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  Aug 2014 MariaLoves
I'm sometimes asked with feigned surprise,
"You write poetry?"
"How Divine!
Give us a sample of your
favorite rhyme!"

But I know what they're thinking.
I see it in their eyes,
"What a waste of time."
"What a joke."
"Better hide the silver,
cuz these types are all broke."

Poetry doesn't pay the bills.
That part is so true.
But, don't deride my compulsion,
or my next hundred verses
will be about "you!"

  May 2014 MariaLoves
I remember those nights,
Alone on the pier,
With a book on my lap
And a song in my ear

I remember those nights
And the adventures I had.
Lost in  a world of magic
Escaping the bad.

I remember being young
Being happy and free.
With so few worries
And so much to see.

I remember it all
So clear in my mind
But it seems so long ago
And I just want to rewind
  May 2014 MariaLoves
I want to be immune
To the song that lures
Me to you.
The sensuous pull
That has me wanting,
To be in your grasp,
Your hands tangled
In my hair,
Your teeth to my skin.
I want to be immune
To the hunger I feel
For your kiss,
The ache I feel
For your touch.
Because I need you,
So much it hurts.
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