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 Jun 2016 L Smida
my name's on the gold card she said
membership went straight to her head
told her *******
turned into a cough
smiled, said thank you instead
A limerick about my favorite place of employment
 Jan 2016 L Smida
 Jan 2016 L Smida
living like goldfish, you do not understand that you can stop swimming
american line poem
 Sep 2013 L Smida
it's cold outside but my kitten simply radiates heat
if only she would be useful and stay on my feet
step one: acquire kitten
step two: place kitten on feet
step three: ???
step four: chase after kitten
step five: treat wounds of the extremities and face
 Aug 2013 L Smida
flirting with death telling her i'm ready
she's caressing my temple my lips and my chest
with a blue steel barrel goosebumps and longing
a short sharp breath and eyes closed tight
i ease and ease and ease the trigger in
can't die yet, rent's due tomorrow
 Jun 2013 L Smida
 Jun 2013 L Smida
you are
frustration because i
always want the last word but
i don't
i want to leave you hanging there
i want you
around my finger
around my thumb
why aren't you here
i am drowning in these ****** feelings
why can't you just
I am desert sand. I was lost in the sun. Blinded
Black. Hearted. Ice. Cold. Veins.
Rebel ruined.
Not one single drop of water was spared.
Desert sand. Strained through your fingers, looking for diamonds.
In the heat of the sun. Starched white to the bone.
Devastated by my very nature.
Lost in allegiance to my morality.
Look at you, look at oh my.
My love, has no eye, for a single derision, of indecision, of loss or fate or something along those lines,
behind the broken front gate, and the new pane of glass in the bedroom window.
Did you really mean to make me cry.
I was too loved, for you to get by?
Not 50 per-cent, of a hundred of where i needed to be.
Sitting on your knee.

I am parched.
Sand grits between your teeth, as you swallowed the ocean within me.
Countless times i wandered around, these dunes.
My darling, darling, i lost you when i loved you.
Where did you go?
Are you hiding from me, hiding from my knee, from my coddling, and, you're not listening to me.
For, i talk too much.
Too long I have sat in silence over you.
For you hold me in your arms but you hate with your eyes, and i am lost in the ****** sand; you dried me out, you make scream for you, in the rain, and i lost sight of you, but i never forgot, how you felt, when i laid in your arms.
Did you really mean to do that?
Reborn in your grief.
You spat me out between your teeth.
From a mouth which made me think heaven, existed on earth, in someone like you.
Eyes of blue.
Scorched with hate.

You found me.
Trickled water in to my lips and made me believe it was from the gods.
Cold. Hearted. Girl.
Illusionless. Defeated.
I Fell For You.
An oasis, you, appeared to me.
Heat burnt from the inside out, sustainable combustion, which left through my mouth, and made you a man of worth, bespoke with grace, that you never had, but i endowed you with my broken self.
If only to believe i would never, leave.
Ask me, why i love you.
and i will tell you, i have to run.
Running from the sun.
From the fall-out of the world from my chest, on to the floor.
Flying out the front door.
As i drown in sand,
and you let go of my hand,
and my face, becomes a mirage of a hue.
Death, in me, becomes you.
 Jun 2013 L Smida
if i wished to embark upon you
would you
lend me
a foothold
or would you harden
to marble
and watch me
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