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the black-rose Jul 2020
to take a face
then make it up to be 'beautiful'
just incase some ****** wants to think aloud.
wether running errands
or run-way fashion,
it's all the same.
sometimes you may think to go bare
but then stares of fictional characters make you nervous.
the only monsters beneath your bed are the ones that you created.
the black-rose Jun 2020
i'm going one way then the other,
one way or another.
if one way isn’t flowing try a next way.
if monday isn't showing try a next day.
the black-rose Jun 2020
tears flow sometimes...
like rivers of rage
cut off at the point where truth should enter;
left eye twitches &
the battle for the heart begins.
who will win?
self or truth?
the black-rose Jun 2020
why do you always look mad?
like the world let you down
then led you down roads that end dead.
your dull expression;
it makes me question what goes on within you,
is it eating you away?
will you go or will you stay?
the black-rose Jun 2020
i remember smashing windows & starting fights to prove my love,
while you stand there watching me make a mess of whom i thought that i was.
like the 'what' we could've had
& all exchange was mediocre;
coulda' done better,
man i wish we were genuine.
here we go again lol.
the black-rose Jun 2020
days go by fast,
nights never last.
lonely comes,
lonely goes.
we think we know
but no one knows.
we get caught up in the spur of moments,
we know the only thing we have is a moment.
no future promised,
lets be honest,
lets appreciate whats here.
before we lose it all,
lets make the most of what we share.
lets love and care.
so reckless,
and without resisting
in honor of a love within our very existing.
less thought,
whats meant to be seen will show.
less worry,
when you see it you'll know.
lets grow,
lets go beyond the point of modern day love.
lets lose ourselves,
a great escape beyond the modern day, love.
cliff dive,
head first from the highest of heights.
create the highest of highs.
amongst the heavenly skies that cheer us on.
the black-rose Jun 2020
you know,
its in my nature to indulge within my sacral.
i can make energy exchange creative enough to bring new life,
i can even switch it up,
channel the 'best night of your life’.
through just one mood,
or flow of thought,
i possess within my source
abilities to have you rise
or have you fall,
to have you bowing at my feet at just one call.
but instead of f-cking with your head
or putting you to bed,
i use this energy as leverage.
keep a build up
& a back-up.
while you seek ‘*******’ bout the money,
the feminine just got her stack up,
its a come-up,
one you feel deep in your core though.
don’t knock at doors
if you’re not ready to explore though.
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