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Sep 2020
Love is underestimated
Love is complex
Love is misunderstood

Love can hurt
The pain is crushing
Love causes dizzy spells and long nights with strong cups of coffee to follow
Love causes baggy eyes and long drives
Love makes your knees weak
Love forces you to smile when you don't want to
Love makes your head hurt and your lips buzz from excitement
Love is a shapeshifter
Love mends the gaps you never knew you needed filled

when they defined love as an intense feeling of deep affection
they neglected to acknowledge
the intense feeling of dread that can come with it

Love takes root in your pain
Love lets itself grow from the moisture of your tears.
Your heart becomes tender
your feelings are magnified

Even in the absence of those
whom you shared a deep connection with
Love still lingers in you

Love strengthens the body, soul, and mind.
it can be hard to love when the pain is so prevalent
but the pain will subside

Love will take your broken pieces
Love will work its way around you
Love will envelop you
Love will close you in
and form unbreakable bonds that guide you in times of uncertainty

Love hurts
Love heals
Love guides
Luis Valencia
Written by
Luis Valencia  20/M/Hays Ks
(20/M/Hays Ks)   
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