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Oct 2019 · 272
m Oct 2019
it’s everything about you
i can’t get you out of my head
the way the left side of your lips
smile slightly higher than the right

i can’t get you out of my thoughts
the way you bounce
when we walk with our hands together

i can’t get you out of my heart
the way you say i love you
it gets me every time
i love you
Oct 2019 · 64
m Oct 2019
i really need to sleep
so please let me back in
so we can lay together
and whisper our apologies
i’m sorry
Oct 2019 · 55
m Oct 2019
the world is moving slowly
the thunder is loud
everything is shaking
my heart is aching
do you still care about me
Oct 2019 · 87
m Oct 2019
i’m smoking
to stop my overthinking
do you even care
that i’m feeling so alone
Oct 2019 · 56
m Oct 2019
i’m on your front porch
the rain is coming down
are you unhappy?
please don’t leave
Jul 2018 · 63
m Jul 2018
your hands run down my spine
my heart floats away
your eyes meet mine
you’ll be mine one day
but right now, you’re hers
Jul 2018 · 77
m Jul 2018
cement blocks
tied to my limbs
i think about lifting
it’s too heavy
my body
full of cement
Jul 2018 · 88
m Jul 2018
i look up at the stars
each star is a freckle
a freckle on your face

each one
i wish i could love
these stars are not mine
they’re only for looking

i look and watch
i almost see you

i almost see your face
etched with freckles
freckles i wish to love
this one is ****** so i might delete
Jul 2018 · 62
m Jul 2018
i reach out to you
my fingers slip
you’re so far
please see me
before i fall
Jul 2018 · 98
m Jul 2018
you left me behind
i don’t blame you for leaving
every day i wake up and think about joining you
but i’ll keep living with the memories you gifted me
with out you
May 2018 · 75
m May 2018
you use people like drugs
but they don’t see it
they’re as addicted to you
as you are to their attention
May 2018 · 96
m May 2018
you make plans
so that your brain has to say
just one more day
but what if you run out
May 2018 · 66
m May 2018
your smile makes my heart flutter
you aren’t the one i loved
is this ok?
May 2018 · 67
m May 2018
special bee
please be careful
careful not to sting
you’ll only hurt yourself
you are too special to me
May 2018 · 63
m May 2018
my heart is full
full of flowers
don’t let me wilt
i’m wilting
May 2018 · 70
m May 2018
i love you
maybe less
why can’t i decide
even lesser now , it takes time
May 2018 · 65
m May 2018
i feel the same
but i can not say
nothing is about me
this movie is not mine
May 2018 · 73
m May 2018
this whole time
i gave you all my love
why don’t you care
May 2018 · 155
m May 2018
how can i be so afraid of dying
when i can’t stop imaging my own death?
is it that i don’t want to die at the expense of others
or that i want it to be when i say so
do i really want to die or am i just crazy
again, i’m ok now
May 2018 · 267
m May 2018
i think about dying a lot
but i would rather not stoop to your low
i imagine getting into an accident
but it isn’t an accident
i want to drive off a cliff
but i would rather not stoop to your low
i’m actually doing ok now, don’t worry
May 2018 · 66
m May 2018
you’re lying
i can feel it
it’s leaving
you don’t love me
May 2018 · 69
m May 2018
i do not want to die
you are already dead
leave me alone
get out of my head
May 2018 · 77
m May 2018
it’s cold
it’s dark
i can’t breath
i’m going to burst
this is literally just about my fear of the ocean sorry
May 2018 · 93
m May 2018
dear flower
i’m sorry
please don’t wither
a sorry for you
May 2018 · 72
m May 2018
we are flowers
you make my heart bloom
May 2018 · 90
m May 2018
i feel you around me
sometimes you are comforting
sometimes you are evil
please leave me be
May 2018 · 68
m May 2018
when i think of you
i want to stay
this one is very bland but i want to post all of my poems no matter what, so!
May 2018 · 89
m May 2018
i want to lie in the grass
and have the wind blow away my pain
i am so tired
please just let me stay
May 2018 · 226
m May 2018
you say i’m a worry wart
my worries are not warts
my worries are tumors
growing in my brain
they are cancerous
May 2018 · 143
m May 2018
i would rather worry about your
drug habits
than imagine you hanging
in a closet
May 2018 · 83
m May 2018
you are pushing me underwater
you show off your importance
i reach for a breath
you push me further
it does not belong to you alone

— The End —