood of his precious son Jesus Christ. Society today needs a wake up call cause it's impossible to live up to it's perfect standard. Fake freaks from Hell want to tell you how to live your life. Don't listen to their false allegations there only lying to you. Instead embrace truth that comes from Jesus. Share with others what you have been taught. There is always hope for you as you maybe in turmoil desperately searching in the night. Never relent to ever give up on the fight !
437 · Nov 2017
Heavy M.W.V's Rap Melody
Heavy M.W.V's Rap Melody

take a moment to relax and bask in the expanse between time & space
Helter Skelter was just found dead nothing but a living dead man now he's gone
filter through this rap game holding your own got one hand on text the other the phone
***** dancing in midnight fashion start spreading your legs its about time
moments like this we get caught up in the mix  getting are second fix
let the Jersey Boys take you away to that special place down by the ocean
today it ain't easy while your in the zone best to be home all alone
got ******* on a stand by waiting for you to get high next to the stand by
Zips with full hips taking it on until it's like almost 6 in the morn
she looks like a Barbie doll in her high healed shoes next she going to make you sing the blues

Rap is for those who are burning the game with some of us learning its fame
Dance hall specialty in their dope melody taking it to the streets such a treat
Tripping on the bath room floor as you reach the peak for so much more
I'm the man with the plan can't we all understand i got the vision on a mission
Someday you'll all be wishing to see more of my best harmony but society is blind you see
got the hook up in my new Benz blazing down the street with my friends
I'm the heavy M.W.V. choosing dope rhymes with fire in its purest of desire
Want to take you higher then ever before to see that opened door willing to be explored
Life is what you make it but other brothers seem to fake it
Got your mind on your money yet its nothing phony playing Gin Rummy
Honey you make and take the best out of me while I'm working on my degree
Couldn't care less of what I'm soon to confess while you dress I'll spank that *** less
Im blessed pulling my own beats in line when everything is fine as I wine, dine & 69

Rap is for winners like me making sweet history out of life's sweet mystery
Rap is not a game playing in flames making you intense socially deranged
Philosophically we built this city on doing what we please so start sreading the disease
Got capped in my knee back in high school swing out there doing my things
Although those many years have passed still having every bit of reason to grasp
A childhood memory in such a beautiful melody to let nothing bother me
As a juvenile I used to get a little wild boxing oranges down at the Supermarket store
Then it took me a while to stand at attention when I was late for detention
listening to Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention.
Rap is a part of my heart to make a brand new start of where i need to go
Out of dispare I smell the sweet brisk air then I know I was made for so much more
At last take the wheel I'm happy to soar with the eagles in the sky watching the time go by
412 · Sep 2016
Pragmatic Perfection
Pragmatic Perfection

A song filled with regret in ardent pillars filled with cloven ivy dew through shutters & solemn
Why lie in silence then be disturbed among us challenged to be free to learn another table has turned.

Through solace we may enter in a bridge of hope to cross the great divide.
We take our priorities and selfishness aside we then run away & hide

Borrowed papers then borrowed pews
There needs to be a more focus where
We need to know we need to go
Through times of struggle let it be known
In care for neighbors without unknown
Don't ever stop growing & pray
Make the most of each & everyday
Keep your love strong inside & say
No pragmatic perfection in any way
Through love & higher power call each day
Just keep growing in grace and say
Gone are the days I used to frolic in a haze
Today I'm being stuck as a mouse in a maze
A memory we fought back the silence from within.
The silence fought back a bitter tear
to exchange sadness for gladness
In tears the suffering servant
God is still sovereign.
407 · Aug 2017
A Dreamer Of Dreams
Outside my door was a rainbow of color
I'd never seen before,
Then God saw fit to deliver you,
right to my very door

He set the color of blue in your eyes
through which I now see summer skies
The color of pink upon your cheek
that keeps me smiling through the week

The color of night on your downy head,
which rests so quietly upon your bed
Your skin is snowy white
and shines translucent in the light

You are a true cherubic delight
Your lip was formed from an angel's wing
and when you laugh I hear them sing
The colors in my life now have a special ring !
396 · Mar 2017
Jesus Feet
I believe with my whole heart that Jesus was dark skinned. He was a Nazerene their complexion was not white. He spoke Aramaic & walked every where he went. His feet must have been hurting him as he took the cross for us. Can you imagine ? The real pain that he felt with the insults of the crowd. Spitting in his face by mere strangers. The blood soaked crown upon his head. With the inner impulse to flee but he never gave into it. He took the cross bare our shame. Out of his tender love for each one of us. They pierced his side and blood with water came gushing out. He knows each one of us by name & waits for us to turn to him. Would you please now accept him into your heart and be saved for your sins ?
372 · Jun 2017
You Raise Me Up
You Raise Me Up

look inside much deeper then before,
pull out the old crusty, weathered & battered soul
filled with emotion hence the opened door
A willingness by which to humbly explore

You have taken me from dust from the speck on the sun
A bridge of hope to become a beacon of light to a hurting world,
Shelter lies dormant against its beckoning plow
how you fought so hard and fierce,

My one truest love is now gone from here
Out of a mere paradox with angelic hosts to proclaim
You sought me when I was at the bottom of my game
hands, heart & soul

Meekness is not equated as weakness
You bridged the gap between mediocrity & shame
Tossed in turned my frustrations of the day
In a climatic moment being pressed with tears

Shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain
not having you in my arms is driving me insane
You walked on water toward your claim to fame
pools of torments feeling being whisked away

A sparkling array of blissful care
Speaks to the longing I seek to recapture from above.
367 · Mar 2017
Anxiety Attacks
telephone, television & radio
we get it in are nerves
the pulse to react
feels like a heart attack

there's high anxiety fear of heights
getting lost in the sauce
it's gravitational pull may bring some down
like a mouse is lost in it's cage

many have these attacks from there youth
crying, sadness & madness
a tug at the heart will light the spark
heavy hearts drifting in the wind

we have come to far not to turn back now
no use looking back when your hand is on the plow
viscous fangs that bite inside
run away and hide

eyes with spots having tombstones in are head
it's the calling of the walking dead
your heart sinks back with all the tension inside
you feel like your going to die
348 · Jun 2017

Holocaust...Trapped..Like the fires of Hell,
Destroyed the old and the young
Millions suffered the agony and despair
Holocaust...Covered in bruises,

Scarring the mind and body for life
Letting only the strong survive
The smell of death lingering in the air,
All around people dying,

Dead bodies piled high as mountains
Holocaust...Like an endless path,
Desperate to leave, With no way out
Holocaust..No name, blank faces,

Look past the face,
Eyes like flames screaming to be extinguished
Holocaust...To live is pain
To die is rest

339 · Mar 2017
A Valiant Knight
Death springs a new day basking in the breeze
In solemn moments lets pause to think of a place
A far off castle in the mountains away from it all
A valiant knight lived in the structure of it's dwelling
Those days of old where mere men had a noble demise
A beautiful maiden was in waiting for her knight
He would often fight for the cause of stregnth and dignity
The draw bridge where the castle stood had a very unique aura
A mystery of sort sought up in the vast array of crowned nobility

For the king on his thrown was humble yet greedy
Always would take care of himself caring nothing for the needy
A valiant knight was concerned about the kings trust
Often they would disagree on who it was to serve
A joker came in front of the king one day with a magic wand
Waving the wand in the air then there floated ivy everywhere
For the court jester was a fool in the making of his legacy
The maiden would often come forth and see

For she treasured a red rose that was plucked sometime before
Cherished the calling of her stature to the glory of the throne
A valiant knight would often sing sweet songs in the night
Had a following of village people that would sit before his feet
Having a way of words that he would often share
The castle was filled with dragons and warlocks searching for love
A cause to be brave amidst uncertainty of the kingdom
The legacy of golden capulets filled ardent vestibules
Let us toast to the valiant knight who keeps a watch on all that is good
339 · Mar 2017
God Alone Is Enough II
Our flesh hates the things of God. It would rather serve sin & Satan. Yet folks we must crucify this old human flesh to be in subjection to the spirit. The flesh and the spirit are in conflict together. That's why the Apostle Paul said, "the good that I wish I could do I do that very evil that I hate.": We are at war people and we need are heavenly armor on Ephesians 6 vs 10. Choose to live in the spirit so you will not fulfill the deeds of the flesh. It will get us as Christians in trouble every time if we live by sight and not by faith. That's why memorizing scripture and reading your bible are so essential. The devil hates us but Jesus Christ overcame him and this evil world's system. Believe in the gospel message and be saved today ! God alone is enough.
334 · Mar 2017
The Poet In Me
at a glance one can vaguely see
the true art of creativity
through sullen wall of complexity
I have fondly come to agree

poetry is an art form within me
I can't get away from it you see
pen, book & paper
in solemn moments of solace

we tend to sweep things under the rug
yet I have fallen in love
with words that capture the imagination
in some free verse style to know all the great while

Everyday there's a habitual display flowing through my veins
just not having a pen in hand is driving me insane
I see through portals with high lifted mast
Columns of resolution in compact

Words can express the deep hidden aura of my imagination
I may need a break on some long awaited vacation
just can't seem to get away from it's powerful display
it acts as therapy when dealing with my mental illness

we have traveled to far not to turn back now
there's no looking back when your hand's on the plow
It's a real volcanic compulsion inside
sullen brevity
332 · Apr 2017

Paris est grandiose
Je vois Paris en une fleur d'avril
d'un jardin bien soigne
Dans sa couleur rosee je le vois

En la saveur du vin
le plus delicieux du monde
je bois la finesse de Paris
Dan son bouquet je le bois

Avec la degustation
de delicats fromages
je me transporte a Paris
Avec je me transporte a toi

Je demeure a Paris
guand je visite un muse d'art
et guand je lis un poeme d'amor
Dans ces moments je suis a Paris

Cette cite est tous les
que nous admirons dans l'art
Elle est la culture dynamique
L'art pour l'art meme..c'est Paris.
324 · Jun 2017
Song To Nature
Song To Nature

Today it was bright and the sun shone above
The sky was an azure blue
And the breeze from the east made a low hallowed sound
as it blew all the leaves to their demise on the ground

From where I was sitting not a cloud was in view
And yet a warm, wet rain hit the earth all anew
The colors of springtime from purple to pink,
seemed all faded and worn and a bit out of sync

There was a scent on the air of which I must say
was like the rotting of flesh and of sleep out on the grass,
while a sweet melody sort of just drifted past
From where I was sitting I could see all who came

And they saw through me, my sorrow and shame
There was gray slabs of nothingness scattered around
Each encrypted a message so worldly profound
And the blooming decorum was a sight to behold,

each a symbol of love to the memories untold
And alas, a millipede on a road newly paved
was the last thing I saw from the view at my grave
322 · Mar 2017
Time Will Tell II
One looks at a painting then shrugs and walks away
some will peer into it's vast extreme
Still another person may stare for a long time
captivated by it's imagery & design

colors, choices & voices
We can then make formations out of the sky
perhaps it's in the memory of time gone by
As the sun heats up time will tell when the water will boil

traces, faces & spaces
The light of illumination
perhaps in need of a break on a long awaited vacation
All those hero's and legends we knew as a child

Fall into idols of clay
if one only had a voice with a sound choice
Eyes with spots out looking in the night
the creeps come there to fright

rules, tools & jewels
We slowly made are way into the vast auditorium
to take are seats on stage left
The actors assembled on stage

Words can't erase the way that we feel
perhaps a love embrace will seal the deal
With that said the curtain had closed

Time will tell of the open arms to the embrace of a loved one
317 · Mar 2017
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal

Written by: Mario Vitale
The heavy metal series of poetry demonstrates an inner ability to speak words of
kindness; Toward the resolve of the 1980's heavy metal scene; To demonstrate a
reasonable high calibur of interest; To the average novice of intellect, It's plausible
words ring in the ears;

Heavy Metal pt. I

In a torn branch withered in the wind

A silence toward its beckoning call
With a silver dollar tossed in a pool
It pays to stay focused then to lose your cool
The one that has no faith in God will lose their cool

Ronnie James Dio was the first ever to address this rule,

His was to slay the dragon in the rule of the game;
In shattered lined that wound & bind
A silence to its beckoning call;
The child listens then cry's in pain,

In ardent briars close to insane;

With cloves filled wretched stench in sulfur,
Amidst the closet drawer below the offer;
A deadly fix on the mainstream headlong,
Heavy metal in twisted leather chains,

Through shattered dreams within vilest pain,

In its ambiance of shelter amidst its cry;

To fall headlong then to believe its ultimate lie!

Faces in the window with storms in the night;

Having fallen face down in viscous fangs that bite,
Often dripping blood off side;
So easy to run away & hide in the night
With a heavy metal pull ravaged to plunder;


Heavy Metal pt. II

In full view of havoc proned to desolation in vile misery

The balance of an equestrian melody,
With pages torn on its new episode
Throgh a whole host in vile lamentation;
In mere brilliance from its setting sun

Amidst certain periods of social demise;

A short fuse in its reluctant quest,
With words spoken in the dark in certain conquest
Has now come into the fullness of light soaring bright
Chase dreams from your hair my sweet child chose the day;

To stand up and shout amidst the inner pain,

Shattered dreams amidst its painted glass yet intact
Hallways filled no one gets off on any free pass;
Faces in the window with storms in the night,
A laborer is intended to enter into its fullest of rest;

Faces in the window with storms in the night !

Heavy metal in the center of its scattered plight

The clear voice in reason is our successful right,
In this life never relent in ever giving up on the fight,
Keep your promises & attire,
We live in a world that is very strange!

They will take advantage & rearrange in the membrane,
Desolate cry's with wounded twisted lies;
Proned to silence amidst the greeting of its beckoning call
The 80's scene with heavy metal having watched the videos on MTV.
A blast from the past
316 · Sep 2019
Burn To Turn
Burn To Turn
for a briefest, gilted
eternity, the trees
will burn not from
their crown
nor from their feet
and, despite the ice,
the sparkless space,
the cold steel
darts of insistent
slanting rains,
the trees will burn,
the trees will burn,
and all-at-once
the peripatetic sun,
it's whims having won,
will dance along
and share its breath
with everyone
314 · Mar 2017
Eyes how they oft' twinkle..,
Rich yet centered abroad,
With open arms,
A welcoming love embrace.,
Footsteps of haunting voices..,
Still from my past,

Reflective at times.,
Hence, longing to retrace,
Yet we oft' walk along hand in hand ?
Toward our incoming boardwalk pier,
Still I know a few people that will make you disappear !

A clever wink.,
We all learn in life,
One gets more with sugar then you do with salt ?
With long fallen hair that can make quite a whirl.,
What a top model type of girl,
You only get one chance by which to make a good first impression,

There is the welcoming hand that will extend the greeting,

Both syling and profiling.,
Mr. Costello's 80's version did it some justice !
Lips that were softened moist to the touch,
With a warm smile,
A thought in which should love you so very much !

I shed a tear to numb the pain,
Just not having you in my arms is driving me insane !
In our twentieth century world in quite a rush !
As we both mentor let us frolic together !
The years will slowly pass,
Still we have every bit of reason by which to grasp..,
A tender word spoken in the dark,
Has now with patience,

Slowly has been brought into the light
Yet Veronica intends to keep on putting up a good fight !
Through a brightened twintle in her delicate eyes,
When I look in I can see my distant future,
A future both filled with solace and peace..,
With many wonderful memories,
A hidden plight of captivated fancy..,
Gone are all of the days when Sid met Nancy/
Yet you had struck a tender yet vital chord,
Through the pains of silence of the beconing night,
This shall send out a surprisningly vivid fright
Perhaps we captured reflective thought's of yesterday /
As we had to frolic in the mere ambiance of our love,

An aura of a sparkling rainbow yet a bit transparent.,
There are many that seek this truth out of a garbage can..,
Try to lean on one another for moral inner stregnth,
The mere embodiment of laughter !
A speck of dust that will only appear for a very short period of time,
The fond remembrance of a gentle father leaving,
A few delicate things that one can't put on a trophy desk,
There is a true friend with whom you can depend/
For one to give away love so free.,
You had struck a tender chord..,
We can't escape the way we may feel
Perhaps another love embrace shall seal the deal ?
313 · Jul 2017
Electric Kingdom
Isn't it a pity when you hate the city
So no **** good with snake pit lion's den you need someone to be your friend
Like Mickey Mouse & Daffy Duck chasing each other in a bush
The whole wide world is in quite a rush
Yet such a kingdom does exist
Can you catch my drift
In a far off place in search of trace in
A child hood fantasy in a dream whole new scene
With dragons and kings with queens
A court jester killing the village scene
We got trolls living in holes with dirt as their ceiling
Nothing shady in my electric kingdom
Lot's of folks tripping cause I'm on a mission
A vision of twilight sun tainting the vast array of its sparkling ellagance
Such extravagance at first glance a timely dance with a fare maiden
Looking lips shooting hits take some time to move those hips
A sought off excursion in my mind cause the dragon got me in a fix
I mix with tempers of fire blown up in full desire
An angry elf just bit me in the arm so sound the alarm
I came to get down & paint to village town
Electric kingdom where the creatures are so real
Some may claim it as a no good deal
Horses with valiant lances never given any second chances
Took a crap in the distant bushes with a push in
This is a place inside my mind some call me crazy but I am not blind
Rap is good in this place of dreams holding my own as my vison gleams.
Everyone has a story to tell & a poem to write. I believe all of life's experiences are being dealt with snap shot Kodak moments to enjoy. We are all gifted when it comes to the creative arts. Just have to carve some time out of your busy schedule take out a pen and paper & write. You go tell of far away lands with dragons, kings & queens. Soar higher then an eagle goes in flight. To heavenly angelic places with beautiful descriptions intact. Yes, everyone has this talent in them so go to it friends. Be creative, think positive & laugh. Only one life will soon be passed only what's done today will last. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Become a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of creative artistic expression. Good night everyone !
306 · Aug 2019
Cross Your T's Dot Your I's
305 · Aug 2019
With A Tension Limb

mix tongue you met
a heroic vent...
set a swing with a smile
run that extra mile
the storm of the wild
get back Cadillac
strong in position
trying stike nor missing
flow from the ordinary rap..

come and sit next to me
situation make believe
over a brand new leaf

carry on with the natures belt
shadow in the want for more
balance for the power yawn
in the dark arrived at once

Earth Is Own
cement like glue
eat a grinder still
take that one last pill
301 · Mar 2017
Prayer For The Poet
Prayer For The Poet

God tonight I pray for musicians, artists & poets. Lord everyone who takes part in the creative arts. Actors in the theatre Lord we pray for a tremendous blessing to unfold in their lives. God please send your Holy Spirit to bridge the gap for protection against the attacks of Satan and his evil spirits. Lord you stand as the front lines for are defense against the wicked schemes of the devil. Lord that we may be a bold witness for you in all that we say & do. God, defend the mentally impaired, widows & orphans. Look to the homeless this evening that you would provide shelter for their specific needs. Only you can give us true freedom God we wait upon you for a clear direction to take. In Jesus Christ mighty name, Amen.
298 · Mar 2017
The Great Awakening
Precious Lord take my hand lead me on make me stand
for I am weak, tired & worn
Through the storms you are there
Your words are to pray but you want us to rest to

Hearts will unfold to the message of your amazing grace
tears, thoughts & prayer
I shed a tear to numb my inner pain

Inside we hide behind a squeaky wheel
thorns, nails & sword
We have to obey his precious word
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need

The search for truth
among the blackened stench of the aroma in society
Fake freaks from hell with a ****** story to tell
they are zombies searching for answers out of a garbage can

paranoid message of hateful lust
Never claiming in God we trust
a challenge to be free is a question of time

Love should be the essence of one's existence
yet we have exchanged it for fake Hollywood lust
Let us look above to the heavenly love
merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder

Stop the senseless fighting before are nation grows colder
the senseless slaughter in the mothers womb is cold ****** ******
We have to reflect before we proceed any further
they handwriting is on the wall to warn the no it all
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