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little Nov 2021
I see it
I smell it
It always stays
The way you walk away

It's finite
It's strong
I know it well

If you stay
You have to say
The words

Either way
I will play
A role
little Aug 2021
My name is Anne
It happens too much
I get sad and confused
I don't want to make a fuss
I've been hit and bruised
I've been touched
I have been used
For another's rut
It's ok to be sad
It can feel like too much
People have hurt me
I am enough
And you at enough too. Thank you for being you.
little Jul 2021
It's probably somewhere
Under couches and stairs

Hiding issues

Splitting hairs

That kinda thing
Look at me
I'm hurting

It's not there.
  Sep 2020 little
Ashley Rowan
I tried to be cold hearted
but I still laugh at your jokes

I tried not to wake the fire
but I keep bursting out in laughter
little Sep 2020
I miss you

You can't see this

Inside jokes
High fives

It's hard to walk away
I love some memories


You can't see this

And that's ok
little Sep 2020
Stop praying for someone
Who can't be here today
Pray for the person
You see everyday

It's easy to look
At your own grave
Stop praying for help
Ignoring the signs
We are all tired
Of your design
little May 2020
Sent off to breathe
Whistle at Linden trees

Waiting in the wind
Counting branches
***** jeans again

I didn't fix the process
Pleasure as an offset

Time to walk away
Nothing to see


Thank you for the details
Forever in the sand
Guidance is a gesture

It's bland
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