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say something
or say nothing;
all the same.
words can come hard & heavy
or soft & sweet,
words can step on your toes
or bow at your feet.
even with distorted systems
& rearranged principles,
beyond separate labels & letters,
beyond theories unstable
& unable to connect
well, only source can connect.
see pass the words
& see through the intention.
your tongue has potential to create,
it is your core whom decides.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 6
when vision forms genuine,
pointed fingers become magick wands.
knots within backs
& stiff joints show up to be new levels that advise you
to stretch out to new growth.
trap music became sacred space.
like sounds of potential world endings,
like thunderstorms speak in ancient language,
how far have we strayed?
how much farther might we go?
in this age,
platforms with distraction as incentive
aid in focus & ascension,
how is that for a plot twist?
the tables turned;
now the mesh at the neck of the sun one
is melting just like ice in frozen habitat.
as we evolve in specie,
the dark is rising.
journal n' **** series - journal entry 5
in my defense,
im rugged-hard,
my counting scars lasts light years
& my fears are made up like words are.
my reality is reflected by the state of my mind,
in this space within time,
im shifting worlds & paradigms because its the life i choose.
we all get choices;
to be free or not to be.
we all get choices;
to hear voices that live within the head-space
that guide you to a place of no ending.
sometimes tears are hard to find like clean air & clean water was,
before earth restored itself to golden age.
when rage & aggression falls as peers whom pressure you to use sacred energy as moonshine to heal self-inflicted wounds.
"be gentle with them for they are you."
follow dreams like you are madly in love with chaos
& spirals.
see purpose where you once saw boxes filled with empty-ness & insecurity.
seek truth beyond,
it lives within you.
only depth exists in being,
being vast,
being an empath.
being a psychopath.  
seeking new pathways?
seek paths that just might lead you down rabbit holes that leads to a straight road of prosperity & wondrous ways of existing.
paradigm shifts call for low rhythms & stillness,
wisdom calls with words of innocence
as love demands your great return.
all hail the very nature of being.
who are you still when separate worlds become one?
who are you when dark & light show will to collide?
who are you in the face of the eye that sees beyond what's man-made
still certain,
yet flexible.
i will speak where my spirit leads.
my mouth will open only when i am spoken to...
or spoken through.
fuller lips,
thinner thighs  
or thicker hips,
a girl can dream,
can she?
dreams that go beyond a following increase  
or a modern day feast consisting of eats that deplete
your center.
what might you do without your central processing unit?
how will your intuition guide,
where will the universe have space to assist in your alignment?
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