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Marcus Bandy Oct 2019
This is the last time,
How often have I said that?
Why do I crave what I detest?
So many I know can relate.

Evil boasts of many captives.
After feeling love and light,
Why do the lost flee?
Pursued and impounded by their ghost.

The sacrifice for truth is comfort.
Yet life is simple for people undeterred,
No vision but the material.
They scoff at the spiritual world

Rebirth awaits our soul,
Though some are bound to fall.
Not all light shines from the sky.
With angels working both sides,
Darkness seems illumined to the untrained eye..
Sleepless AM
Marcus Bandy Dec 2016
When darkness falls,
It eats one from the inside out,
You lose hope and welcome doubt,
Bones grow dry,
And the body weary
By and By,
Until one day,
Passion again knocks on your door,
Alas the fire roars,
And the weakness is no more...
Marcus Bandy Dec 2016
Oh Yeshua,
Where have your steady waters been?
I've been searing inside,
Absorbed with mortal condition.
Loathing the present,
While I relive the day,
When drops from your fountain,
Kept darkness at bay..

— The End —