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 May 2014 ln
Joseph Childress
 May 2014 ln
Joseph Childress
And she said…

I luv you,
Where’s the


we truly

Or just yet
To begin?

Well, *** u

It’s convenient
To shorten words
To speed the converse
But love
Should be handled
With delicacy
You’re lack of concern
“I luv u 2”
In return
You’re more mathematical
Than poetical
And I accept our difference
But your indifference
Once I brought it
To your attention
Is well worth
The “*** you” aforementioned
 May 2014 ln
 May 2014 ln
why do people think that the world revolves around themselves? why do people have this perspective of the world, that one day, the sun's rays are going to die off and never come back, and we'll have no sunshine and a way of life?

why do people think that what goes around comes back around? not everything and anyone are capable to come back after every bad and good incident? why do people think that just because there is one bad person who broke your trust and your strength, the rest of your life and whoever enters it will be bad? what about the good people? will the good people return after death and embrace you in their broken bones? will that ever satisfy your desires?

— The End —