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I’m so sick
of dreaming of you
falling asleep
and you’re back in my life
the mistakes we made
the fights we had
we words we said
all forgiven
I’m back in your arms
my heart swells with happiness
you’re back!
I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to shout giddily
and I’m back!
back where
I’m always longing to be
but then
I awake
and a bucket of ice water
runs down my face
down my back
stealing the breath
from out of my chest
I’m needing a life vest
I need someone to help me
I am not in your arms
we have not forgiven each other
and you are so, so far away
Kirsten Claire Sep 2019
In a masquerade ball
You were the only one
Not wearing a mask

Kirsten Claire Sep 2019
They play dreams
At my funeral
Because even they
Liked the idea of me
More than the actual me

Kirsten Claire Sep 2019
This was always a chess game
This Game
That you and I play
And again
And again
And again
I have the checkmate
Locked in the deepest
Confide of my heart
While you play your queen
From all directions of the board
And with my hands up
I surrender my winning piece

Kirsten Claire Sep 2019
When you read my poetry
I hope that you can see
How my soul
Slipped through the cracks
As I etched words onto my heart
With my mind formulating the words

My poetry is an embodiment
Of my whole being
So if you would like
To understand me
Then start reading

When they say it's just a hobby.
  Sep 2019 Kirsten Claire
Foolish men wander
Down strange roads
And ponder
Nothing that is sane or true
Wise men will trod
On well beaten sod
And eventually step in poo
Kirsten Claire Sep 2019
It is so dumb
This humdrum
That is so tiresome
I just want some...

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