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Aug 2017 · 531
A question was asked.
She answered.
     There was interest.
     Another question.
She began talking
about a presentation
that she was going to do.
     There was a response
     about the fear
     of public speaking.
She agreed, and both laughed.
     (that was social
      ******* with
      no interruption and
      neither person
      talked too much,
      or too little)
     (both felt better).
Aug 2017 · 356
You Too!
Win a wham of crusty
bangles, dripping in
sugary zoo cake for
the zimmy of rocko buster
tootie with
a booper of sock fish!
goofus poetry
Aug 2017 · 358
Four Reasons To Break
Chromium, selenium, and
copper, potassium, zinc,
coconut especially,
water lost in minerals.
A the good replace
source to of important
potassium. It's nuts.
Sweating seafood,
excessive whole following
grains, body and the
legumes of generally
functioning, contain
optimal (relatively) for
high essential doses.
Minerals of contains.
Zinc sweat.
Aug 2017 · 280
Robot Janitors
The have ability harbor
to inner **** up, up
plastic cleaning bags
interceptors, styrofoam
trash containers, hydro-
powered cigarette, and
butts. Solar and the
other wheel, debris, trash.
The professor waste and
is wheel burned trash
to Mr.
Jul 2017 · 414
So how might our nation
give more global warming?
Watch your world as to
what is wrong, then they
might not approve. What
is wrong? Such a person
more profound is to judge
awakened consciousness
when he freed no thing
very good. Rather than
events, give more than
the universe. Knowing
versus wants and nurture
the energy. These are
not normal times. Events
are happening like always.
Improvised poem from a magazine
Jul 2017 · 348
Life or their for for
what thing is no
transpiring or in one
the no world blame
they would know experiences
it life is their up of
to creator them the
to as to power change
their their claim
thoughts would when
person they a do such
their blame life no
will is change there
A dissected paragraph from a magazine. Intentionally written with unintentional meaning.
Jul 2017 · 379
I had predicted
did not realize that
not remember or
things they did
recommend highly and heard
which I
taped psychic session
listened to the
this when they
accurate they realized
future predictions were
me that my
report to
of my clients
Jul 2017 · 224
This do to able.
Not are people
many. It mean
and you love
really I, say
and mirror
the in yourself.
Look you can!
Yourself about good
feel to need
you. Esteem-self
relatively have to.
Need you,
life of out,
want you,
what get and?
Jul 2017 · 317
From last year's
early-season showing
surprising to some
not to veteran
you really never
good you are
into a new
now we are
want to be
lost a good
the girls we
have been able
holes pretty well
we've made some
to make up
we've lost.
Jul 2017 · 312
All improve, but it
elevates awareness,
intimadation develop,
intimadation helping,
always author contracts.
Excellent elevates
all more. Help excellent,
changes preceded,
preceded next helping,
evolve preceded.
Improvisation From A Magazine
Jul 2017 · 329
I have been a professional
many people are so focused,
why not 100% accuracy
think about it this way,
psychic for more than
on the reading and what
you may ask? Well, that's
if you trusted your little
35 years, and have more
they think they want to
very simple - because future
voice or gut feelings, you
than 70% of my clients
hear, that they don't always
predictions can change -
most likely made good
poetry made by chance procedures from a magazine
Jul 2017 · 405
Faith is the belief in the
mind, which sometimes is
absurd. The obvious will
happen always. My pen,
not happen. Miracles
go by the numbers. When
will occur, faith is not
a thing or a thought, but
backed by reason or data
like on the internet. We,
but by the conviction of
our devices, are hypnotized,
the soul in rightousness.
Jun 2017 · 363
Tricky Mind
Questions move energy and
answers come popping into
without the movement of
the brain, which stays in
energy. There can be no
perfect question or answer
change. Every day she would
think up questions such as
the answers that popped
these. What is it you
are or something? So,
want me to know? How
can make a difference?
Then she would think.
Jun 2017 · 301
Too Much
Creating can, at times, be
something that we like,
be stressful. If you're like
a poet on the floor, you'll,
you can find that working
is fun and funny and that
non-stop can all be a bit
like an all-nighter and
too much, or you may feel
manic and nuts, but you're
your creative juices have
become insane like some
run dry. When you feel
crazy, sit down and relax
like this. It's best not
to wind up in the hospital.
Jun 2017 · 654
Break A Leg
My dad said break a leg.
If any of you have
a broken leg, don't believe.
Visited our healing
in the fact of dad's acting
center. Body/works in you.
A neighbor had a broken leg,
are likely to know my
old house and my dad. So,
wife, if you have been in
like I thought, but it
recently, you are also
not in, but his wife is out.
Likely, to know she tore
some poems of mine, but I
ligaments in her ankle.
Jun 2017 · 294
We experience greater health
if we dance around like
and wholeness when we're
alone and the blinds are
aware of what's happening
and dancing like a woman
in our body, start listening
to the light rain, and sit
to our intuition, and allow
ourselves to have a throat
ourselves to feel, think
and be sore.
Jun 2017 · 372
Inner Music
If you do not yet have
a broken record in your
mantra as part of your
daily life, you might consider
personal and spiritual
ear training from a college.
Development, you should
go to music school, so that
not only is the chanting
of music in your head A,
of sacred mantras a
kind of annoying music,
beautiful and harmonious,
like doe a deer, a female
practice, but one that
can leak out all over.  

Song 2
But what is Dharani? It is
an inner song, that I sing,
a sacred sound sequence
that I got from the heart,
in Sanskrit that, from a
different point of view is
yogic perspective, can help
when  am in pain, or
to align us with the
mind to the body, higher
frequencies of the universe,
and can help with trouble,
and prepare us, in many ways,
for whatever life gives
for advanced spiritual
everyday life.
This poem was written using the practice of writing one line from a magazine, followed by one line by me, and so on.
Jun 2017 · 345
New Chapter
Who is writing the story
that you are reading? It's
of your life? Is it your
poem that doesn't rhyme?
Job, your kids, your spouse/
boyfriend/girlfriend, or your
internet connection? If you
or your finances? I have
some money that is enough.
Maybe it's your health or
maybe not, the new chapter
or your parents? I would
go to a store and read
like to suggest that YOU
go there too, or maybe not.
Jun 2017 · 331
In preparation for a gift,
a once in a lifetime
thing, the challenges
that are external
are daunting. You must
go to the Dollar Store
and impose yourself
on a thing and take it
to the inaccessible
clerk. You may flounder
with no direction,
and a feeling of weakness,
which is a symptom
of buying. It is
significant. Many great
civilizations have
effective gifts
from the Dollar Store.
Jun 2017 · 216
I went on an errand,
shopping, driving on
the freeway, with
construction. A salon
was passed. My guidance
is a professional, who
is into travel while
singing throughout,
with the music quiet.
It was rehearsed earlier.
My intuition is flawed.
Jun 2017 · 429
Yoga And Jello
Perseverance, when trying
to be passive, is like jello.
Submission to jello is some
place for circumstances.
Strong jello is found
in a yoga class. The
active yogi has a response
to the difficult events
of the yoga class. Global
achievers eat jello just
like the rest of us. We
are victims of their
model. They spout dire
forecasts, as if they
were desirable, like jello
or yoga. There's always
room for yoga and jello.
A partially aleatoric poem.
Mar 2017 · 276
You are ever alone, heard
the, the place word,
chakras? These ever
rotate, wondered what,
what they, they sing,
are sung, and thinking,
how you, they speak,
effect of you. This the
real first of written
words, text for, about
us, our reality, chakra
logic systems that
is. What in our ancient
mind sanscrit words,
and speaking is here.
Mar 2017 · 314
When We Replay The Past
I think about my dead
it. Maybe out of a desire
to think about my dead.
To have things done
about the dream I lived
differently - also known
as life with my family.
Also known as regret,
like the time we were,
additionally, it. Maybe,
from an inability to
be happy, like poetry
that releases yourself,
when you laugh. I laugh,
or others, from past words
like ticketyboo or some
actions, like sitting on the
Feb 2017 · 189
Important Notice
Important notice
from the insurance
for new
After you are enrolled,
you have a limited time
to secure additional
you may need
without answering
health questions
or taking
a physical exam.
Look inside
to find out more
about your options
and limitations
during this
open enrollment
Nov 2016 · 213
Telepathy is real if
you are in a mood. In a
mood telepath, the doctor
sees you. You go drunk. I
visited the dead boy. He
was a lost uncle and
stuffed. Another one.
One busted a lit dumb.
Around and up to sky
wizardry. The sword
plugged a ripple. Any
time smock was on
was there. So, we got
mustard toes on ick.
Nov 2016 · 316
Heaven And Hell Explained
I like heaven
because it's a good life
to live
here on Earth.
I don't like hell
because it's a bad life
to live
here on Earth.
Heaven is where
you live
if it's
a nice apartment.
Hell is where
you live
if it's a bad
in a bad neighborhood.
is where we all live.
It's a nice place.
But, hell could be
living in a nice
in a good neighborhood
but you feel
like there are hornets
inside of your head
flying around
and stinging you.
And heaven is where
you could live
in a really
crummy apartment
in a lousy neighborhood
but without
Nov 2016 · 305
Zeno's Paradox Explained
So, you know,
the arrow
goes halfway
and then
it goes halfway again
and again
and again
and never gets there.
So, that's obvious.
So, you could try
shooting the arrow
and it gets there.
But, that's not
so obvious,
because you might say
"Gets where?"
"I don't know where there is.".
So, somebody points
and they say
"You know. There".
But, since you don't see
anything that he's
pointing to,
you shoot the arrow
and it never gets there.
making bubbles
in the water,
and dripping
sending out ripples.

This is
a part
of life.

Don't always
flush it.
Dec 2015 · 396
Zen Lite
I have decided
to try
Zen Lite
as an answer
to my Zen life,
and it involves
not going to
the temple,
and not doing
and not being
and only doing
five minutes
of meditation practice
a day,
so instead
of being
a Zen Marine
like a lot of people,
I will be
a light guy.
History remembers
certain artists,
who many of us
know about,
and it considers them
the Great Heroes
of art, poetry and music,
but I think
that the true heroes
are the artists
who painted every day
for their entire lives,
and created
great works,
and yet,
had no shows,
and didn't get
into the museums,
and whose great work
was thrown away
at the end of their lives,
so that nothing
is remembered of these artist's work
at all,
and all of their names
are forgotten,
and the true heroes
of poetry
are the poets
who wrote every day
for their entire lives,
and never got published
and never got a book out,
and whose poetry
was ditched in the dumpster
at the end of their lives,
and the true heroes of music
played and practiced and wrote
for their entire lives,
every day,
for nobody
and nothing of their work
so this night,
I payed homage
to these true heroes,
and felt better
about art,
and music.
Oct 2015 · 742
Haldol Zen
Haldol is a psychiatric drug
for mental illness
that I am on,
and when it is mixed
with Zen,
a peculiar thing happens
in that everything
that Zen says to do,
I do the inverse,
so if Zen tells me to not think,
I think twenty-four hours a day,
and if Zen tells me
to eat health food,
I eat bologna sandwiches,
and if Zen says "No alcohol!",
I drink beer,
and if Zen says "No smoking",
I smoke two and a half packs
a day,
and if Zen says that everything
is impermanent,
I think
that everything is permanent,
and if Zen says
to quieten the mind,
I listen to a thousand voices
and it makes me happy,
and so,
there was beat Zen,
where anything goes,
and there is straight Zen,
where nothing goes,
and then,
there is haldol Zen,
where we go
in a completely different direction,
so, the moral
of this story is
you must find
where you're at.
Oct 2015 · 627
A Walk On A Fall Night
I debated
going for a walk,
and finally decided
to do it,
so, at two o'clock
in the morning,
I went outside,
and it was cold.
The first thing
that struck me
as I walked out
of the door,
was a memory
or a group
of memories,
of being a fearless,
reckless, drunk
young person,
who was out
at this time
many times before,
and I even could seem
to smell his alcohol.
But, there was no guilt
or shame,
it was a sweet memory.
And I remembered,
the words
of a Zen master,
who said
that the past, present,
and future
are all here
in the present moment,
so I thought
of the future,
and my back straightened
a little,
and I warmed up
a little,
so I thought
maybe the future
will be better
than we think.
Sep 2015 · 447
So, I woke up
this morning,
and was promptly attacked
by a Chinese martial artist
brain cell,
so I got angry
and decided
that I didn't like
my teachers,
and then
the insane Republican
brain cell,
began to shout,
"Get Busy!",
so I think
I've got
bad brain
Sep 2015 · 644
The One Beer Wave
I have been
the beer trip,
so it starts
with the thought
of having a beer,
and since
I am not one
to jump right in,
I think
before I drink,
and then
if I decide
to have one,
I get in the car
and drive to the store
and buy one
and bring it home,
and then
when I crack the can,
the beer wave starts,
and it starts
with the attack,
which is the actual drinking,
and after about five minutes,
I feel the wooziness,
which is the high,
so then the actual drinking
takes about fifteen minutes,
and then the sustain part
of the wave begins,
so for about fifteen more minutes
I feel great
and woozy and high and wonderful,
and then after that,
the decay part starts,
and for about a half an hour,
I feel pretty good,
but the woozy feeling
kind of changes
and the feeling
is not as good,
and then after that,
the release part
of the beer wave begins,
and lasts for about an hour,
and that's when
I get a headache,
and the wooziness
becomes sleepiness,
and I feel kind of ******,
so then after that hour
is over,
I'm back to my old self again,
but with a little residue
of beeriness left,
which will last
for about three days,
so that's
riding the one beer wave,
except that I did it
with understanding.
Aug 2015 · 384
Glee Club Finale
Right when
us glee clubbers
were about to go
on tour,
to someplace
like New York
or England
or someplace,
but I forget where,
I quit,
and the conductor
was furious about it,
and stopped me
on the stairs,
and told me
that I would never sing
in another choral group
but the next semester,
I was singing away
in choral union.
Aug 2015 · 447
Glee Club Three
There was a guy
in glee club
who was a composer
and had perfect pitch,
who wrote a cool piece
for us glee clubbers
to sing,
so, I liked it,
but there was one part
that the conductor repeatedly said
that the basses,
which I was one,
scooped the pitch,
but, I didn't think so,
so it ****** me off,
and after a performance
we had a party,
and some of us
went out back
to sing this piece,
so, right when we got
to the part
that the conductor
was talking about,
I scooped the hell
out of the pitch,
and the composer
with perfect pitch said
that he would never
perform that piece
Aug 2015 · 305
Glee Club Two
So, us guys
in the glee club
all went to a camp,
for an orientation,
and we weren't supposed to bring
any alcohol,
but I snuck in
a twelve pack
of beer,
so one night,
a few of us
were down by the lake,
and I put the beer
in the water
to make it cold,
and me and another guy
took a beer
and went off into the woods,
and smoked a joint,
and he told me
that he was an arsonist,
who liked to start fires,
so we jammed
on a log,
and meanwhile,
some young glee clubber
drank the rest of the twelve pack,
and got drunk
and made a fool
of himself.
Aug 2015 · 580
Glee Club One
In music school,
I had to join a group
in order to graduate,
so I chose
glee club,
not because
I wanted to,
or liked glee club,
but because
it presented itself
to me,
so I loved
to sing,
but I had
a terrible voice,
so one day
we were all asked
to sing one
of our parts,
so when it got to me,
I sang,
and everybody laughed,
and I was humiliated,
but now,
much later,
I realize
that I would have laughed,
Aug 2015 · 573
A Dharma Story
So, I had
a hundred dollars
which I wanted
to give away
to a homeless person,
but since
if you want to find
a homeless person,
you won't be able to,
unless you just happen
to come across one,
so I also
wanted to give away Dharma,
which is the teaching
of the Buddha,
so I went
to a Dharma bookstore,
and asked for Dharma,
and the owner said,
"I can't give you Dharma,
it's everywhere.",
and then he said,
"If you want to give away Dharma,
don't give it to me,
because I'll just get mad...
it's like teaching spirituality
to your mother...
go give it to somebody else",
so I turned
to the lady standing there,
and introduced myself,
and we talked
about her depression,
and I told her about my depression,
and we talked about
our medications,
so I gave her
the hundred dollars,
and she was so happy
that she hugged me,
and I left the store,
and she ran out after me
and told me
that she couldn't take it,
and gave me back
the hundred dollars,
so the moral
of this story is
"All Dharmas Are Empty".
There is
a congressman
in the United States
who has said
that America
has thought control satellites
in outer space
beaming down
thought rays
into our heads,
and I saw this
on the sports part
of the news, weather and sports,
and the sportscaster
and thought
that the congressman
was crazy,
but what
if he isn't crazy,
and that it is a real thing,
like the delusional crazy people
have known all along,
so, I would suggest
wearing a hat
with aluminum foil
in it,
to protect us
against unwanted
brain farts.
Jul 2015 · 752
The first problem
that I remember encountering
in life
was restlessness,
and later on the path,
I have learned
that there are two ends
to the problem,
and that
the one that I usually have
is restlessness
when sitting
doing nothing,
but wanting
to do something,
and the problem is
that I don't have good thought,
an inspirational thought,
which will get me out
of my chair
to go and do something,
and we all know
what the other end
of restlessness is,
and that is
when you can't sit still,
you just keep going,
like a chicken
with his head cut off,
and that kind
of restlessness
leads to mania,
while my kind of restlessness
leads to depression,
so the trick is
to control the tempo
of rest and action,
so that you're not
a chicken running wildly,
or you're not
a bump on a log.
Jul 2015 · 430
Strolling To High Street
Walking up the stairs
out of my new apartment,
I think
I am an early riser,
so I walk
out of the door,
and see the soft pink glow
of the sun
before it rises,
and turn at the road,
strolling up to High Street,
where I cross the road
and walk back
to my apartment,
without having
a cigarette,
even though
I was prepared.
The monk
a box
on his birthday,
and it was
a special gift
from his brother monks,
so, he knew
that it was something special,
so, with a little nervousness,
he carefully opened the box
and saw that it was empty,
and with great joy
and happiness
he exclaimed,
Just what I wanted!"
Jun 2015 · 805
The Telepathy Game
Well, we all probably hear voices inside,
these days,
so here's a fun game
to play with your voices,
what you could do
is to talk to them
and listen to their answers,
and goof around with them,
and play with them,
and write down
what they say,
and stuff like that,
but just keep in mind
the simple idea
that they are not exactly real
and that what they say
is not exactly true
or not exactly false,
and have fun with them,
so then
you're not crazy,
you're just fooling around
having fun,
so try talking to Napolean
or Buddha or somebody like that
and have fun.
May 2015 · 433
Be Yourself
They used to tell me,
"Just be yourself"
when I was a kid,
as maybe a way
to act on a date
or something,
so now,
late in life,
I have finally
figured out
what it means,
so here goes -
"Be yourself" means
don't be that other guy
who is yourself,
who is that phony guy
who is yourself,
but be, instead,
who is not that other guy
who is yourself,
but be yourself instead,
so you see why
I didn't understand
what they meant,
and that was why
my dates
were all
****** up.
May 2015 · 762
The Pity Pot
So, the pity ***
is what
they call it,
when you are sitting
on the toilet
of despair,
feeling sorry for yourself,
but not just sorry,
but like you think
of suicide,
but you won't try that
because that's another thing
that you're just
no good at,
so you sit
thinking you are a pathetic loser
because you have lost
at everything you have ever tried,
and you call yourself that,
"...pathetic loser...",
and you think
that since you can't **** yourself,
the only other option
is to go back to drinking,
but the beer
that you just had
is probably the reason
you are sitting
on this ***,
so all is completely dark and bleak,
so bleak that it seems
to everyone
that it can't get any worse,
and that's when you receive
some terrible news
that makes everything more
and you seem to know
that every day of your life
has been like this,
but here's the big finish
and the moral
to the story,
and that is
that your life
hasn't really been
that bad,
it's just that
while sitting on the pity ***,
you can't remember
the good parts.
Feb 2015 · 523
Meet The New World Leader
The old way
of ruling the world
obviously failed,
with its history
of war and violence,
so there is a new world leader
who we all know,
and maybe he bugs you,
but you know
all of the leaders
always did bug us,
so I voted for him
and he was George Bush's idea,
so meet the new world leader,
the big giant computer!
Feb 2015 · 449
What If?
Now, let's not lose our heads,
but what if
the government
along with a team
of psychiatrists
and computer specialists
and even military men
were watching us
with the new communication technology
that we now have,
in our homes,
and they were doing
mind control experiments,
like behavioral tests
and tests of our minds,
by using subliminal messages
and watching our reactions,
much like what was done
to terrorists who were in prison,
because they were trying
to determine
if we were dangerous
or if we were sane,
of course,
it would drive us
so they would conclude
that we were insane
and delusional,
so, let's not lose our heads,
but what if
there was also
a program
of mind altering
which were being fired at us
from satellites in space
and from anywhere
that they had them,
like was done
in the Iraq war,
and the reason
that they are doing it
is to silence our minds
so that we don't think
and just accept
the subliminal messages.
Well, this is an interesting idea
and I hope you don't panic,
and it could be happening
24 7
but let's not lose
our heads.
Feb 2015 · 846
A Hindrance And A Help
Writing poetry
is a hindrance and a help.
The internet
is a hindrance and a help.
Following your breath
is a hindrance and a help.
When you practice spirituality
you will encounter
a hindrance and a help.
The rich people of the world
who think they are winning
because they are so blessed
with piles of money
are a hindrance and a help.
The governments of the world
who are practicing mind control
to subdue the population
by making them crazy
are a hindrance and a help.
Business and government
that use subliminal messaging
to make themselves secure
by making the people insane
are a hindrance and a help.
Life is a hindrance and a help.
Death is a hindrance and a help.
You might say
that it's all good.
I have heard
some people say
that they feel
when they wake up
in the morning,
and I used to think
that I did too,
so I put
a little Zen spin
on it,
and realized
that the feeling
in the morning
is not terrible,
it is like
being on a lot of
hard-core street drugs,
and I feel
higher than
a kite,
so now,
in the morning,
when I am drinking
my coffee,
I feel ******
out of my gourd,
so that's much better,
don't you think?
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