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Dirt Witch Sep 2020
strawberries are no longer ripe
bruises are no longer purple
wine drools on its own
red inside and outside of the cup

the cicatrix splits carmine
dawn licks the wounds of night
merengue whipped water
dissolves on the tongues of the sun

mouths are always open
bodies are never empty
blood weeps on its own
flowing inside and outside of the skin
Dirt Witch Oct 2019
Divine spine of a broken line
Shrine of a grimy concubine
A melon and a clementine
Sit atop her belly

Twigs slipped and spitty
with citrus crushed and gritty,
the concubine sits pretty
in a purl of orange leaves.

With fingers succour-sticky
Lurid, licked a quickie
proptotic gargoyles lurking over
As she sighs into the clover
Dirt Witch Oct 2019
Fickle rumbles
the drip of the pipe outside my window,
the wet sigh of a full bladder.
I cannot tell when it’s raining

But the ground
in the afternoon
remembers moon silent

splashes on my heels
the soles of my shoes orange peels.
Rainy fumbles
the walk upon my feet stop
oh, bother — the path upon which my smeek smock
oh smother — the pave upon which I stalk

Drip drop sinks
from the top
of my sock
into the toes where ice stays land locked.
I’m a Lizard --

Dirt Witch Oct 2019
If you imagine,
a star making liquid
indulgences on the open sea
And us — floating fabric
on the blanket your mother made;
out of the kelp
in your grandmother’s teeth.
Looking above, the silver film
water light, we gaze -
Down, feet absurd ballet
Tongues, eeled, slobbered,
that’s where they lay

One lime in the gutter
— two other in your mother
She begged for it —
I’m monkey, does it show?

One ***** on st. luke-us
Touch-my-nip or I may a-puke-us
My ****’s a ******
(and salty
please kiss me)

The key is blue
Let me bend my knees
and ride onto you.
Dripping down with the breeze
Wet, I come to you.
Salt wet I slip past the shells
may I dream with you?
Don't make enemies, just sea anemones -- Nemo lived in one ... Did you know?
Dirt Witch Jul 2019
The resounding muses
of this rash riddled air
are as follows:
A skin-bloated scent of leaking mammals
It is hot and full of ***** phantoms, wafting softly upon the breeze of London's ill-conceived streets.
Dirt Witch May 2019
Thigh-hid kiss flits blind,
Bringing pink fits,
Splitting still midnight.
I, dirt–witch,
Spill milky spit,
Drip sticky twilight
Rich in light spring sighs.
Composed with only the vowel i in spirit of the OULIPO
Dirt Witch May 2019
I on rot blue, float tender aureate clemency.
A so-wet salt swell, yellow priests flounder
I, an ape monk, dance divine watered comedies  
O’ my sea song color forgot, drowned madrigal
Ascending letters 1-8 in each line
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