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 Oct 2014 Liv
Rod E Kok
Murmured voices break the silence

To my right
a cute couple clink
their wine glasses together
in a celebratory toast.

Off to the left,
an older gentleman
engages an old-ish lady
in whispered conversation.
I’m guessing he’s whispering
sweet nothings to his bride.

The well dressed young man
standing at the bar
survey’s the crowd,
looking restless.
He seems to be waiting

Ah, that beautiful girl
that just walked in.
Her eyes light up,
his face breaks into
a big smile.

I love the ambience
of this old place.
Red carpets,
dim lights,
candles flickering in
every direction.

My time here is
almost done.
I only need
some sugar
for this last
cup of coffee.
My prompts for today were the words sweet, chocolate, indulgence and sugar. I struggled with this, but as I sit on my couch with the Coffitivity app playing in my headphones, it came to me. I hope you enjoy it.
 Oct 2014 Liv
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Tippin hats and packing revolvers,
Hell and back a thousand times forever,
Riding on my horse,
To the ends of the earth , no remorse,
No mercy , no greed , not even money,
I just wanna shoot and **** the best , I bet you think its funny,
If we have a stand off with the towns people hiding,
Bet you won't shoot it first, but anything sufficing,
Bar fights,
With a house full of ******,
3 stacks for prostitution,
But I'll never lust a *****,
Face burnt to the side,
Similarly to Jonah hex or the ride,
Smoke in my mouth, gun strap to me like the horses saddle,
Being shot at better crouch , just to win the battle.
Any black cowboys ****
 Oct 2014 Liv
 Oct 2014 Liv
Am I?
Is He?
This should

be good
 Aug 2014 Liv
Will you run away with me if I ask you?
 Aug 2014 Liv
Dust collects on my unused heart,
I don't dare take it off the shelf
For the last time I did,
You tried to smash it to bits,
You only cared about yourself.
So I leave it there,
It never moves anymore.
I have no reason to use it again.
For the last time I did,
All I got in return,
Was heart ache when you slammed the door.
 Aug 2014 Liv
Sean Critchfield
Place your hand upon my chest.
It reminds me how it feels when it's mended.
Then use it to cradle your head while you rest.
The worst of it, like the day, has ended.

— The End —